Friday, September 1, 2017

No Post This Weekend

Hi all.  Happy Friday!  Unfortunately, I have a personal matter I need to attend to this weekend and won't be able to post.  I also likely won't be able to keep up with comments but feel free to leave them.  Peter, I very much want to hear about the humbling with the neighbor!

I hope all of you have a great weekend, including hopefully a nice three-day one for those of you in the U.S.


  1. Have a great weekend ! Thanks for this blog!

    anna & peter

  2. Joe 2 here,

    I'm going to try to hijack this thread.

    Do any of you have family that consider your spouse to be less than the others?

    You hear about men marrying women like mom. Not me. My family is a group of high achievers. Everyone in may family got straight "A"s but me. My siblings went to the university knowing their major and did extremely well. So did I, but where they majored in hard the hard sciences, I majored in alcohol, girls and weight room. We all achieved our goals, and the short term results were as you would expect. My mom has a high powered job and my spouses and their significant others all have high high octane jobs. They send their kids to private schools and have tutors. My wife is "Susy homemaker." And I specifically want my wife to be "Mom." Oh yeah, she is sharper than a razor blade and our children have that beautiful balance between adventure and respect.

    The crazy thing is only my dad realizes what a jewel I have. At one family gathering a sister-in-law made a cut about how nice it must be to focus on the children. I was about ready to pull the pin on the "holy hand grenade" when my dad said he was extremely happy that he had a daughter who focused on his grand children and that there was no higher calling than ensuring that the next generation were well adjusted. And for the first time in my life, my dad pointedly told me that he was proud of me. He was proud because he had a son who would drive a 15 year old car so his wife could focus on the future- something that he did not understand when he was my age.

    About a year later my dad was out of country and I was out of state on the job site when my mother had a serious medical condition. My wife farmed the kids to a neighbor and flew to help my "less than appreciative mother." My mother has never acknowledged the sacrifice of "Susy homemaker;" which drives me further from my mom. When I spiraled into an emotional tantrum because of the lack of appreciation, my wife calmly told she did not do it for good will, but she did it because it is what a daughter is supposed to do. That not only took the wind out of my sail, but it reinforced that she is the better half.

    I do one thing that I am very proud of. Every time I leave the house or talk to my wife on the phone, I tell her that I love her. My thought is that we never know when something bad is going to happen, so she needs to know that my last words are "I love you."

  3. Your wife is fantastic. Good for her.

  4. Hi Dan and welcome back. I hope you had an enjoyable break. On Wednesday morning, I got a paddling before we even left our bed for no apparent reason. It got me to wondering about other types of spankings in a DD relationship. I know, by the term Domestic Discipline, most of what we discuss here are discipline spankings. Here, we have maintenance spankings of course, but also, sensual spankings, stress relief spankings and the occasional 'just because I felt like spanking you' type spankings which is what I got last Wednesday. Perhaps this may make an interesting topic for the future. What other types of spanking exists in everyone's DD relationship?


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