Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Forum - Question of the Week #36

Hi all.  Welcome to the Forum #36.  This week's question is one that has been explored a bit before, but it's worth talking about again now that we have a few more active participants.  This week's topic is, how do you get a Domestic Discipline relationship started?  How do you go about letting your significant other know of your interest in it?  How do you persuade them to give it a try? And, how do you progress from the beginning stage to make DD a real part of your day to day life?  I hope this topic gets the attention and responses it merits, because if the statistics in the poll I've posted for several months now are any indication of what is going on out there, we have a significant number of men who are interested in an F/m lifestyle, but far fewer women share that mindset.  Or, perhaps fewer of them spend significant time finding and reading DD-oriented blogs.  Or, maybe many women are so conditioned to being on the losing end of unequal power in society, that it just never occurs to them that they might be able to put their bad boy husbands over their knee. In any case, it seems to me that there are many men out there who very much want to try this lifestyle but are not sure how to make that happen. So, please share not only your tips, but also your stories.

As always, please take a moment to visit the Guestbook or add a story (fictional or non-fictional) to the User Stories section.  I finally learned how to us Blooger's tab feature, so those sections are now accessible from tabs at the top of the page.  I'm also playing a bit with the templates to try to find something a little less grey and dreary.  Let me know what you think about the new background and color.  Have a great week.

Dan - Disciplined Hubby


  1. As far back as I can remember I have been interested in spanking. When I was younger I used to give myself a few spanks, usually with a wooden spoon and I loved the sting. After I got married, one night I asked my wife to spank me. She did lightly. Later we talked about it and I told her how much being spanked turned me on. I then found and made some implements for her to spank me with. She is more than happy to give me the spanking I crave, but does not understand why I want the pain of spanking. I've asked her to look at a few spanking sites but she won't do that. Since she started giving me sexual spanking, There have been a few times when I knew I needed punishment, and did request it and she gave it. Since the first punishment spanking, I would have to say we are running 50/50 with me asking for half of them and her telling me I'm going to get punished.

  2. Family tradition is the best way to say how it started. The gal I married was raised by her Mom, her dad long gone and her mom ran a tight ship. I knew she spanked, was told that dating her daughter had rules and best obey them or two choices, stop seeing her or submit to house rules. Well it was not the Mom but the daughter, and on particular date I got to carried away and she decided to give me a spanking, thankful she was not good at it and I just faked it. A week or so later I broke one of her Mom's rules and sure enough she did not bulge in her rules. I soon was standing before her, her daughter present and watching. The scolding was bad enough, but when she pulled my pants down I looked straight ahead. I went over her lap quickly and then to my shock she pulled my underpants down and off. This is how a spanking is given young man and sure enough I received a spanking like no others. She then told me her daughter had informed her of the spanking she gave, well I was soon pleading and promising to be good. She pulled me to my feet and I was more concern about rubbing the pain from my bottom than being exposed. We will be back shortly she said to her daughter and with a firm grip on my arm I was taken to the bedroom. Well the spanking was far from over, she had me over her lap, and the hairbrush was applied and boy did that hurt and I was kicking and squirming but not able to advoid the sting of the hairbrush. Once she finished I was taken back to the frontroom and told to face the wall. Since that spanking my girlfriend, now my wife has continued the family tradition. Her mom has been present a few times and commends her daughter how well she gives a spanking. Only different is that I'm told to get to the bedroom, have hands on head and naked and wait. I can be erect, she could care less, it is soon gone. So family tradition is how I enter this world.

  3. Just discovered your blog ! Wow !
    In my case I grew up living next door to my wife. In fact she was my babysitter. I should explain my wife is almost 5 years older than I. When I was 10 and she was 15 when she became my babysitter. I was an only child and both my parents were older. I was a total brat to put it mildly. It wasnt long before Lily began spanking me when I acted out. She was tough and I loved the attention and as I got older loved spankings, corner time and once even having my mouth washed out with soap. She moved away when I was 13 but I had already stored the memories of spankings as I discovered masturbation.

    Ten years later I had graduated from college and was living in so caifornia. My love of spanking by women had become enough of a fetish that i would pay a professional to discipline me a few times a month. But that wasnt
    ever really satisfactory. Then one night I went to a play and who was in the audience but Lily. She ws now a woman and a lovely woman. We chatted at intermission and made plans for a drink after the theatre.
    A month later i was bare bottomed over her knee and after with a beet red bottom standing in the corner bare assed and slacks around my ankles. That was the beginning... now ten years later I am a trained obedient husband forever learning my place.
    Lily's boy

  4. For the longest time, I was a closet wannabe-spankee.
    I got active on Fet, and began going to dungeon parties.
    In time, I met a Dominant female, who wanted a play partner at parties, someone who could and would take the beatings that she liked to dish out.
    Our first date at a dungeon was June 1, 2013.
    In mid July, we got engaged...with HER asking me, while we were at a spanking party.
    We got married, in mid September, and finally, moved into a house together on Oct 1.
    Our relationship is a mix of Mistress/slave and FLR-DD / Strict Wife.

  5. My wife is very vanilla. My first spanking was the result of making a bet where the loser got spanked, Needless to say, no way was I going to win that bet. The spanking was pretty mild but I was in heaven. After years of patience, I am now the recipient of weekly paddlings and our relationship has gone from the ragged edge of divorce to a comfortable acceptance of who we are and what we mean to each other. Best wishes to all who are struggling with their need. david

  6. I have to add that my wife is still pretty vanilla but she figured "if that's all it takes to keep the peace around here, drop those pants and hand me the paddle." She will never find spanking me erotic but has come to understand all the other benefits. david

  7. RELATIONSHIP! Guys, you are dealing with a woman and very few things are as important to them as relationships. Put this whole thing in terms of how it improves your relationship and you are half-way to getting spanked. The other half is having patience and rewarding any dominant behavior she shows. We started only last month and I get spankings at least twice a week and my wife wishes we had started this earlier in our marriage. Keep the kinky stuff to yourself, at least for now.

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