Monday, April 3, 2017

Comment Moderation Back On

All, sorry for the inconvenience, but my blog seems to have been targeted by someone advertising "escort service." Content moderation will stay up until they or their bot lose interest.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


  1. I had the same 'visitor' and I believe Hermione had her twice! I just chose to have some fun with it.........this time. A repeat will require further action.

    1. I hope that works for you! This morning was the second time in three days that mine has been hit, so . . . This is also a really stupid pest. The smarter ones usually post comments on older posts, hoping the moderator won't catch it.

    2. I may resort to other methods if it persists, but even if I get another one or two, it will give me even MORE material to respond to without even having to go out looking for it. If it happens again I may even do an entire post on it rather than just a comment. I feel like I'm finding it harder to come up with blog topics lately so this is like a ripe fruit that fell into my lap.


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