Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Forum - Question of the Week #32

Happy Holiday to you all.  For those of you who celebrate it, I hope you had a very Merry Christmas.  The Disciplined Hubby Family a good one and are enjoying some downtime before 2014 kicks off and the inevitable challenges and triumphs of a new year begin.

Speaking of New Years, our topic this week is simple:  What are your resolutions for the New Year with respect to your DD and spanking relationships?  Here are a few I am considering presenting to Disciplinary Wife to consider:
  • Generally, more DOING sex and domestic discipline, and less blogging about it, reading about, etc.  
  • Move about further along the spectrum from DD to FLR.   In other words, move from a relationship in which she spanks me for offenses to a more fully developed Female Led Relationship  
  •  Without fully revealing our FLR relationship (neither of us is ready for that yet), make it a little more obvious to friends and family that she is the one who wears the pants in the family. 
  • Explore more non-spanking forms of discipline, such as grounding 
So, what is in store for you in 2014?  What are your DD and FLR goals and hopes.  Tell us all about it!

On a different note, I am sad to note that Bonnie over at My Bottom Smarts is hanging it up after eight years.  She was an inspiration to a lot of us in the blogging community.   In my case, her blog suggested a format for dipping my toes into blogging.  Bonnie's blog suggested a collaborative format in which the readers are central, with the community providing most of the content.   So, while I am very sorry to see her go, her inspiration lives on, directly at the Hermione's Heart blog, and indirectly through other blogs she inspired, such as this Forum.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Wishes






OR NICE !!!!


Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Forum: Question of the Week #31

Hi all. Welcome back.  I hope you had a great week and are going to be able to take some time off for the holidays.  This week's Forum topic comes from one of our readers, who asked:

 "Sometimes it is the stuff that revolves around the actual spanking itself that is more memorable - corner time, scolding, stripping of pants or underpants, etc."

Do you have rituals or processes that you tend to follow before or after a spanking?   Tell us all about it!  My own observations on the topic are in the first comment.  

As always, if you are new to the Forum or having something new you want to tell us about, please take a moment to fill out the Guestbook, which is posted below this post.  Also, please consider submitting something for our new User Stories section, which you can reach at one of the links to the right of this post.


Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Forum - Question of the Week #30

Welcome to the Forum. I hope you all had a good week.

Before we get to this week's question, a reminder about our new "User Stories" feature.   If you have the time and inclination, please share a fun or interesting story about your domestic discipline activities, or share a bit of DD-oriented fiction.   To share a story, either add a comment to the most recent post, or send me an email with your submission.

Now, on to this week's topic, in which I am inviting people to wax a little philosophical.   Last week, we talked a little about encouraging more participation from women in DD relationships, and about some of the reasons that women either do not participate as much in on-line DD and spanking discussions, or perhaps do not participate as much in F/m oriented DD activities as many men out there might like.  While we were having these discussions, I was also reading a book about Tantra.  The book (which I won't identify because, on balance, it was a pretty bad read) posited that practitioners of Tantra believe that within each of us there are elements of the opposite gender, and that one goal of Tantric practice is to bring out, to develop, the inner woman within each man and the inner man within each woman.

So, my question is:  to what extent is that part of what is happening with F/m domestic discipline and Female Led Relationships?  In your own relationship, does submitting to a spanking involve some reshaping of your male gender role and allowing some more feminine element come to the fore?  Conversely, if you are a female disciplinarian, does giving a spanking or taking control of the relationship involving some channeling of your inner man?  To what extent is switching up the gender roles a bit an explicit goal in your DD relationship?

As always, please take a moment to enter something in the Guestbook.


Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Forum - Question of the Week #29

Hi all. Welcome back to the Forum.  I love the holiday season, hence the drawing.

This week's question stems from the following reader comment:

 "Future Forum topics? I would like to hear much more of the woman’s perspective on domestic discipline. Men seem to dominate these groups and what they say is valuable but we are missing much of the whole other side. I would like to hear more about how women deal with the family side of it (if your mother is your best friend do you tell her or not ... I did finally) How do other women deal with repeat behavior problems and frankly how hard do you punish him. I spank very hard because it gets results and sometimes I wonder if I should. Or what other women do about that and so many other things that come up with domestic discipline."

I couldn't agree more, and I would truly like to figure out a way to foster more participation by Disciplinary Wives.  So far, however, I have not had a lot of luck with that, and I am not sure why.  I suspect that some of it comes down to one simple factor: women may not spend as much time online looking at spanking and other "naughty" websites.   But, I also can't help but wonder if there just are not that many women out there who are into the F/m variant of the DD lifestyle.  M/f-oriented DD blogs are out there in abundance, and F/m spanking blogs, such as the wonderful blogs by Hermione and Bonnie, do not lack for posting by women who are into spanking, but into receiving, not giving.  On the other hand, the poll I posted several months ago is interesting on this score, because while the ratio of disciplined men to disciplinary women is "skewed" to say the least--like 20:1 skewed--someone is obviously doling out the punishment to those 600+ men who say they are disciplined.

So, here is the question.  Actually, a question and an invitation.

The Question:  Is there anything I can do with this blog, including re-purposing or renaming it if necessary, to encourage more participation from women who are either in F/m domestic discipline relationships or are interested in them? 

The Invitation:  Speak up ladies!  Touching on some of the questions from the comment above, tell us about your interests in DD.  How did you get started?  Have you told others that you spank your significant other?  If you have children, do they know about your relationship? How hard do you spank?  Do you use any non-spanking discipline methods?

I hope you all have a great week.


Monday, December 2, 2013

Disciplinary Wives Club status?

Does anyone know whether the Disciplinary Wives Club is finally gone for good?  It was replaced a couple of weeks ago with a notice saying its registration had expired.  As many of you know, I credit that website for getting my wife and I started in DD, and I know many others have had the same experience.  I hope it has not been taken down permanently, but the last time this happened it was down for only a day or two.  It has now been gone at least two weeks.

The Forum - Question of the Week #28

Hi all.  I'm sorry that I missed a couple of weeks without dropping a note in advance.  I took a couple of weeks off to get away. From work.  From the internet.  Breaks are a good thing now and then, even from blogging about the DD lifestyle.

For those readers in the United States, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

On to this week's question, which comes from  a reader suggestion:  Have you ever had someone witness a spanking you gave or received?  Or, have you ever witnessed someone else get a spanking?  If not, do you have desire to witness or be witnessed?  If so, did it turn out to be a good idea?  Were there any negative consequences?

Thanks for your thoughts on the matter.  As always, please take a moment to sign the Guestbook and tell us a little about yourself.  Or, give us a new entry if you have something new to say or a new experience to share.