Monday, August 9, 2021

Sorry, but . . .

I warned you that my posting schedule might get looser than usual over the summer.  That's obviously turned out to be the case.  Anne and I got back safely from our little mini-vacation, but I now have some other things I'm trying to get done as the summer winds down, so I probably won't get to a post this week either.  There also hasn't been any DD action for us in several weeks, so I don't have much to report on and it hasn't been on my mind that much lately.  So, sorry for the long-ish summer pause.  I guess I should enjoy it now, since who knows what the fall is going to look like with respect to our ability to socialize and congregate, though I can't keep from seeing the whole thing as Darwin at work.

The summer really is winding down, isn't it?  We were in a mountainous area for our vacation, and I thought I detected hints of fall in the air. Then, when walking the dogs this morning I saw groups of kids plodding along to what must be their first day of school for the fall semester.  I distinctly remember that when I was growing up, summer vacation included the month of August.  Not anymore.  

Have a good week.  I will consider posting later this week if anything worth posting arises.

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