Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Forum - Question of the Week #37

Hi all,

I hope you had a good week.   I really thought we might get a little more interest in last week's topic regarding how to get started in a DD relationship, but I guess we are just leaving all those poor Disciplined Husbands in Waiting to their own devices.

I also hope the fall off in comments last week was not related to the changes I made to the design of the blog.  I wasn't sure about it myself when I first changed the color scheme, but it's growing on me.

This week's question involves consequences, and our all too human tendency to try to avoid them.  Have you ever tried to cover up your bad behavior in order to avoid being disciplined?  Lied about how much you had to drink with colleagues after work?  Forgot to tell your spouse about that speeding ticket?  You may not always confess to them, but please tell us all about it!

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Dan - Disciplined Hubby


  1. Twice a month we have a discussion on things I have done wrong or things I was suppose to do and didn't. In our house there is no hiding any wrong doing, It only makes the spanking harder and longer. I know from experience I forgot to mention something I forgot to do, and after the spanking I was put in display position for 10 minutes then back into spanking position for not mentioning it. It's much better to "come clean" and get things over with.

  2. Mostly she punishes only what she observes (like a tantrum). So the only time we have had the problem of hiding misbehavior is when she started regulating masturbation. We had a rough time with that for a while because I did mislead or lie to her several times about it and we did have several emotional scenes and I got some very severe punishment for not being honest. She eventually solved it by telling me I didn’t have to report it but if she asked I had to promise to never lie to her about it and she took the responsibility for asking often enough it wouldn’t get out of control. For some reason I find it much easier to admit disobedience when she asks directly about it and really find it almost impossible to lie to her when she asks so she learned that about me and it has become a major part of my experience as a disciplined husband

  3. My wife regulates my masturbation as well. The worst spanking I ever received was a result of denying masturbating (to porn). She had the proof as I had failed to clean the browser history on the computer. She considers viewing porn the same as cheating and lying about it only made it worst. I am only allowed to orgasm after I have received her permission.

  4. Love the new design. Much cleaner, and easier to read.
    Yes, I have tried to hide things. One of my jobs is to sweep the living room every night, and move the sofa once a week to clean under it. Well, i don't always move it. One weekend my Grandson was over, and we couldn't find the remote, my son and I, looked everywhere. I moved the sofa thinking it was behind it. The only thing behind and under it, was dust bunnies, and all the other stuff that likes to hide in dark spaces. I knew I was in trouble if she looked there. About 30 mins later my wife came in the room, "asked if I checked behind the sofa", I told her, yes, and it wasn't there. She said, let me look, you're a man, and i know how you look for things. I got up, moved the sofa, and said it's not here, and moved it back. She told me to move so she could check. She moved the sofa, saw the mess under it, turned to me and said, " is this how you clean my home, is this what you think of me, you are in BIG trouble". This was said in front of my son (16 yrs) and grandson (3 yrs). I went to get the broom and dust pan to clean it, but she took the broom and dust pan, and cleaned it. That night in the bedroom, she had me hold the broom and the dust pan, told me to bend over, and she gave me a spanking like I've never had before. She told me she wasn't mad about the mess, but more with the lie I told.

  5. When I perform my assigned chores (usually over the weekend), J. makes a point of dropping in unannounced -with a switch, a flogger or a wooden spoon in hand- to "reward" me as needed if she is dissatisfied.

    When I, on the other hand, have committed some mistake that she has not (yet) discovered, I know that I should lower my pants and bring her one of her favorite "tools" - or else, if she has been away, to bare my bottom and to position myself over our bed, or across the back of the sofa... and to await her return - and the punishment she deems 'appropriate'


  6. I am SUPPOSED to have quit cigarette smoking altogether...but I still do, on the way to, and at, and on the way home from work. She busted me on this, back in November. Ouch.
    I stopped...for awhile. Then I started again. She has not yet busted me, but she is suspicious.

  7. This topic hits very close to home. My wife believes in total disclosure. If I am going for a beer after a game of baseball she expects a call. If I have for example looked at porno on my computer she expects me to tell her.
    Recently I didnt reveal to her that I was having lunch with my ex wife. It was foolish of me. I was seen by one of her sisters, and when I didnt mention the meeting to my wife, she said nothing.
    As many men know often when a wife says nothing you know you are in for it. As i write this my bottom is stinging from more than a few swats with her favorite hairbrush.
    peter b.

    1. If my man, doesn't call at all? Even for a beer? Once in a while I think it's ok! He's doing many times? Is he out with another girl? Ladies, it's time for the chastity belt! Da,Cock Gage! Girls, you hold the key, he's your virgin princess," haa, Hee," keep her that way for a couple of weeks! No cheating! Right girls? Or use some kind of blackmail pics on him? Like da " Cock Gage"? I think you have her where you want her! "ha," ha" have fun ladies! Jennifer A.


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