Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Forum - Volume 83 - Motivations

Hi all.  I'm sorry I got a little behind in replying to comments over the last week.  Work has been crazy busy, and it was hard to get to everything I had going.   Thankfully, we have developed enough of a core group of commenters that things keep right on going without me.  That's a great thing.

On to this week's topic, and it is going to be another fairly open-ended conversation.  Our latest poll focused on motivations, i.e. on why we do This Thing We Do.  What is it that drives us to want or need bare-bottomed discipline, given the fairly obvious downside of pain, tears, etc.?  Here is what our readers had to say about it:

Need to be under somone's control
  48 (45%)
Behavior/performance improvement
  46 (43%)
Erotic motivation
  45 (42%)
Need/desire to be punished
  67 (63%)
Wife requires it
  22 (20%)
  2 (1%)

It is interesting that all the factors I identified in the poll came into play to a substantial degree, other than the fairly small number of men whose wives simply impose the DD lifestyle.  It's also reassuring that only 2 people said their motivation is something other than the five factors I identified, so it seems I didn't miss any major motivations.

It does surprise me a little that the need or desire for punishment outranked facotrs like needing to be under someone else's control. That does seem to indicate that while there is overlap between the DD and FLR aspects of our readers' spanking relationships, it is not a 1:1 match.

So, what is your motivation for doing This Thing We Do, regardless of which side of the paddle you are on?

I have also added a new poll that focuses on our Disciplinary Wives' motivations.  I realize we still don't seem to have that many female readers, but the numbers are growing, so hopefully the poll will get at least a few responses. 

Have a great weekend.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Forum - Vol. 82 - Positions

Hi all.  I hope you had a great week.  As is too often the case, my Saturday finds me exhaustend and needing to relax and recuperate but, unfortunately, faced with a pile of work that I was unable to get to during the normal week. Modern life I suppose.

This week's topic is about spanking positions.  Which do you use in your spanking relationship?

There is the iconic "over the knee."  Source of so many DD fantasies and undobutedly the inspiration for many DD relationships. But, is it really effective?

Or, maybe standing up while supported by a chair?

It is a position that seems to yield itself to a much more serious ass whipping than OTK.

Or perhaps on the bed, supported by pillows?

Or some variation on that theme?

Perhaps draped over a chair?

Or for a lucky few, a special purpose bench or similar equipment in a dedicated spanking space?

What positions does your DD Wife typically command?  Does it depend on the implement she is using? Do you find some are more effective than others at getting her point across?

Have a great week!  One last thing: I can sense my inspiratiion for new topics reaching a low ebb.  If you have ideas, please leave a comment or send me an email.


Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Forum - Vol. 81 - Resistance

Hi all.  I hope you had a good week and are enjoying your weekend. 

This week's topic is about dealing with resistance.  There are obviously going to be times when we are less cooperative than others.  Maybe you are distracted by work or other issues that need immediate attention.  Or, maybe a punishment was ordered that you feel was not really deserrved.  At those times when you are feeling less cooperative, have you ever actively resisted a spanking or even refused to comply?  If so, how she deal with it? How should she?

Have a great week!


Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Forum - Vol. 80 - Reporting, plus New Reader Poll

Hello all.  Happy Saturday.  I hope you all had a good week and have a relaxing or stimulating weekend ahead, depending on your preferences.

This week's topic is about how bad behavior comes to the attention of our DD wives.  Personal observation obvioulsy plays a major role.  But, what other means do our Disciplinary Wives have, or have they imposed, to gather the information necessary to keep us in check?

Self-reporting?  If so, do you have a particular system in place? How well does it work?  Have you thought of any effective mechanism to prevent him from cheating by just not telling?

How about informants? Is there someone in his life who will rat him out for bad behavior, such as Anna's relationships with some of Peter's workplace colleagues?  Monitor spending, internet use, emails, etc.?  One of our FLR wives and bloggers who is all about finding concrete ways to transform FLR goals into FLR daily reality recommends making him keep and submit a daily journal. 

I have also posted a new poll.  The topic is a little squishy, and it's a hard one to do within the inherent limitations of a poll with pre-formed answers, but it tries to quantify the motivations underlying the disciplined husband's interests in pursuing a DD lifestyle.

I hope you all have a great week.