Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Comment Policy -- And a Personal Observation

As some of you may have noticed, my blog seems to have attracted the attention of a weird little stalker who on various days calls himself Evelyn, Cheryl, Gretchen, or any number of other pseudonyms.  He's obsessed with panty-wearing and posts about it in response to every Forum Question and at various other places on the blog.  Now, if there was anything the least bit interesting about his comments, I might leave them up, even if off-topic. However, since his postings have the intellectual and grammatical sophistication of something scrawled in crayon on the wall of a truck stop toilet stall, I respectfully decline to let him continue using my blog as the equivalent of said toilet stall.

In addition to the generally annoying quality of his posts, he seems obsessed with the idea that I wear panties. But, while I have no problem at all with that fetish and recognize it plays a role in lots of DD relationships, he is simply wrong that it is part of my particular bundle of fetishes.  My wife and I tried it one time early on in our DD experimentation, and it did nothing for either of us.  It did, however, give me a lot of sympathy for what women go through daily, because in addition to doing nothing for us erotically, the panties were just really, really uncomfortable.  They chafed and scratched and were just generally unbearable to wear.  Of course, had we gone with silky "granny panties" the sensation might have been much more pleasurable, but the visual would have been even less appealing to my wife, so why go there?

So, while I very much appreciate and encourage comments from the rational readers out there who are into wearing panties or are are ordered to wear them by their DD wives (Peter, please keep the comments coming!  Love them and love the conversation!), I have had it with my little stalker and his annoying "hee hee" sixth-grade snickerings.  So, I am reluctantly changing my settings to moderate all comments.  I will try very hard to check the queue each day so there is little delay in approving comments from everyone but my new best friend.

Also, one other change.  I deleted the former User Stories section, which was a separate blog, and replaced it with User Stories section tab at the top of the home page.  Thanks for bearing with me through all these changes and experimentation.



  1. It seems there are people in life that have no other reason for being, than to annoy other people. Thank God for the delete button.

  2. Well said, arched one. The best way to deal with these nuisances is to moderate comments, then quietly delete the inappropriate, offensive, and nuisance ones without drawing attention to them. Trolls love attention. The more blog time you give them, the better they like it. Ignore them and they will go play somewhere else.



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