Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Forum - Question of the Week

Welcome back.  "Back to School" season is upon us.  All across the nation, daughters and sons are leaving for college. Sometimes there is a younger sibling or siblings left behind, but sometimes the departure yields an "empty nest."  And, Mom and Dad and into domestic discipline, perhaps for the first time in years there is real privacy.  Real flexibility regarding time and place for DD activities.

So, this is a question for the older domestic discipline practitioners among us.  What impact did the children leaving your home have on your DD relationship?  Did spankings become more frequent?  Did a previously timid spouse suddenly step fully into the role of HoH or disciplinarian?  Tell us all about the changes.

And, as always, please take a moment to leave some comments in the Guestbook.  I have changed its format a bit, including adding a question soliciting topics for future Forums.  I look forward to hearing from y'all.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Forum - Question of the Week

Welcome.  As one reader noted, Aunt Kay at the Disciplinary Wives Club has posted a note on the website contemplating its future.  Many of us first heard about domestic discipline through DWC.  So, this week's question is: What role, if any, has the DWC played in inspiring your DD relationship?  Are there other resources that have had an important role in inspiring or helping you establish a DD lifestyle?

One comment from me on this one.  DWC was the entire impetus for my wife's and my exploration of DD in our marriage.  I did try to reach out to Aunt Kay on this question of the DWC's future, but did not get a reply. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Forum - Question of the Week

Hi all.  I hope you had a good week.  Sorry I am getting this out a little late.  This week's question is an offshoot of one I asked a couple of weeks ago.   It is about balance and growth.

In your relationship, or in looking closely at your DD desires, to what extent is your chosen role (the disciplined party or the disciplining party)  related to bringing some balance to your core personality.  Or, conversely, is it about doing what comes most natural to you?  We seem to come to DD for lots of reasons, and we look for different things. If you are dominant or controlling in your work life, do you crave submission at home? Or, vice versa, are you timid and shy in other aspects of your life, so you crave being the dominant party in in your personal relationships?  And, if the role you assume in your DD life is in line with how you are in the "real world," then does that arrangement help or hinder your personal growth?

For me, the DD lifestyle is very much about balancing out my domineering tendencies.  The last thing I would want is something that magnifies and exacerbates those tendencies.  But, others may feel very differently.  So, let's hear it.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Forum - Question of the Week

Welcome back everyone.  We got some great responses to last week's question.  Thank you all for contributing.  

This week's question is about how we move from fantasizing about a domestic discipline lifestyle, or just dipping our toes into the water, to making it a core part of our marriage.  It seems like few people take to the lifestyle instantaneously, especially if you have spent many years in "vanilla" relationship.  There are often long-established emotional and behavioral patterns that need to be overcome.  And, even if both parties are open to it, one of them may not be quite as into it, at least not to the point that they focus on it as a core part of the relationship.

So, the question for this week is, what do you do to encourage each other to make the commitment ot DD and make it a regular part of your relationship?  Contracts?  Self-reporting?  Setting aside a day of the week for discipline and/or submission?  How do you take DD from the exotic to the norm?

I look forward to hearing from you all.  And, if you haven't done so yet, please sign the Guestbook, below.