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The Club - Meeting 472 - Attitude, Disciplinary Wife Temperament, Others Knowing, and Wisdom From a Past Commenter

"To do great things is difficult, but to command great things is more difficult." - Friedrich Nietzsche

 Hello all.  Welcome back to the Disciplinary Couples Club.  Our weekly meeting of men and women who are in, or interested in being in, Domestic Discipline and/or Female Led (FLR) relationships.


I hope you all had a good week.  Mine was pretty sedate, which is good because I needed to recover some energy for a family trip we have coming up next week.


Relatedly, just a heads-up that I will not be posting next week, as we’ll be on the road. I hope to be back in in posting mood two weekends from now, but it could be delayed by a day or two.


We’ve been so busy preparing for the trip that I haven’t had much time to come up with a topic, and there wasn’t a super obvious topic among last week’s comments.  But, I will highlight a few here that caught my attention. 



First, I had noted that Anne was always reluctant to be more open about our DD relationship at home was her fear that the kids might lose respect for me.  This illustration from our Glenmore maybe unintentionally illustrates her point:

I replied with a military analogy: “In our scheme, Anne would be the general, which outranks me as a colonel, but I way outrank the kids who start out as privates and might graduate college as lieutenants at best.” In other words, Anne may outrank me, but I always outranked the kids by a lot.


Carl H. replied with this:


Dan, love your 'military rank' analogy which I frequently use. I like to say that marriage is the perfect democracy - because the vote is almost always tied - LOL. DD in an FLR is the ultimate 'tie-breaker'' While I can make a strong case for DD in a Male Dom relationship, I also believe that two aspects of DD are particularly suited to Fem Dom:

1) Males perform well in a hierarchy such as the military;

2) Males respond well to physical stimuli such as food, sex and yes, corporal punishment.


IMO, he’s right on all counts.



Ward had a couple of great comments on negative attitudes:


My problem has never been alcohol or drugs. I can very quickly become negative and when she sees it, I know that one or more spankings are coming my way until she sees a change in attitude. I was recently spanked three days in a row. I can be very stubborn about letting go of a negative attitude given challenging circumstances. Three nights of going to bed so sore that it was difficult to sleep. I finally gave up the negative attitude. She has been very happy this week with my change even though she knows it will most likely be short-lived. She can become very strict when she sees the attitude. The truth is I want her to blister me good for it because it is my nemesis that I can't control much like alcohol for some it is something that I can't stop.


I understand hanging onto a bad attitude.  We do sometimes have a tendency to nurse our grievances and tempers, don’t we?  His comment about getting spanked three days in a row, until the attitude finally disappeared resonated with me, as Anne and I have been talking a lot recently about the need to be resolute and firm and being willing to mete out punishment until I finally change the behavior at issue.


Ward also had this to say about how his bad attitudes contrast with his wife’s more balanced temperament:


“My wife is always right until she's not, but her ego is so much less in the way than mine, so empowering her to spank me even if I might be right keeps my ego from bullying her into things, and she will always figure it out eventually. I guess in some ways being spanked even when you are convinced that you are right empowers her more, because I'm trusting her with everything, knowing that she will get us to the correct answer every time even though it may not be instantly. She doesn't let her ego get in the way when she realizes she may have been wrong. She won't apologize for spanking me because she is the boss, but she will admit her error and correct her thinking that's what makes her so perfect for me.”



That too resonates strongly. I don’t think Anne is any smarter than I am, and I don’t think she necessarily has better judgment.  In fact, I tend to be more analytical and linear in my thinking than she is. But, where she vastly exceeds me in a way that matters for who should be in control is temperament. She’s simply more balanced and less prone to excesses.


ZM had this to say about openness and the prospect of others, including family members, knowing about a husband and wife’s DD hierarchy:


“For us, there is no question that the thing that kept us from going forward to check-ins was never having the house to ourselves. And on the very rare times that we were alone, who wanted to spend it on punishing me?


I think that is one reason that at some level, I wish that DD could just be totally open and matter-of-fact with no element of privacy. So then it wouldn't matter if others were around or not. Of course, I am not saying I would really like that, and certainly part of the big attraction to FLR/DD things is the hidden/kinky secret side of it. But still, in practical terms, the need for privacy has been the biggest impediment to actually implementing it and maintaining it consistently.”


I told him I understood that tension well and that it reminded me of comments made on this blog several years ago by a Disciplinary Wife who went by the name Holly.  She had grown up in a home where mom was in charge and it was an open secret—or no secret at all—that dad was spanked along with the kids.


A couple of years ago, I compiled some of the older comments into a searchable format, so in conjunction with replying to ZM I reviewed several of Holly’s comments. There was so much lived experience in them, I really do wish we could entice more female participation.


So, for this week, since I had no topic, I’m just going to post some of Holly’s comments and let people react to them and to anything above.


Regarding growing up in a DD household and knowing dad got spanked:


“Kids know or suspect if you are in a serious disciplinary relationship, even if no spanking is involved, and for sure if regular spanking occurs. Living in the same house you cannot not know a spanking is being administered or that one has been administered. Even if you don't hear it you know from the way everyone acts. (I will admit boys are a little dense about this, as I knew well before my brothers did.) My mother was probably more open than most women and probably spanked more often than most. But ALL spankings were in private and as far as I know she never talked about it until well after we were grown. Before my marriage in my case and after marriage in the cases of my brothers and their wives.”


I don’t know whether she’s right that kids always will know or suspect.  When ours were younger, we waited until they were in bed.  As they grew older, we generally did it only if they weren’t in the house at all. We generally kept tools locked away, but was there never a slip up? I also have kept hardcopy journals for years. Could they have snooped and discovered one with spanking references?  In the end, you just never know.  

But, I do know that over the years our kids have figured out that Anne has assumed some preeminent role around some decision-making and that she does things like handing out chores. They also have picked up on the fact that she sometimes uses language that sounds more like a command than a request.  



 All that fits with this Holly comment:


“As you have described your wife, she actively uses her authority, gives you orders, expects to be obeyed, and more and more acts in charge. A woman is not a disciplinarian only when she is holding a strap. Your kids are aware of that relationship between you even if they are not aware that you are punished with spanking. She is in charge. I grew up knowing that and believe I chose a husband who allowed me to behave much as my mother. (Actually, he chose me, but his knowing my mother spanked made a big impression on him.) Your wife may be correct that the kids don't know about the spanking. But the physical discipline is only part of "passing it on." It’s the presence or absence of real DD in the relationship. My three brothers also chose women who controlled them. Two of them are spanked by their wives, while I am not sure about the third. But they are all happy (so are their wives)."


In the end, I don’t know what our adult kids know now, but I agree with ZM that our hyper-sensitivity about kids knowing was the #1 factor in preventing us from achieving any real consistency as long as there were kids in the house. Of course, it didn’t get that much better after they were gone, but the pattern had been laid and it now takes conscious effort to break it.

Here's more from Holly on growing up in a family where spanking was the norm and how that probably made her more comfortable with it later:


“I have read that being spanked makes you a better disciplinarian but that wasn't my experience. Although my mother often took the strap to my father, I never saw it. But I did see my brothers punished many times and it left me convinced that males were easily controlled with a strap. 


When we were first married, I never expected to discipline him using corporal punishment, although I was in charge from our first date. Only after seeing my husband display many of the behaviors that got my father punished (particularly temper tantrums), did I decide to introduce him to the strap. Even then it was my mother’s encouragement, after she heard him call me a “bitch,” something he had done before but that I had let go. The really funny thing about it is that I was completely oriented to using the strap and my mother even gave me one when I started. But it turns out my husband has a fetish for being spanked that way, so these days I deal with him with my sorority paddle or a cane which definitely do not turn him on.”


Again, Holly’s stories had a ring of truth to me because she often did things consciously to avoid playing to her husband’s fantasies, like figuring out he had a fetish about a particular instrument and deciding to use something other than that instrument.


Here is this regarding how her husband’s brattiness was the equivalent of asking for the DD relationship:


“Calling me a bitch was what led to my husband’s first appointment with the strap. He had done it before, but my mom heard it for the first time and told me I was a fool for allowing it. There were other things going on at the time, including his general brattiness and increasing temper tantrums when he was frustrated. It was a big change for me because I had been determined to manage my own marriage different than my mom had done. But over a period of time, about three years, I saw the same behavior in my husband that had got dad in trouble with mom. When I told him what was going to happen, he gave me almost no resistance. That makes me think he wanted me to take charge and his brattiness and tantrums were his way of asking for it. He knew how mom had run things and I think that made him want the same thing from me. The strap transformed him into a sweet loving husband. I don't think that would have ever happened if I had not acted (or, to be honest, if mom had not pushed it.)


Something that always gave Holly’s comments the ring of truth for me is that while moms passing along spanking tips to their daughters often is spanking fantasy fodder, she was initially very resistant to her mother’s prodding.  It was only after her husband finally crossed a line that she decided to pick up the strap.  


Once she did so, however, she came to accept that being the disciplinarian wasn’t just about controlling her husband. Rather, she came to affirmatively enjoy and get off on that power and control as this comment, in response to my topic about whether discipline ever involves an element of “payback”, illustrates:


“This is a good topic. I want to answer that deterrence of his childish and unacceptable behavior is my reason for spanking him. It was my original reason, encouraged by my mother (appropriately), and I had reason to believe it was something he wanted too, but he was unable to admit he felt he needed boundaries (now he readily admits it). But the desire to punish him is also part of it and was probably there from the beginning. I am getting stricter with him, which means his appointments with Ms. Strap happen once or twice a month. Controlling his behavior is still what motivates me to consistency and follow-through. But payback from a sound spanking is part of what I get out of it too. I guess what I am saying, and a little shocked at saying it, is that even if I got no behavior rewards from spanking him I still would do it for punishment. Maybe I am turning into a bitch, but men just do better with boundaries and consequences.”



More on “bitchiness” and embracing her assertive side:


“I think we are all "bitches" to our husbands when the rubber hits the road (so to speak). I reconciled myself to this long ago. The amusing thing is that, growing up, I thought my mother was a bitch for spanking too often and severely. Now, I find that although I probably do not spank as often as she did, I certainly spank harder. If a wife wants results, she does need to be a bitch sometimes. As Tina Fey said, "Bitches get stuff done." I am not saying that being a bitch is necessary to be a good disciplinarian. But sometimes being a bitch is just what is needed, and don't be intimidated by the fact that someone (like your husband) might think you are a bitch once in a while.


Great stuff. Hopefully, there’s enough above to drive a good conversation until we get back from our trip.

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The Club - Meeting 471 - Disciplinary Spankings for Life Goals, Procrastination, Etc.

"He who cannot obey himself will be commanded." - Friedrich Nietzsche


Hello all.  Welcome back to the Disciplinary Couples Club.  Our weekly meeting of men and women who are in, or interested in being in, Domestic Discipline and/or Female Led (FLR) relationships.


Once again, before we get started, I would like to extend a specific invitation to any of our female readers, if they still exist, to move from “lurker” to “commenter” status. We miss having you around.


I hope you all had a good week.  It’s been a weird couple of weeks here weatherwise. We got a major early spring storm at the end of last week. Yet, here we are just a few days later and it feels like motorcycle weather is just around the corner.   


This is probably the only artwork in my collection depicting a male getting spanked while draped over a motorcycle. It’s not something Anne has explored and, since she doesn’t ride, it probably would have to happen in our garage, which is unlikely given that the neighbors might overhear.  But, given her newfound openness around things like raising the bedroom shades during a session, who knows. . ..


And, I do, unfortunately, have one coming.  It was a difficult week from a behavioral perspective.  Lots of travel.  Lots of socializing. An ideal recipe for the kind of misbehavior I’m usually guilty of.  Anne has already told me that I’m in for one tonight. It’s been several weeks since the last one, so I know this one will almost certainly be very painful.


Some of the misbehavior illustrates the good and bad of my retirement social life.  Most of my friends over the last three decades have been work colleagues.  With me retired and most of them still working, many of those relationships drifted, and for the first two years of retirement, they weren’t replaced with anything.  That changed several months ago, when I started hanging out with a guy I met through some local political initiatives.  It’s been great making a new friend at this stage but, unfortunately for my butt, we share many of the same vices.



The odd thing is, while I’m sure nothing like the above picture would ever happen, both Anne and I have detected some FLR-like vibes when we’ve gotten together socially with them.  She’s a very successful career woman and clearly used to being in charge at work and at home.  Our friendship isn’t quite at the stage at which I would unilaterally spill secrets regarding our DD relationship, but I could see it happening in the future.  Stay tuned . . .


It was a little quiet here on the blog last week, at least with respect to the actual topic.  But, there were some interesting comments.  I especially liked this from MW regarding getting frequent spankings for a combination of different behaviors:


When we're spanked for missing a different habit or combination of habits each time, it feels consistent because our specific wrong choices or mismanagements come from one underlying mindset and attitude. We leave the spanking thinking about how to manage the whole day better, not just a small part of it.


I think that’s a great observation and, in my case at least, I do think that most of my punishments result from a small handful of attitude and temperament challenges, including from a “big picture” perspective things like self-indulgence and risk-taking, along with some basic carelessness. Anne doesn’t generally spank for “attitude” per se put, as MW’s comment illustrates, on some level, it’s all attitude. 


I would also encourage any of you who missed it to look at Alan’s comment from earlier today on the self-defeating nature or resisting a spanking even if you genuinely believe it is unfair.  I won’t repeat the whole comment, but here is the part about the value of giving in to “unfair” spankings:


But what about when she is threatening or punishing you for something you strongly feel is unfair -or is she just wrong about it? This is probably the most challenging moment in DD consent -taking a spanking (or other punishment) you “know” you don’t deserve.) I have accepted several of these in our marriage, and I consider them among the best investments in our relationship I have made.


Why? Firstly, while she allows me only limited appeals before a spanking, there is no limit on discussing my feelings after a spanking (and there have been some spankings that she apologized for). We have thrashed out many issues with the hairbrush being back in the drawer. This has served as a safety valve against resentment.


But beyond that, I accept spankings that may be unfair because the cost of fighting them is much higher than the cost of accepting them. I could compare it to hiring a lawyer for 1000 dollars to fight a 100-dollar ticket. Even if you win, you have already lost. The spanking will be over in ten minutes, absolute top-- but the cost of defying her over one can go on for weeks, months, or even forever.


I seem to have once again run out of ideas for new topics, so this week’s post is more of an update on some of the things Anne and I have been exploring. I’ve mentioned a few times now that we’ve been experimenting with using DD to help me drive forward on some bigger life goals.  I was going to wait until we’d been at it for a while before devoting a post to it, but thanks to some big family commitments we’re probably going to have to pause it for two or three weeks. So, I’ll describe it a bit here and then do an update once we’ve had an opportunity to really focus on it.


This all started with some very personal frustration I experienced last year.  My first year of retirement was devoted mainly to getting my health and energy back after burning the candle at both ends for too many years.  The second year included a lot of exploring new interests and activities. 


Then, last year, I hit a real flat spot.  For unknown reasons, I stagnated on multiple fronts.  Way too much time was spent reading bad books and watching too many streaming series. I had been doing quite a bit of writing the year before, but last year this blog was the only creative activity I maintained.  By the end of the year, I was very frustrated with myself but seemed to lack the will to overcome the inertia.


When I get to the end of a calendar year, I usually come up with a list of goals for the following year. But, in the past they were heavily focused on career and financial goals. This year, I decided that instead of listing some obvious areas of improvement (lose weight, exercise more, etc.), I committed to trying to get unstuck.  I put together a spreadsheet, which I used to list activities, fantasies, dreams, etc. that I recall having as far back as when I was a little kid.  I then identified those that had stuck with me, in one form or another, through multiple big life phases.


I also identified, from among the hobbies and pursuits I’d tried over the years, those few that I’d stuck with for many years. 


I then ranked all those individual items in terms of (a) how much they still resonate with me today, and (b) for those that I’ve thought about and thought about but never actually committed to, how much I think I’ll regret it on my deathbed if I don’t at least give them some real attention and effort.  I narrowed the list down to about five key areas.  Then, in each of those areas, I identified specific, concrete action items that would help move things forward.


Anne and I have never really used it for that purpose, and although we have talked a lot about instituting a reporting or “check-in” system, we’ve never really done it.  Honestly, while I always knew I would benefit from accountability around meeting personal goals, I always assumed that Anne would find it too burdensome, since my issues around procrastination and laziness with respect to big life goals had little real impact on her.


But, around the time that I was putting my “goal ranking” system together, I did a blog post on using DD for self-improvement and goal-setting. Anne does read the blog fairly regularly but seldom comments on any particular post. We do, however, often talk about our DD relationship when in bed. Honestly, it’s sort of like a form of foreplay, but it’s often me doing most of the talking.


Well, it became clear that Anne had read that blog post, because she brought up the possibility of “helping me” achieve my goals and get over my procrastination problems.  


Since some of the things we talk about regarding DD when in bed don’t actually end up happening, I wasn’t sure how seriously to take it. So, I wrote her a journal entry, asking whether she was serious about exploring it and suggesting what a system might look like.


She confirmed that she was very serious about it.  I may have even detected a bit of "be careful what you ask for, I may give it to you" glee in her voice.


So, we had a face-to-face meeting in which I walked her through the spreadsheet and explained how I’d generated it. She didn’t want to try to hit all five of the big areas at once.  Instead, she pushed me to narrow down which was the most important to me.  She then immediately assigned four specific action items. 


My original conception was to do a check-in once a month, so it wouldn't be too burdensome on her.  With that in mind, I would assume I would have a month to work on each set of action items.  But, she decided that nothing she had assigned was all that ambitious, so she dictated that I had one week to complete all four. 



The bottom line is, I got them all done.  The entire week, that “to-do” list was on my mind.  Near the end of the week, I realized I hadn’t finished one of them, and I went into a bit of panic mode.  It felt both humbling, but also oddly reassuring, that I knew specifically what I needed to accomplish and what would happen if I didn’t do it.


The jury is still out on how this will work out over time. But, the big surprise so far is how it seemingly has been as much a focus for Anne as for me.  As in most of these relationships, it’s been me as the DD recipient who has been the most consumed by it.  I feel like now that dynamic is changing a little, with Anne showing increasingly consistent interest in being in charge and holding me accountable.


Also, my narrow focus on life goals seems to be getting extended into other areas, like Anne assigning chores.  A couple of weeks ago, we were having guests over, and she handed me a note card with four house clean-up assignments, and titled it “Dan’s [but using my real name] Task List.”  I got them done and left the checked-off list for her on the kitchen counter.  One of our kids noticed it when visiting a few days later and commented that it was remarkable that I got such a list and that I actually complied!  Last week, Anne wanted to clean up the house so it wasn’t a mess when the dog-sitter arrived, so she again gave me a task list.


We also agreed that, since we are planning to do check-in meetings on my goal list weekly, we will use those to address behavior issues more generally.  At the end of each meeting, she will ask me if there is anything I think I should be spanked for.  If I don’t report honestly, there is always the risk that she will order multiple spankings, one for the behavior and one for the lack of honesty.  


More positively, it’s also an opportunity for me to ask to be held accountable for something she may not have noticed or cared about but that has been nagging at me.  While it doesn’t happen often, there are times that I do feel like I need to pay a price for something I did or didn’t do, like being extremely careless about something that ends up costing me time or money.



So, that’s where we are with our new check-in process for life goals and behavioral issues.  As I said, we have some commitments coming up that are likely to interfere with implementing it consistently, so the big challenge is not letting it become one of those things we talked about but didn’t follow through.  Given Anne’s level of interest, however, I don’t think that’s how it will go this time.


I’ll keep you all posted.  In the meantime, have a good week.

Saturday, March 16, 2024

The Club - Meeting 470 - Interrogation, Probing, and Monitoring

“He explained to me with great insistence that every question possessed a power that did not lie in the answer.” ― Elie Wiesel, Night


Hello all.  Welcome back to the Disciplinary Couples Club.  Our weekly meeting of men and women who are in, or interested in being in, Domestic Discipline and/or Female Led (FLR) relationships.


Once again, before we get started, I would like to extend a specific invitation to any of our female readers, if they still exist, to move from “lurker” to “commenter” status. We miss having you around.


I hope you all had a good week.  Mine was pretty good, though we experienced one of those spring storms that kept us mostly holed up inside our house for a couple of days. Unfortunately, that led to a little too much time on social media and interacting on-line with some folks I’m involved with on a local political issue.  Maybe it’s a result of thirty years in a profession that was all about persuasive communication, but I really hate people whose go-to moves are chest-beating and name-calling. Perhaps, down the road, I’ll ask Anne to help me deal with losing my temper on-line, but not yet . . .



That was a great discussion last week, on what I thought would be a pretty mundane topic. Right out of the gate, Antonio took my “DD and health” topic in a direction I hadn’t been thinking about when I wrote the topic, namely DD and mental health.  Here’s how he described the effects of his wife’s use of DD to address his depressive tendencies:


“Now the amazing thing is that when she has finished disciplining me, my depression has completely lifted, and my unpleasant attitude has been replaced with a burning desire to please her. I don't know what a therapist would say, but I don't care because it works for us. She usually follows this with lighter preventative DD for the next few days just to "keep my mind right."


I can't explain it or why it works but it has made a major difference in our life. It has allowed me to stop taking antidepressants and instead of going into a two-week slide down the vortex of depression and then having to climb out, it is over in 10 minutes.


I cannot overstate what a difference this has made in our life. She has said a number of times that she wished she had known about this 30 years ago.”


As for what a therapist might say about it, my retort is: “Whatever works.”


Near the end of the week’s discussion, Alan had this to say regarding a comment by Ward regarding confession:


“Ward said: “I will confess if she asks…. Believe me, I know better than to fail to tell her the truth.”


This may be a separate topic, but I wonder how common it is for wives or girlfriends to ask regularly, during scolding, or while having a “discussion,” etc., about behavior she may not have witnessed. Both women who have disciplined me have used versions of it and it is a game changer for me when used to work on a particular behavior.


Like Ward, I confess if she directly asks about behavior that I would never self-report. Lying of any kind is not an option when she asks. Part of it is just the insanity of being untruthful when I have asked for discipline, and part of it is just the utter power she assumes in asking: “Have you been obedient?”


But the greatest impact on me comes from the message that she cares about the behavior and will use her authority to control or stop it. Caring about the behavior is why I respond so positively to being asked. If a woman wants to modify male behavior-- making her expectations clear and then asking regularly if he has been obedient—is a sure path to success ( at least if the culprit is me).”


Alan’s observations were well-timed, because I had actually been planning to do a topic about “interrogation,” i.e. about a wife actively probing to discover bad behavior that may have gone unwitnessed and unreported.


It was on my mind because of the check-in process Anne and I have been working on. (I’ve been planning to blog about it, but its implementation was paused for a bit because of my illness issues.  We also have some big family events and travel coming up, which are likely to get in the way of some momentum building. But, more to come.)  As originally conceived, our check-ins were focused on helping me get “unstuck” regarding some life goals. But, we’ve been talking about broadening them to include a more general check-in on my behavior, including her asking me something like: “Is there anything you think you should be spanked for?”



This would be a new thing for us. We’ve talked (and talked, and talked) about having some kind of check-in process, but it’s never really taken hold.  Similarly, Anne has never been big on actively probing for misbehavior or rule-breaking that she doesn’t personally witness, though immediately before a spanking she does sometimes ask me to recount why it is about to happen.



In preparing this topic, I looked through the old Disciplinary Wives Club website materials, because I thought there was something on there encouraging wives to very aggressively monitor and probe for bad behavior.  Maybe I imagined it, because if it’s on there I couldn’t find it. But, I did find these snippets of advice to the wives in one of the DWC publications:


“Discipline should have a positive effect.  It is a waste of your time to continually address the same situation, and it also undermines your authority.  The best way to make sure you are succeeding in bringing a change about is by being very specific about what you expect to see and closely monitoring for the results.


Just like you would closely supervise a child to make sure that they were practicing the correct habits you sought to instill in them, you must do this with your husband as well.  This is especially true until he has earned your trust by showing you that he does keep his promises.”


And this:


“Your success begins with the cultivation of your skills of observation. The more you are aware of what your husband is doing, the less likely it is that you will find yourself losing control. As a DWC wife you are absolutely entitled to ask your husband about anything you want to know and to expect an honest answer.


Sure you may get resistance, just like from any bad boy who doesn’t want to tell. But, he has asked for a DWC relationship, he really wants one, and deep down inside he does want to tell you everything.


If you have had the responsibility for supervising or raising children at any time, you will recall that it took extra alertness to always be aware of where they were and what they were doing. If you haven’t had that kind of experience don’t worry about it.  Just go along with me now and you will get the idea anyway.”


She offered the men some closely-related guidance on accepting authority:


You will have to put up with closer supervision than you are used to and she will demand answers and evidence of your performance.  This is perfectly normal and how it is supposed to be.  If you feel resentful about this, or don’t want that kind of accountability, remember how maternal discipline occurs in a “child -parent” situation. The child simply cannot wiggle out of his Mother’s watchful eye. If you are honest with yourself, you will admit that when you get your spankings, it is that bratty little boy part of you who is getting it.


As I said, monitoring, probing, and interrogation have never been a big part of our DD lifestyle, though we seem to be moving more in that direction.  And, I know myself well enough to predict that if we do, I probably will resent it as it is happening, just as Aunt Kay warned. But, it also will probably prove to be a very important part of both reinforcing the hierarchy and emphasizing the “maternal” element that we are both increasingly comfortable admitting is a thing for both of us.


Regarding staying aware of what I’m doing, journaling is a part of it, though it’s more about giving her better visibility into what I’m thinking and feeling.  But, there is one way in which does do some active monitoring:  She made me enable my “Find My iPhone” app settings so she can see where my phone is at all times and, hence, monitor where I am.  Though, back when I was working I quickly figured out that, while the app does a great job of tracking horizontal movement from one location to another, it can’t do vertical.  Hence, it couldn’t tell her when I’d gone to happy hour with the team, as long as we went to the bar that was 15 floors below our office in the same building!


Of course, as Alan points out, actively probing for misbehavior works only if the husband replies honestly.  I admit, I don’t have a perfect track record. On occasion, she’s asked me how many drinks I had after going out with a friend.  I would almost always turn it into a joke and claim to have had one.  Now, technically, I wasn’t telling the truth. But, does it count as a lie when she knows it’s one and you know she knows?



I have to imagine the biggest impediment to a wife following Aunt Kay’s advice is a lack of confidence.  When we first began our DD lifestyle twenty years ago, I’m not sure Anne had the confidence to actively push my buttons by probing for information in the way Kay suggests.  But, with twenty years of both DD and life experience, I think she is much more comfortable going into “strict teacher” mode to ferret out the information she wants.


How about you?  How actively does your wife probe for information regarding your behavior or interrogate you to assess how well you have obeyed her rules? Is there any additional or different consequence for not owning up when asked?

If any wives would like to weigh in, I would love to hear what your approach has been and, to the extent you actively probe for misbehavior or disobedience, is that something you had to grow into over time?


Have a great week.  An advance warning that we are going to be traveling this week, so I may be less engaged with the comments than normal.

Monday, March 11, 2024

The Club - Meeting 469 - DD and Healthy Living

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!” - Jillian Michaels


Hello all.  Welcome back to the Disciplinary Couples Club.  Our weekly meeting of men and women who are in, or interested in being in, Domestic Discipline and/or Female Led (FLR) relationships.


Once again, before we get started, I would like to extend a specific invitation to any of our female readers, if they still exist, to move from “lurker” to “commenter” status. We miss having you around.


As previously announced, I wasn’t planning to post this week. But, I seem to have recovered enough from my bout of illness that I can string some semi-coherent thoughts together.  And, in an indication of how fuzzy my thinking process had been, it turns out we aren’t traveling this week but, rather, next week.  It is such a good thing that I have a smart Disciplinary Wife who actually can use a calendar without screwing it up.


There’s not a lot to highlight from last week’s discussion, which is probably to be expected for a topic that focused on the relatively narrow issue of instruments.  However, sometimes a particular comment resonates with me enough to call it to everyone’s attention in case they missed it.  Last week, it was this from Mark, in discussing the cane:


“Very like at school though, the ritual is compelling. You voluntarily bend over with both of you knowing that you are about to experience extreme pain, that your bottom is going to be marked with red hot raised welts, and that you will have visible bruising that will make sitting uncomfortable for a week. And then it starts.”


In just three sentences, he perfectly captured what a real disciplinary session is like for many of us. What jumped out to be was the “with both of your knowing . . .” line.  When you get a true disciplinary punishment for the first time, you may not understand what you’re in for.  But, you sure do afterward. And, for each session after that, you voluntarily submit.  Similarly, the wife knows what it is she is about to deliver but also that it is beneficial and needed.  Great stuff.  Something about the respective postures of the couple in this drawing by Leondardo seems to me to exemplify two parties who are fully aware of the seriousness of what she is about to deliver and he is about to take.



As I mentioned when announcing I wasn’t going to post this week, I was struggling with an episodic health issue that I’ve had for well over a decade.  I wrote about  it a bit back in 2021, when I was transitioning out of my career:


“So, life is getting back to normal.  Unfortunately, so is some of my bad behavior.  After many weeks of relative temperance, I fell off the wagon.  To some extent, that’s happening because I’ve been in the process of transitioning away from work and that has itself led to a surge in socializing.  But, I do not want my new normal to look like my old normal. And, honestly, I really can’t let it.  For years I’ve had to deal periodically with some nagging health issues, basically a constellation of “chronic fatigue” or fibromyalgia-like symptoms, with periodic bouts of fatigue, joint pain, digestive problems, etc.  The irritating thing is, lately even when I am relatively good on average, if I have one slip-up on diet or drinking or exercise, everything seems to go to shit.  It’s like I must live like a Buddhist monk just to have a shot at feeling somewhat healthy.  It really is irritating as all fuck, though I suspect I have myself to blame, thanks to burning the candle at both ends for so many years.  Even back in high school I was living like I was on borrowed time.  I suspect when you spend 40 years digging an energetic hole, it takes more than a few months of relatively healthy behavior to pull yourself back out again.”  


 I could get down on myself and say that the more things change, the more they stay the same. But, getting off the 24/7 work hamster wheel did help. I no longer have quite as stark a choice between living like a monk or suffering the consequences.  And, I don’t really know whether this time it was some lifestyle flubs that led to a flare-up. I did have one day where I had too many beers and ate too many fatty, unhealthy meals.  But, I was starting to feel “off” even before that. 


However, I can’t help wondering whether, with better behavior resulting from stricter discipline, I might have avoided the problem altogether.



It’s in that vein that I bring up something ZM said that I highlighted in that blog entry back in 2021:


“DD for health-related things is a very good idea. While it might seem a bit extreme to give a spanking for missing a pill or two, often these small patterns are what ultimately lead to poor health. An extra piece of cake or two here, not getting enough exercise this week because life got busy, not taking medicine when needed, etc. Since the marriage long term kind of requires both partners to be alive, I think it is a totally valid use of DD to help ensure that your spouse will be around for many happy and healthy years to come.”


So, that’s the topic for this week.  Have you used domestic discipline to foster better health?


If so, how exactly did you go about doing it?  What kind of system, if any, did you put in place?


How did you track compliance?  Was it reliant on self-reporting, or were there other ways for her to track how you were doing?

Was the focus on health inputs, e.g., diet, exercise, taking medication, etc.?


Or, was it more results-oriented, like getting punished if you didn’t take off enough weight or didn’t succeed in lowering cholesterol or blood pressure?  I know I have a tendency to focus on whether I've "followed the rules," i.e. did I work out, did I eat healthy, often to find the scale didn't budge.  Let's face it, we often have a tendency to cheat or slack off, or we aren't properly motivated to discover what actually budges the needle for us.  So, maybe it would be better to take a "bottom line" approach, assessing whether the goals were actually met?



And, was using DD to address health issues something you initiated, or did the idea come from her?  In the big scheme of things, I agree with ZM that a wife would be very justified in imposing such a system. There are all sorts of fairly trivial things that a wife may decide to use DD to address.   

I have to admit my own dietary goals have often been as much about vanity as health, which is probably kind of pointless at this age.  No matter how much I exercise, I doubt there is a new career was an underwear model in my future.



But, doing what you can to ensure your spouse is around for years to come seems like a very worthwhile goal. 


I hope you have a great week.  Before I go, speaking of healthy living . . .