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The Club -- Meeting 467 -- Fantasies and Things That Should Remain Only That

“Without this playing with fantasy, no creative work has ever yet come to birth. The debt we owe to the play of the imagination is incalculable.” - Carl Jung

Hello all.  Welcome back to the Disciplinary Couples Club.  Our weekly meeting of men and women who are in, or interested in being in, Domestic Discipline and/or Female Led (FLR) relationships.


Once again, before we get started, I would like to extend a specific invitation to any of our female readers, if they still exist, to move from “lurker” to “commenter” status. We miss having you around.


I'm posting a little early this week, as I'm going to be tied up much of this weekend. I may start shooting for more Friday postings, as our comments seem to wind down earlier in the week, and I seem to have fewer things going on Fridays. While I think posting on the same day every week did help build up the blog, I find that in retirement I'm just not very into keeping an inflexible schedule on any front.


I hope you all had a great week.  There’s not much to report here.  It was a pretty sedate week, with no major drama.  Although, there was one thing vaguely FLR-related worth mentioning. It was a minor thing in and of itself, but it’s another indication that Anne may be in the early stages of a transformation similar to what KOJ has described in which his wife became far more open in her displays of authority after she retired.



We were visiting my parents.  Anne was telling some story, and I interrupted her with a somewhat snarky comment.  Without missing a beat and without even turning to acknowledge me, she said very firmly and directly, “Excuse me. I’m speaking,” then went on with her story. Again, it sounds minor, but her demeanor was totally in command, in a way that I’m not sure she would have displayed even a couple of years ago.  And, the fact that she was that comfortable with a confident display of authority in front of my parents, plus two of my sisters, also seems to me to speak volumes about her increasingly in-charge mindset.



We had a pretty good discussion last week, on what I thought was a very narrow topic.  It’s notable that several of you didn’t accept the underlying premise that DD could be a deal-killer in a future relationship, preferring to take the positive view that it probably would not prove that hard to find a woman who was interested in it or to persuade a partner to try it. And, as Al pointed out, it’s almost certainly a case of “nothing ventured, nothing gained”:


“It often seems to be a truism in the F/M DD/DWC community that it is usually quite difficult to convince a wife to take a disciplinary role. However, it is probably even more true that most men are so concerned about the possibility of rejection and looking foolish (weird, unmanly, sick) that they never bring it up (it took me a few years to do so, and even then it was while we were both drunk and swapping sexual fantasies - when I confessed to a "mild interest" in being spanked). This is certainly a very understandable concern, and yet, what I have often seen in spanking forums such as this over the years is that once a wife was approached, they were quite often willing to give it a try to some degree, and many quickly came to enjoy their role as a disciplinary wife.


There were different, and somewhat opposing perspectives on the best timing for approaching a future partner about your disciplinary needs.  Mike represented the view that it may take some time to develop the kind of relationship in which one would feel comfortable admitting to that kind of need:


I guess it always depends on the person I would be dating. If she had a strong “take charge” mentality and I sensed an authoritative vibe coming from her, maybe I might open up. But it took me 10 years of marriage and being in a very emotionally vulnerable place to finally open up to my wife about my spanking need. I don’t know if I would have that level of trust and vulnerability at the beginning of a relationship.


Alan took a different view regarding timing, and I really liked his spin on DD as a “deal-maker” rather than a “deal-breaker”:


DD is definitely not a deal breaker at the beginning of a serious relationship, but it can be a “deal maker” and has been for me in my two DD relationships. The depth and intimacy that DD offers make it impossible for other women to compete with a woman who adopts loving female-led discipline. In earlier relationships, I always found myself searching for something missing. What was missing, of course, was discipline and spanking. With it, I am emotionally fulfilled.


However, I think waiting is not the best strategy. One reason is simply it is unfair not to tell her of needs that are so deep that might later sabotage your relationship. But a better reason is that early in a relationship is the interval when she may be more open to exploring unfamiliar (to her) aspects of sexuality—and it is also the time she is going to be motivated to show that she wants to meet your needs. What I am suggesting probably actually happens rarely. But in today's world –with the increasing honesty about sexuality (especially for emerging generations), it could work.


There was also an unexpected diversion into the topic of pre-spanking erections.  Maybe I’ll do a full topic on that in the future, though we covered it pretty thoroughly in the comments.


As the week was winding down, I got this topic suggestion from Glenmore, along with two of his drawings:



Just another potential suggestion for your blog.  I have attached a couple of scenarios that are likely fantasies for many of us, but my question is how many of us would actually do this, and how would we react if this really happened?


·      Would it be worse if you did or didn't know the other men and women?

·      How would you feel about being spanked by the other women, and would you have a problem with your wife spanking the other men?

·      Do you like it but would prefer it just remained a fantasy?


Just a few thoughts and I'm sure you could add a few more.


Glen’s illustrations centered on multiple spankers and spankees coming together for a disciplinary session.  I’ll answer his questions on that specific scenario, but I’ll also broaden his question a bit to include: “Are there DD or FLR-related scenarios you fantasize about but probably would not actually do if given the opportunity?”


My answer to Glen’s specific questions are:


“Would it be worse if you did or didn't know the other men and women?” I don’t have a real opinion on which would be “worse.”  But, I do think whether I knew the other men might have a big impact on whether I would ever fantasize about, or be attracted to, such a scenario in the first place.


For me, “authenticity” is a big driver of my DD interest.  If there isn’t some element of real accountability/punishment in it, I don’t have much attraction to it.  If a session involved only men and women I didn’t know, I think it would feel like a game or party.  I wouldn’t say I have zero interest in ever attending a spanking party, but whatever level of interest I have is quite low.  So, while I think the scenario is very unlikely to ever happen, any fantasy I would have about it would probably be limited to it happening with someone I actually know.


“How would you feel about being spanked by the other women, and would you have a problem with your wife spanking the other men?”


Being spanked by another woman isn’t a huge fantasy for me, but I admit to being more than a little intrigued by stories Aunt Kay’s husband has shared about being sent to another woman for a session. There are also stories on the DWC website—like “Military Duty Calls” in which a female soldier going on deployment sends her husband to her mother for a spanking—that I am attracted to, as long as there is a strong, real disciplinary component.


As for whether I would have a problem with Anne spanking the other men in Glen’s joint scenario, the simple answer is no.  While it’s hard to know for sure, I honestly don’t think I would have any problem with Anne spanking any man in any real disciplinary scenario. I’m not sure whether I would want to see it happening, but I don’t think I would have any problem at all with her doing it.  In fact, although I think the chance of it happening is virtually nil, I would have tell her to go for it if the situation ever presented itself.


“Do you like it but would prefer it just remained a fantasy?” Glen’s specific scenario doesn’t really rise to the “fantasy” level for me. But, I could see it being something I would be open to exploring under the right scenario. I think it probably would have to be limited to one other couple. I would need to have some kind of personal connection to the other husband, though that could include someone I’ve known only electronically through this blog.  Even though I see other men naked in the gym almost daily, I suspect the full nudity would be at least as embarrassing as the spankings.  Would I do it if Anne ordered such a thing?  Undoubtedly yes.  Is it a scenario I would actively pursue in real life? Probably not.


As for my own question as to whether there are DD or FLR-related scenarios you fantasize about but probably would not actually do if given the opportunity?”


It may seem odd for someone who spends as much time writing about DD as I do, but I don’t have that many fantasies about it. And, I suspect the ones I do have are not the least bit appealing to most of you.


I’ve often commented on how envious I am of JR’s woodshed stories, and I do have a thing for both woodsheds and barns and would very much like to experience a real disciplinary spanking in one.  There’s nothing controversial or even all that interesting about that fantasy, of course. 



However, many of the stories I’ve read that include those elements involved male spankers. There are no shortage of stories out there about being taken to the woodshed by a father or uncle.  Although the woodshed/barn scenario is appealing to me by itself, the M/m aspect of many of those stories also appeals to something deep within me. 


In fact, the photo immediately above is one I came across a long time ago as part of a spanking story that involved a dominant male who was in a D/s sort of relationship with a couple.  The husband had done something the dominant male and the wife agreed should be punished, but the wife kept blowing off phone calls to schedule it. So, the dominant male interrupts a dinner party the couple was hosting and lets the husband know he will make a scene if he does not accompany him to a horse barn on the couple’s party.  Once there, he whips him to tears before letting him go back to the party. That story is one of the first in the spanking genre that I recall having a very strong reaction to.  A big part of my DD need is rooted in wanting to have my will overcome such that I am held to account even when I don't want to go along with it.


I’ve also recounted that, while I seldom dream about spanking, a particularly vivid one I did have involved being taken from a party at work to be spanked by a male office manager, with everyone in the party (including Anne, my mother and my dad) knowing it was going to happen. 


Are these M/m stories and dreams something I might fantasize about but would never do in real life?  I don’t know.  I think that much of my DD attraction is rooted in power dynamics and parental authority, including both maternal and paternal authority.  My morbid desire to have discipline imposed is less gender-specific than it probably is for most of you.  And, in the very unlikely event that Anne was to order such a thing, would I go along with it?  Almost certainly yes.



There is a sense in which Anne's recent assertiveness, and the "goal achievement" and procrastination check-ins we recently implemented, has been a long-term fantasy, and one I could come to regret.  Just like the M/m and woodshed spanking scenarios appeal to me because they involve being literally and psychologically taken to a place outside my "control zone," a lot of what Anne and I are exploring involves her increasingly setting the rules, enforcing them when and how she sees fit, and generally empowering her in ways that I may have less and less control over as she explores these more aggressive and assertive parts of her personality.



Most of my other DD-related fantasies are pretty pedestrian and involve being spanked in unconventional or risky places, like the backseat of a car or in the woods.  I definitely would go along with anything like that if Anne wanted to.



How about you? How do you feel about Glen’s scenario and his questions about it?  Is it something you are attracted to?  Is it an attraction you would be game to pursue in real life, or is it one of those things that is better as a fantasy? Are there other fantasies that fall into that category?


I hope you have a good week.

Saturday, February 17, 2024

The Club - Meeting 466 - Is Domestic Discipline a Deal-Killer?

“Women marry men hoping they will change, and men marry women hoping they will not. So each is inevitably disappointed.” - Albert Einstein

Hello all.  Welcome back to the Disciplinary Couples Club.  Our weekly meeting of men and women who are in, or interested in being in, Domestic Discipline and/or Female Led (FLR) relationships.


Once again, before we get started, I would like to extend a specific invitation to any of our female readers, if they still exist, to move from “lurker” to “commenter” status. We miss having you around.


I hope you all had a great week.  Ours was interesting.  I’ve mentioned a few times that I had talked to Anne about the possibility of using DD to give me some additional motivation to overcome procrastination, move forward on some bigger life goals, and basically get past some of the stagnation I let myself drift into in 2023.  Somewhat surprisingly, she has not only been open to the idea but downright enthusiastic about it.  We had our first face-to-face, in-depth discussion about it this week, which I think makes it premature to talk about it in detail so soon.  But, stay tuned.



Other than that, it was a pretty uneventful week.  The only hiccup was I’ve been getting involved in some local political issues, and it’s easy to get frustrated with that kind of stuff.  We live in what has to be one of the most highly educated counties in the U.S., yet I often feel like I’m surrounded by stupid people.  I think that not keeping my temper may have to be an actionable item in Anne’s new performance improvement plan.


We had a good discussion last week regarding why we continue DD even after we know what a real DD spanking entails, though I’m not sure we arrived at any answers.  It is such an individualized question and inevitably get tied up in discussions of our individual DD origins and what drove our interest in the first place. But, I never get tired of hearing origin stories, so even if we didn’t get too many answers it was interesting.


A couple of the comments hit on something I wrote down as a possible topic a few weeks but couldn’t quite figure out how to develop.  Honestly, I still can’t. This is going to be one of the shortest posts since the beginning of the blog, as I can’t find a single meme, drawing or photo that relates to it, and I don’t have a whole lot to say about the topic myself. But, here goes . . .


Norton kicked it off with this comment:


Mike's story was a lot like mine, including the desire to have your wife spank you, and the stress relief you get from spankings. Describing your "need to submit" and the turn-on you get from "the threat of a spanking from an authoritative woman", resonate with me. My wife couldn't really embrace F/M DD, and that was a huge issue for us. After we split up, and I finally got what I always needed, life got much better. Like Dan said, hopefully your wife is just going through a pause. For me, however, I finally have had to accept that my lifelong obsession with F/M spanking is simply never going to go away. At this stage, I would not consider being in a serious relationship with a woman who wasn't into F/M spanking as well as DD. It's just too important to me.


GH responded:


Same here, Norton. It really is an obsession, and even though my libido declines with age, the obsession with spanking never decreases. That’s why I am here, I suppose. My wife is very sporadic about FLR and DD these days, and sometimes I wish I could just let it go. But I can’t, so I need to talk about it. Like you, I couldn’t imagine getting into any new relationship that wasn’t female led and that didn’t involve DD.


So, the topic for this week is: If, god forbid, you found yourself contemplating a new relationship, whether due to loss of a spouse or from divorce or break up, to what extent would DD be a deal-killer for any future relationship?


For Norton and GH, it sounds like it would be.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time talking to Aunt Kay’s husband since she passed, and while DD isn’t a deal-killer for him in any future relationship and, in fact, he seems resigned to accepting that he’s unlikely to find anyone who would be into, it’s clear that he still has a strong interest in it and having someone fill that need would be a strong preference.  KOJ did lose a spouse, I but I don’t recall whether he’s addressed this in any of his comments, and I hope he’ll share any thoughts he has about it.


For me, I think I would feel about it much like Aunt Kay’s husband does. In an ideal world, it would be something a new partner would be into, but it wouldn’t be a deal-killer by any means.  I got along fine for the first decade of married life without even knowing there was such a thing as domestic discipline and, honestly, that probably was the period in which I could have used it most. 


Would I like it to be a part of any theoretical future relationship? Yes.  Could I move on and live without it? Yes.


If I were, god forbid, to find myself looking for a new relationship, would I tell potential partners about the DD aspects of my marriage?  Almost certainly.  I know myself well enough that I’m 100% sure I wouldn’t be involved with a prude in the first place, and I have 0% ability to keep my mouth shut about much of anything in any intimate relationship. I am very sure that I would bring it up, though probably not at the beginning of the relationship.


I also stick to my belief that there are very few women out there who have a present, known interest in DD or know they want to be in an FLR.  I believe that in real life, in the vast majority of cases Disciplinary Wives are made not born.  If I wanted DD to be part of a future relationship, I’d probably need to do what I did this time around – tell my partner about my interest, describe it at a high level, refer her to resources that are out there like the DWC website and this blog, and see where she takes it from there.



How about you?  Is DD a deal-killer for you for any future relationship?  This is an easy one to address from the perspective of the disciplined husband or the disciplinary wife.  For the husbands, would you be OK with a future relationship that did not include domestic discipline? For the wives, now that you’ve experienced the benefits and empower that DD and FLR bring, would you be OK doing without them in any theoretical future relationship?


I hope you all have a good week.

Saturday, February 10, 2024

The Club -- Meeting 466 - Why DD? Why even after very hard spankings?

“And oftentimes we consider pains superior to pleasures when submission to the pains for a long time brings us as a consequence a greater pleasure.” — Epicurus

Hello all.  Welcome back to the Disciplinary Couples Club.  Our weekly meeting of men and women who are in, or interested in being in, Domestic Discipline and/or Female Led (FLR) relationships.


Once again, before we get started, I would like to extend a specific invitation to any of our female readers, if they still exist, to move from “lurker” to “commenter” status. We miss having you around.


We had a good discussion last week, even if it was a narrow topic, about a particular piece of DWC fiction. Thank you to “al.” for giving us the background on his Even More story.  It was a good learning experience for me, even though I've read the story a dozen times, as I didn’t realize until last week that he wrote it before he had experienced a real-life DD spanking.


I did enjoy some of the back-and-forth about the “toilet seat” aspect of the story.  I seem to be in the minority in not having that much sympathy for our wives on this one.  This meme sums up my own attitude pretty well:



As noted in the post, I’ve always loved the Even More story, in part because a lot of it reflects my own DD origins, including all the atmosphere around finding the DWC, being morbidly fascinated by the DD concept, bringing it reluctantly to one’s wife, the thrill (or relief) of her agreeing to it, quickly followed by terror at the reality of her agreeing to it.


However, what the story doesn’t address is the “why.”  Why did David have that craving for extremely painful punishment spankings?  Why was that craving not nipped in the bud after that first DD spanking taught him the difference between the fantasy and the reality?  Why did he know he wouldn't walk away from it even though Susan had told him he could?


In reflecting on the story, TG had some of those “why” questions:


I certainly recognize some parallels to myself in the story. Like many on this blog, I discovered the DWC website twenty plus years ago, but as I remember, I never really spent any time in the fiction section, so I haven’t read this before. It does however get me thinking about one of my perennial conundrums. A real disciplinary spanking is a very painful experience and couldn’t be described as “fun” or “play.” Yet the emotional or physiological need for it far outweighs the unpleasantness of actually receiving it. Yes, I know, it lets us move on with the air cleared and so on, but I’ve never really been able to understand my own need for this, which I know goes far beyond just wanting to clear the air and move on. My impression is that others may have a similar lack of self-understanding. This could almost be a discussion subject in itself, if you could find a coherent way to launch it.


TB comes at it from the opposite angle, accepting the reality without asking the “why”:


“GH writes about being obsessed with the ‘why’ - I gave up on this a long time ago and just accept that it ‘is’ the way I am. I believe that most if not all people have some sort of so called ‘kink’. Some embrace it & put it to positive use (as many on the site do). Others repress with often damaging consequences. Others are afflicted with socially unacceptable ‘kinks’. What we do is consensual and my ‘vanilla’ wife has accepted & embraced my spanking interest to positively impact our relationship.”


I’m somewhere in the middle.  Like TB, I’ve mostly given up asking why.  Or, more precisely, I’ve given up on asking the why question and expecting any real answer. But, because I don’t feel any self-judgment about it, answering the “why” question likely wouldn’t change much for me.


Yet, that doesn’t make the answer irrelevant.  Like many, I am my own favorite topic of inquiry. I’m endlessly curious about what makes me tick. 


Moreover, my wife is curious about what makes me tick.  Maybe her knowing the "why" shouldn't make much practical difference, yet it kind of does.


In the past, her unanswered questions about the “why” of my DD desires made her tentative about fully committing to her role.  She says she went years without fully committing to it in her head because she couldn't understand why any man would want this and, thus, she always had a nagging suspicion that I would decide I didn’t want it anymore and would pull out. 



TG’s question also isn’t just the typical “origin” inquiry about how we each got here.  It also invites those who receive very harsh spankings to think about not just why we had that initial desire for DD, but how that desire remains and even grows after we’ve experienced the reality of spankings that we really, truly would like to avoid.  I don’t think “David” in the Even More story has a real answer to that question. I know I don’t.  I know that I crave discipline. I know that I crave a maternal-style hierarchy. I know that I want her to be strict and consistent.  



But, why do I want any of that, especially knowing what I know about how all those things really feel in the moment?  After twenty years of self-reflection, I still don't know.


The Disciplinary Wives Club philosophy itself seems to be agnostic on the “why” question.  Aunt Kay offered this piece of advice regarding the attitude the wives should take when their husbands were over their knees:


If you feel the least bit sorry for him during all this, remember, a submissive man does not want a weak or lenient woman. He wants someone very strict and dominant. If he wanted anything different, he wouldn’t be over your knees in the first place. This isn’t a small child you are holding over your lap by force — this is a grown man who needs and wants a hard spanking. Give it to him and pay no attention to his cries for mercy. The longer and harder you spank, the more he will love you for it.


Aunt Kay and those who contributed to the DWC assumed that the husbands wanted the lifestyle even if they hated the spankings. But, I don’t think anything on the DWC website answers the “why.”


There were a couple of large polls posted on the DWC website, with granular analysis of the participants’ histories and motivations. But, there were some problems, in my opinion, with the structure of those polls, including that while there were several questions (directed to both Disciplinary Wives and disciplined husbands) about their relationships with their mothers, their relationships with their fathers went almost wholly unexplored.  p


That’s a mistake, in my opinion, and interesting in its own right. Why the automatic assumption that it's our relationships with our mothers, and not our fathers, that feeds the latent DD interest?  Maybe just the pervasive Freudian interest that has since been widely criticized?



Personally, I suspect that my relationship with my (step)-father was a necessary ingredient in the psychological recipe that led to by DD interest.  I have no real idea why I became so obsessed with DD and attracted to FLR, but I think it’s probably some combination of:

  • a mother with a strong but erratic personality 
  • a (step)-father who also had a very strong personality and was very anti-authoritarian and confrontational
  • a permissive teenage environment in which the lack of rules paradoxically led to feelings of overwhelming personal responsibility
  • growing up in areas of the country where corporal punishment was very prevalent
  • my inborn personality/temperament that gravitates toward both achievement and risk-taking


Putting it all together, I was born with a personality and temperament that embraced risk-taking and unrestrained behavior. Yet, I'm also very goal-oriented.  I undoubtedly modeled my father’s anti-authoritarianism and aggressive, risk-taking behavior.  But, I get pissed at myself when those behavioral tendencies lead me to "step on my own dick" or make it harder to achieve my goals.  My mother’s personality was strong enough that she could have imposed some checks and balances, but her own behavior was erratic and, by my teenage years, she had more or less given up on imposing rules or holding me accountable for anything.  So, I exited my teen-age years a risk-taker and anti-authoritarian who nevertheless had a strong sense of responsibility and a need for achievement but lacked parental discipline to mitigate the risk-taking and support the goal-achievement.


Of course, while some of that may offer insights into my DD origins, none of it really answers even the origin question, let alone why DD has remained so attractive to me even after I’ve experienced hundreds of very, very painful sessions.  A partial answer may be that, while some of my motivations are subconscious, I also consciously know and accept that I need the guardrails that DD provides and that, being a grown man, a certain amount of harshness is required for me to get the message we both know I need.

I also don't know why it suddenly became "a thing" for me in my late 30s. Maybe the tension between the goal-orientation and my recognition that lack of personal discipline was frustrating those goals, and impacting my personal relationships, had to reach some threshold level.  And, the universe working the way it does, the DWC came along just as my angst at my own behavior started to boil over. 


There is a Zen saying that is apropos: "When the heart is ready, the teacher will come."  In a very real sense, Aunt Kay and Jerry were the teachers I found at the point I was finally open to their lessons.


So, unlike TB, I am still curious about origins and the "why" question,  though the sheer variety of experiences we bring to this convinces me that I'll probably never find "the" reason for any of this. I'm endlessly fascinated by the fact that we all come to this lifestyle from such different backgrounds, including some who were subject to strict discipline as kids and some who weren't. Some went to schools where corporal punishment was prevalent. Some didn't. Some had strong, disciplinary mothers or fathers. Some didn't.


For the wives, I don’t know whether it makes sense to ask the “why” question at all if we’re talking about what drives them to adopt the lifestyle, given that in most cases they weren’t driven to it at all. Rather, they initially accommodated their husbands' wants and needs but found that doing so also benefitted them.


But, KOJ recently suggested a topic question that I think dovetails nicely with the discussion above, namely:


What are the benefits of DD for the wife that she has spoken of, and what are the additional benefits for the wife -- as perceived by the spanked husband -- that she has NOT spoken of (and how the husband has identified those unspoken benefits).


For some possible answers to what the benefits may be, instead of answering the question again for myself, I’d recommend people read this article, which was mentioned in a couple of comments from last week and apparently was written by JR’s Dev.  I didn’t realize they had a website focused on F/m domestic relations and encourage all of you to check it out.


Regarding KOJ’s distinction between the benefits we think our wives get versus those they say they get, interestingly, most of Anne’s comments about the benefits she gets hinge not on relationship things like “cleaning the slate” and ending arguments but, rather, on her perceptions of her own power vis-à-vis me. She likes telling me to get ready for a spanking and watching me comply. She likes ordering me to do things, but the part she really likes is watching me struggle with my desire to tell her fuck off and do it herself.  She likes that I don’t like being bossed around and that I struggle to submit.  She likes making me nervous about what she might do with an “anytime, anywhere, for any reason” grant of open-ended authority.



That all serves to explain why her inability to intuit why I would want this kind of relationship inhibited her ability to fully commit to it.  The power dynamics in her favor are her biggest perceived benefit, yet the shift in our power dynamic is precisely what would be yanked out from under her if I were to decide that my unknown “why” no longer outweighs the downside of extremely hard spankings.


I know many of the long-term commenters have answered, or tried to answer, these “why” questions before, but I hope you’ll give us the benefits of your wisdom again. And, I invite the Disciplinary Wives to weigh in on any of this and tell us in their own words what benefits they get from DD.


I hope you all have a great week.

Saturday, February 3, 2024

The Club - Meeting 465 - Even More

“The longer and harder you spank, the more he will love you for it.” – Aunt Kay

Hello all.  Welcome back to the Disciplinary Couples Club.  Our weekly meeting of men and women who are in, or interested in being in, Domestic Discipline and/or Female Led (FLR) relationships.


Once again, before we get started, I would like to extend a specific invitation to any of our female readers, if they still exist, to move from “lurker” to “commenter” status. We miss having you around.


I hope you all had a great week.  Mine was okay, though we had relatives visiting for part of it and Anne had a major social event to plan for and carry out.  By mid-week, we both were pretty worn out and just looking forward to life getting back to normal.  It seems like 2024 is off to a hectic start, though not necessarily in a bad way.


I also spent a little too much time on some local political stuff that included a little too much of what passes for “discussion” in on-line community groups.  Last year, I put myself on a “news diet” after I got a little too obsessed with the Ukraine war and media political coverage. I started noticing the negative impact it was having on my emotional health. It may be that 2024 needs to be the year of the social media diet.

Because we were so busy with other things, I haven’t had a lot of time to focus on a truly new topic for this week.
  Now that I’ve outed myself about writing on the Medium [insert url] platform, however, I’m going to leverage an article I posted there.  I promise not to do this very often, as I admit it’s more than a little lazy.  But, I did really want to introduce that separate audience to some of the old Disciplinary Wives Club, which is harder now that the actual site is down.  And, in the course of doing that, I was reminded how much I’ve loved one story in particular, which was written by one of our semi-regular commenters, “al.” who also goes by Alan Smith.


So, here’s my little tribute to his story, which was entitled Even More and appeared in the “Fiction” section of the DWC website.

I’m reprinting the full story here with his permission, intermixed with some spanking visuals.  Then I’ll talk a little about why it resonated for me.  I won’t include specific topic questions, so just jump in with any comments you may have.  Again, I don’t plan to take this lazy approach very often.




All things considered, Susan had been quite patient. For a good ten minutes, she had listened to David’s rantings flow through the telephone in a seemingly incessant stream. She was not altogether unsympathetic to his frustration. Nevertheless, he was just being plain grumpy and irritable. And the solution was all too obvious. “David, stop. This discussion has ended and you are in for a long hard spanking tonight. Maybe that will give you something else to think about for a while,” Susan pronounced.


Immediately a bolt of terror flashed through the pit of David’s gut. A trip over Susan’s knee was not the stuff of fun and fantasy. He did not want a dose of Susan’s hairbrush. And he especially did not want one tonight. Already depressed and upset over their argument, he was definitely “not in the mood” for the thorough bottom blistering that he knew Susan would deliver.


The immediate change in David’s tone and attitude was nothing short of remarkable, “Oh, please, Susan, not that, not tonight. I am really, really sorry. I just got carried away, that’s all. You know how much I love you. I never meant to upset you. I promise — not another word about it.” Susan replied softly but unyieldingly, “I know you love me, David, and you’ll love me even more after I finish spanking you tonight. I know you don’t think so now, but you will. I love you, too, David, and you’ll just have to trust me — you need a good sound spanking. It really is for the best. But I have to get back to work now. So I’ll see you when I get home, and we’ll take care of it right then and there, and get it out of the way. Bye now.”

avid slowly hung up the phone and buried his face in his hands, a sinking feeling settling into his stomach as his bottom began to twitch and tingle involuntarily as he nervously anticipated his forthcoming ordeal. Soon, David sank into a solemn reverie. He had only himself to blame. He had been in the wrong, and they both knew it. And why he had lost control and started with his whining and ranting was incomprehensible. He had been spanked more than once for that same thing, he certainly should have known better.


David briefly pondered the idea that maybe this was the time to give up their disciplinary relationship. Susan had told him that he could opt out of the arrangement at any time if he had truly decided it was not for him after all. But she would not go back and forth with it, playing games. He either wanted to be a disciplined husband, or he didn’t. She would not leave him over his decision to cancel their contract, but neither would she remain in a relationship with constant bickering and arguing. If he did not choose to have her impose discipline on him, he would have to find a way to become self-disciplined.

But he would not end it and they both knew it. Despite his genuine dread of the excruciatingly painful paddlings he received bare bottom over Susan’s knee, he did not really want to give them up. The spankings were undeniably both unpleasant and quite painful, but the idea of his submission in a way that redeemed him through very real physical pain, and in a way that many would find humiliating and degrading satisfied him in a way that was completely beyond his comprehension.


And, he had asked for the relationship, he reflected, as his thoughts drifted back over the past couple of years.


It had started as play, with David introducing spanking into their sexual explorations. While spanking had been a lifelong fantasy for David, Susan had thought it somewhat kinky at first, but had gradually warmed to the idea. Although they had switched some at first, it soon became evident that David’s passion was to bottom, and Susan surprised herself by discovering how much she enjoyed the sense of power and domination she experienced when playing the top role.


The spankings had remained light and playful for a time, with Susan giving David relatively brief hand spankings, and maybe a few swats with a padded ping pong paddle, prior to their making love. David had experienced little actual pain, mostly a mild sting, with an occasional zinger thrown in for good measure.


However, David’s real desire, so he believed, was a real disciplinary spanking, the kind he had read of so many times in the stories that appeared on the Net. Countless times he had fantasized about being taken over a woman’s knee, and his bare bottom subjected to a long and hard paddling with the hairbrush, the kind that would leave his rear red and blistered, and tears in his eyes.


But David just couldn’t bring himself to express these secret desires to Susan. He was already struggling with the idea that he was somehow diminishing his masculinity by taking the bottom role, even in the mild spanking play they had enjoyed thus far. To ask her to deliver the kind of disciplinary spanking he so often fantasized about, and to explain what that entailed, was simply too much for him.


The fateful event that was to change all that was so simple it was almost anticlimactic. David found a website. He was just surfing when he stumbled on “The Disciplinary Wives Club”. Here he marveled as “Aunt Kay” encouraged wives to take matters “in hand” with their bad boy husbands, and even included detailed instructions on how to properly spank their errant spouses. And they were exactly the kind of spankings he so often fantasized about, perhaps even more so.


He had read with almost morbid fascination Aunt Kay’s section on techniques, in which she advocated bare bottom, over the knee spankings, delivered long and hard with the legendary hairbrush. When hubby was finally let up, she had postulated, his eyes should be wet with tears, his knees quivering, and his bottom very well blistered. Her concluding remark had been, “The longer and harder you spank, the more he will love you for it.”


That final remark haunted him, touched something deep and dark far down in his soul, as he read the pages in the site over and over. This was it, he finally admitted to himself, the realization of his fantasies, to be the disciplined husband of a disciplinary wife.


Sometime later, Susan returned from her shopping trip. And David, in a great leap of faith and courage, managed to smile and say, as casually and light-heartedly as he could possibly manage, “Susan, come take a look at this website. It looks like it’s right up your alley.”


Susan glanced over David’s shoulder to see what he had found, and immediately said, “Wow! What’s this about?”


She spent an hour or so seemingly engrossed in the information emanating from the screen, as David nervously scurried about, putting groceries away, making Susan a cup of coffee, and generally doing anything he could think of stay busy, trying not to drive himself insane wondering what she must be thinking.


Finally, Susan turned away from the screen. She remained silent for a moment, seeming to gather her thoughts, and then said simply, “Dave, is this what you want?”

Dave hesitated and considered changing his mind, telling her that he just thought it was “funny” or “interesting”, considering their spanking play. But, he had come so far to even show her the site, he couldn’t lie to her now.


Soon he replied, softly, seriously, “Yes, Susan, I think it is. At least I think I would like to experience it.”


Susan surprised him with a smile and a giggle, “Oh good! I was hoping you would say that. Are you ever in for it the next time you leave the toilet seat up!”


They laughed together, and with the ice broken, talked for hours about their desires, and the details of their arrangement. David was able to confess his most secret fantasies, and Susan was able to admit that their spanking play had sparked something she didn’t know was in her, a passion for disciplinary dominance.


By dinnertime, they had typed up a preliminary contract outlining their rules for a disciplinary relationship and had gone out to their favorite steak house to celebrate their new arrangement. They had even stopped at the mall on the way home to find Susan a real wooden hairbrush.


They had no sooner arrived home than Susan followed David into the bathroom to discover that he had left the toilet seat up. “Damn it, David,” Susan exclaimed, “we just talked about you not leaving the seat up this afternoon. You know that was one of the things we agreed you would be spanked for.”


David stammered, “Sorry, I just forgot. You know it takes a while to break old habits. But I promise I won’t forget again.” David really had forgotten to lower the seat, lost in thought about all that had transpired through the day. And he was nervous. In spite of all his fantasies, the reality of the contract and the purchase of the hairbrush was beginning to sink in. He began to wonder if he had made a very big mistake.

“Well, David, we’re just going to help you make sure you don’t forget again. It looks like we’ll be breaking in this hairbrush sooner than I expected. Take off your pants and meet me at the sofa,” Susan replied curtly.


David gulped, “Don’t you think I should get one warning, Susan? Don’t you think that would be more fair?”


“David, you just signed a contract this afternoon agreeing to no arguments about your discipline, and now you’re already arguing. You asked for this arrangement, and you’re going to live up to it. Now, do as I said.” And with that, Susan had turned and walked away.


David removed his pants and underwear and followed Susan into the living room, finding her sitting in the middle of the sofa, hairbrush in hand.


Susan said nothing, but tapped the brush against her thigh, the signal they had agreed on for him to lie across her legs.


Remembering that the contract called for extra punishment for anything other than immediate compliance to this signal, he quickly laid him across her legs, the sofa supporting his body. As was suggested in “Aunt Kay’s” spanking tips, she wrapped her right leg over his two legs to help hold him in place once the spanking began.


David’s mind briefly wandered to remember the one time a few weeks later when he had argued about crossing her knee on command. That had been a serious error. Susan had jumped up and beat him mercilessly across his bottom and thighs. Grabbing his arm, she had chased him around in a circle, furiously swinging the paddle against his bare bottom and thighs, re-enacting that age-old spanking dance. He had finally managed to drop to the floor and beg for mercy. But Susan had been hardly merciful. He had still received his longest spanking to date over Susan’s knee, and after corner time, had been soundly switched for his disobedience. He had been reduced to sobbing by the time the nasty switch had worked its painful black magic on him. He would never make that mistake again.


Susan had begun that first spanking with, “David, I simply will not tolerate you leaving the toilet seat up. It is thoughtless and inconsiderate. We have already discussed that you will get a spanking for this, and that is exactly what is going to happen. And you can believe that you will be remembering this spanking every time you sit down for a few days to come, and maybe that will help you remember that I have to sit down on the toilet. Do you understand?”


Susan swung her hairbrush for the first time. WHACK!! It was only a moderately hard swat, but it was far different from the mild swats that he had received by hand and occasionally the padded ping pong paddle. It stung and burned and hurt. The very real pain of the hairbrush was a shock; David really had no idea of the reality of what he had so often fantasized about, but with first crack of the hairbrush, reality became all too clear.


He gasped, “Yes ma’am, I understand. I promise it will never happen again.” “I hope not, David, because the very next time you do, you will find yourself right back over my knee again, and I will have to spank you much harder and longer. Do you understand that also?”


WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! Susan alternated cheek to cheek, striking a bit harder this time, finding that she enjoyed the sense of power she felt. David yelped. The hairbrush stung him badly. He had no idea that it would really hurt so much. “Yes ma’am, I promise I understand. I promise I will never ever forget again.”


“Well, we’ll see. I’m sure you will try to remember after the I get through giving your bottom a good long blistering.” WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! Susan delivered two to each cheek in rapid succession. She noted with satisfaction the pink glow that already beginning to form on David’s rear.


David groaned and buried his face in the sofa cushion. It hurt so bad. He could never have imagined.


“You really should be ashamed, David, having to have your bottom spanked like this. You would think a grown man could remember a simple little thing like leaving the toilet seat down.”


WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! Susan increased both the tempo and force of the swats, quickly administering four sharp swats to each cheek. His bottom began to turn a deeper shake of pink. David gasped, yelled, and swore into the pillow as the paddle burned and tormented his exposed back side. His rear was stinging badly now and he felt moisture beginning to form in the corners of his eyes.


WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! WHACK!! Susan moved lower this time, catching the underside of his buns with four brisk strokes each. She wanted to make sure she painted his entire bottom a bright red by the time she finished with him. If David really wanted to be a disciplined husband, she was going to make very sure that he knew what he was in for.Tears were forming in David’s eyes now, while he gasped and moaned as the merciless hairbrush set his ass on fire. He hoped he wouldn’t cry, but the pain was so overwhelming.


Susan paused for a moment. She had followed Aunt Kay’s advice to begin with sets of four and then eight before proceeding to the main spanking, a warm up to make sure the shock didn’t overwhelm him. David did appear to be over the initial shock. His head was buried in the pillow and his breathing was heavy. He seemed to have accepted his fate and given in to the ordeal to come.


So Susan got down to business, peppering David’s quickly reddening bare bottom with a nonstop rain of wooden terror. She made certain no spot went unpunished, painting his entire rear and upper thighs a colorful collage of pink, red, and purple.


David braced himself when the swats resumed, hoping he could endure the next set without totally losing his composure. But the terrible hairbrush kept coming, viciously attacking his tortured bottom. The stinging pain was overpowering, nothing like he had ever imagined. Somewhere around the twelfth swat of the latest barrage, he finally gave in and pleaded, “Susan, please stop! I’ve learned my lesson. I swear!”


Susan only replied, “Stop!? Hon, I’ve only just begun. I’m going to make damn sure you know what you have coming to you when you don’t listen to me! And I’m going to make sure you keep on remembering every time you sit down for the next week.” At Susan’s pronouncement of an extended sentence, David completely lost his composure, kicking, begging, pleading, and screaming as the paddle continued its relentless and savage assault on his battered buttocks.


Susan was not at all sympathetic to David’s plight. She briefly considered that she must have a natural inclination for this sort of disciplinary dominance. She was definitely experiencing a sense of satisfaction from the damage she was inflicting upon David’s now red bottom, as well as his dramatic repentance.


The paddling continued unabated. Susan worked the hairbrush repeatedly over every square inch of David’s glowing backside. She alternated cheek to cheek, thigh to thigh, top to bottom, then delivered several swats to a chosen sweet spot, before moving to the next.


David was lost to all but the searing, burning pain of the wood against his skin. He had tried to be strong and resist it, but it was too much. Finally, he gave into it. Tears turned to sobs as the paddle continued its seemingly unending dance across his severely tormented bottom.


And as David began to sob, Susan decided he had learned what a real spanking was all about. She knew this had been his fantasy, and she also knew that he was surely shocked by the reality of what he had asked for. His bottom was a solid red, spotted with purple bruises. He had kicked and screamed, begged for her to stop, and now was sobbing openly. Certainly, he must have had no idea of the truth behind his fantasy.


She completed David’s ordeal with a dozen swats, the hardest yet, all to the exact center of his bottom. David’s sobs became gut wrenching, but it was finally over. Slowly he had recovered, as Susan gently rubbed his bottom, and then taken him into her arms.


He found himself reflecting warmly on that first spanking, in spite of the awful pain to his backside. He vividly recalled the soreness he had experienced when sitting for the next several days. David’s reverie was suddenly interrupted by the clammer of the telephone. It was Susan calling on her cell phone to let him know that she would be home shortly and that he should assume the waiting position, meaning that when she walked through the door he would have to be standing naked in the corner. It was one of a number of traditions that had been established during his last two years as a disciplined husband.


David wasted no time stripping and heading for the corner. She would be home in no time, and he certainly did not want to earn a switching by not complying to the disciplinary rules Susan had set. A switching, in addition to whatever spanking he had coming anyway, had become the expected punishment for failing to follow the rules of discipline. David hated the switch the worst of all, and Susan knew it. So, she had reserved it for what she deemed the most serious of offenses, failure to immediately comply with her disciplinary instructions. If she allowed any slack with this, she knew he would soon become unmanageable. And she did not allow any slack at all. She showed absolutely no mercy when she had to use the switch on him, and David tried his best to make sure she did not have to use it often.


Momentarily Susan came in the front door and was immediately all business. She removed the hairbrush from her purse before setting it down.


Susan began, “David, how many time have you been spanked for ranting, bitching, and whining — five or six times? Well, obviously you are not getting the message. And I’ve really had enough of it. So, I’m going to try extra hard to make sure you get the message today. Just so you know what to expect — you’ll be getting the hairbrush and the strap. We’ll see if that will get through to you.”

David’s heart sunk, turning into a pit of fear and terror in his gut. His usual punishment was an over-the-knee hairbrushing, and occasionally a standup session with the big paddle or the strap, but, with the very rare exception of a switching for resistance, he’d never received an over-the-knee spanking and a standup spanking. The dread of his forthcoming ordeal was nearly overwhelming. It took all his will power not to argue, but knowing that arguing would add a switching to his punishment helped him to merely acquiesce and say, “Yes ma’am”.


Susan sat on the couch and said, “Come here, David.” David walked to stand on her right side, knowing the drill all too well. Susan looked somewhat irritated and asked, “And what do you say David?” David gulped and realized he should have asked for his punishment without prompting. It was another of the rules that Susan had implemented over time.


He quickly stammered, “Susan, I am so very sorry for ranting today. I know very well that I should have controlled myself. Would you please spank me, as long as hard as you think necessary, to help me learn to behave properly in the future?”


Susan answered simply, “Very well,” and tapped the brush against her leg. David quickly laid himself over her knee. Susan promptly repositioned him, wrapping one leg around him. And Susan immediately went to work, drowning his bare bottom in a veritable deluge of hard, stinging whacks. Lecturing him the whole time, she paddled his quickly reddening backside nonstop. As David had asked in the ritual request for his punishment, she did indeed spank him long and hard, administering perhaps two hundred cracks of the brush before finally finishing in a fierce volley that left David heaving and sobbing.


Still sniffling, try to regain his composure, Susan had led David to the corner. There Susan had ordered him to stand, hands at his side, and not to dare even think of rubbing his well blistered bottom.


His reprieve was short-lived, however, as Susan shortly returned with strap in hand. It was an old-fashioned razor strap, one that she had found rummaging in through an old chest in her parents’ attic. It was now kept well-oiled and ready for use. David had felt its bite a good dozen times before, but never immediately after a paddling. His bottom was still stinging and burning as Susan ordered him to assume the position.


David could barely stand the thought that he would be whipped again so soon after the very thorough paddling he had just received, but he did not hesitate, not daring to risk a switching also. So, he bent over the back of the spanking chair, grasping the seat firmly with both hands.

Susan wasted no time. As soon as he was bent over, the strap cut through the air and landed terrifyingly across his upper thighs. David literally screamed in agony.


But Susan showed no sympathy. Again and again the strap sliced through the air and cut into David’s already well-spanked bottom. By the time the twentieth stroke landed on his scourged rear, David was almost incoherent with pain and sobbing vociferously. His bottom was a jumble of red, black, blue, and purple. Bruises and strap marks intermingled.


Susan paused there, briefly wondering if she had perhaps gone too far. But remembering the advice given to her online by another disciplinary wife — better to err on the side of severity if you really want to make your point, she told David, “There will be five more. I want you to remember with each one what this punishment is for. I expect you to take control of yourself. I do not expect to hear any more of your ranting, bitching, and whining ever again. If I have to spank you again for this, God help you. Do you understand?”


David managed, between sobs, to reply, “Yes ma’am, I understand.” And then Susan delivered her final five cracks of the strap, each one finding its way across the middle of his very well-spanked bottom. And when it was over, it was over. The debt was paid, penance was done. Susan helped David up and held him, gently rubbing his burning rear. David sobbed, both from pain and emotional release. “That’s ok,” she whispered, “it’s all done now. I’m sure you’ve learned you lesson well this time.”




After David had recovered somewhat, they had gone out to their favorite restaurant. And despite some not inconsiderable discomfort sitting, David found himself in quite a good mood. The food, drinks, and service were excellent as always at the small steak house. However, it was so much more than that.


He sipped on his drink, reflecting. He had just received perhaps the most severe spanking that Susan had ever given him. Yet, he was content and satisfied. The air was clear. There had been no arguments or anger. He had misbehaved and Susan had lovingly disciplined him for it. He had taken his punishment and all was forgiven. It was over and done with.


He glanced across the table at Susan with warmth in his heart and a twinkle in his eye, realizing how much he loved this woman. She was not just his wife, but his lover, best friend, and soul mate. She did so much for him, took such good care of him, made him laugh when no one else could. Yet she would not hesitate to turn him over her knee and blister his bare bottom until he cried like a well-spanked schoolboy, if she felt his behavior merited it. And suddenly he realized, just as Susan had predicted, he did love her even more.




Here are some thoughts on why, in my opinion, this story exemplifies some common themes in these relationships.


It reflects the reality of how many of these relationships begin.

Many of the DWC fiction stories began with a fed-up wife imposing the disciplinary relationship on a reluctant husband. Others reflected a fully-baked DWC relationship, in which the wife’s authority was already fully established.


Even More was one of the few stories depicting a husband finding the DWC  website, or discovering a need to take an erotic spanking relationship in a discipline or FLR direction, followed by the embarrassing and painful aftermath of that discovery. While the DWC stories in which the wife imposed the relationship on a reluctant husband were very emotionally powerful to me, the scenario in which the husband requests the disciplinary was under-represented yet much more true-to-life.


In the story, David has a pre-existing interest in erotic spanking, but until he discovers the DWC, it’s just a garden-variety kink. The disciplinary aspect is something different. It’s darker. Deeper. More disturbing yet also has a morbid attraction that the purely erotic spankings don’t.

“He had read with almost morbid fascination Aunt Kay’s section on techniques, in which she advocated bare bottom, over the knee spankings, delivered long and hard with the legendary hairbrush. When hubby was finally let up, she had postulated, his eyes should be wet with tears, his knees quivering, and his bottom very well blistered. Her concluding remark had been, “The longer and harder you spank, the more he will love you for it.”


That final remark haunted him, touched something deep and dark far down in his soul . . .”


That is exactly how that quote from the DWC hit me. It was “haunting.”


The embarrassment, and vulnerability, are palpable.


The prospect of tears and a blistered bottom truly did scare the hell out of me. I couldn’t imagine experiencing such a thing, yet I couldn’t stop imagining it.


David discovers the DWC, becomes obsessed, feels compelled to bring it to his wife’s attention — and is embarrassed to his core the whole time. He presents a light-hearted front, but inside he’s a bundle of embarrassed nerves.


Even when a husband and wife have played with erotic spankings, there is something very different, something much more ego-threatening, about asking for real disciplinary spankings.


It’s not the difference in severity. It’s the prospect of a transformation in the very power structure of the relationship. David knows deep down inside that he’s suggesting something that, if made real, will result in his wife having a new level of control and authority over him, if only when it comes to discipline. 

Although, there is the line about her finding she had a gift for “disciplinary dominance,” which to me indicates that from the beginning things were heading in the direction of her taking more command of the relationship as a whole.


David learns important truths about himself, and the couple’s overall marital communications go from good to great.


We who are into these lifestyles know that it’s very rare that there is a “natural” disciplinary wife who imposes or even raises the issue. More often, it is the man who has these deep-seated desires. He brings it up, and the wife goes along with it as an accommodation. Or, maybe she’s into the kink but taking on the role of a real disciplinarian isn’t something she’s ever even considered.  It’s probably also very often the case that the couple starts with erotic spanking, but it becomes something more.


David and Susan start experimenting with erotic spanking, switching at first but then she quickly gravitates to the top role.


David then discovers the DWC.  He’s already feeling a little emasculated by taking the “bottom” role in their erotic spanking adventures. But, he feels a compulsion to bring it to her.


She embraces it immediately with an enthusiasm that goes beyond what I personally experienced when I first brought the DWC to Anne.  She didn’t comment very much when I first told her about it, in bed, with the lights off, so she couldn’t see how flushed I was with embarrassment.  She took a look at the website the next day and, while she did agree to try it, I did get the sense she thought the whole thing was kind of weird. And, although she started delivering very hard paddlings and strappings very soon after our initial session, it took a lot for her to start really getting into the superior role in the way Susan immediately takes to in the story.

There also is an almost immediate improvement in the couple’s communication, though it seems to have been pretty good already, and the conversation itself leads to improved self-awareness.  I suspect that is a hallmark of many genuine DD relationships – if the communication wasn’t already good, the husband never would have brought it up.


“They laughed together, and with the ice broken, talked for hours about their desires, and the details of their arrangement. David was able to confess his most secret fantasies, and Susan was able to admit that their spanking play had sparked something she didn’t know was in her, a passion for disciplinary dominance.”


“Be careful what you wish for. You might get it.”


David works up the courage to ask for what he thinks he wants. He gets it. For his relationship, it’s great. For his butt? Not so much.


The first spanking sucks, and it gets worse from there. Yet, no matter how bad they are in the moment, he knows he won’t give them up.


“But he would not end it and they both knew it. Despite his genuine dread of the excruciatingly painful paddlings he received bare bottom over Susan’s knee, he did not really want to give them up.”


That’s been my experience. I never, ever want real spankings, but I have a deep need for them.


That need is both emotional and practical. Something in David wants the dark, scary aspects of being subject to his wife’s authority. I feel his emotionally-rooted need.


For me, the need also exists in the practical sense.  There are times, usually when I’ve gone through an unusually long stretch of uninterrupted good behavior, that I wonder if I’ve finally “outgrown” it.


Right around the time I have that thought, I inevitably crash right through the guardrails and end up over Anne’s knee. I hate it at the time but, the spanking ends just like the story — with me loving my wife even more.

Thanks for bearing with me and I hope you enjoy the Even More story if you haven’t read it before. 


I hope you have a great week.