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The Forum - Vol. 197 - Females Spanked

I can no longer obey.  I have tasted command, and I cannot give it up.  - Napoleon Bonaparte

Hello all.  Welcome back to The Forum. Our weekly gathering of men and women who are in, or interested in being in, Domestic Discipline or FLR relationships.

Some of you may have seen a slightly different version of this week's post.  Blogger was doing some funky things with the fonts, and I couldn't figure out how to fix it, so I'm starting over.  I guess I can't gripe too much about a free tool.

As I said in the first version, I'm having another kind of uninspired week.  I think DD and FLR relationships, at least ones that are a work in progress (and aren't they all), all have their ebbs and flows.  We are kind of in an ebb right now.  Life is very busy for both of us.  I always travel a lot for business, and she also has been traveling a bit lately.  That always seems to impose a real headwind.  I also feel like I hit a saturation point on DD in general a few days ago.  Not practicing it, but thinking about it, blogging about it, engaging with trolls trying to post stupid, repetitive fantasies about it.  Honestly, I just sort of lost interest.  Today started that way.  I thought about taking a break, but decided to try to switch it up instead.

But, this week's topic is not about "switching" per se.  It's really the flipside of some of the discussions we've had about origins.  We've talked about whether the Disciplined Husbands in the group were spanked as kids and what influence that may have had on their interest in DD later in life.  Something we have not talked about, however, is whether our Disciplinary Wives were spanked as kids, or whether they witnessed spankings in the home, and whether those early experiences had any impact on their later interest in, or at least openness to, adult discipline and FLR.

So, ladies, how about it?

Were you yourself subject to some maternal discipline at home?
Were you yourself on the receiving end of some of Mom's "head of household" control and correction? In an aside that may or may not be interesting or telling, while I don't remember getting spanked very often myself as a boy, I do remember an older sister getting spanked, both at home . . .

and at school.  And, in our home, getting spanked at school definitely meant another at home.  How about for any of you ladies?  Spanked at school?  Spanked again at home?

Maybe you and a sibling were both subject to a spanking for some jointly engaged-in bad behavior? (Though I'm not sure that is what this drawing is meant to depict.)

 Maybe you witnessed a brother get one, or about to get one?

Or, maybe you were aware of F/m punishment and FLR earlier than some of us because you witnessed it at home or were aware it was going on?

What impact do you think these early spanking experiences had on your openness to giving a disciplinary spanking as an adult?  And, let's expand a bit beyond spanking.  How did the disciplinary environment you grew up in, whether including spanking or not, influence your interest in or openness to Domestic Discipline or Female Leadership?

I am glad that I did decide to blog this week instead of taking a break. As I went through the exercise, I felt the interest level rising a bit.  Some of it may be the visuals involved.  I sometimes struggle to find good drawings that illustrate a particular topic, but that is partially because there is such a dearth of good F/m art out there that depicts any real male vulnerability, fear, remorse, etc.  The ability to illustrate a topic with some good art opens up substantially if it involves females on the receiving end of the paddle.  

I hope you all have a great week.  As always, if you are new to this Forum, please stop by our Guestbook (see tab above) and tell us all a little about yourself and your DD or FLR relationship or aspirations.


  1. Being disciplined as a child probably made me more accepting of my role as a disciplinary wife. At high school I was caned on the hand and at home my parents disciplined me with a leather strap. I recall seeing my father with his hand inside his trousers while talking on the phone and this gave me a low tolerance for my husband's masturbation and when Jon S admitted his problem I decided that a chastity device and the strap would be regularly applied to keep my husband from misbehaving.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for contributing. Hope you will continue doing so.

      Wouldn't it be fascinating to know why men grab themselves while just hanging around doing nothing remotely sexual? I can't say I haven't been guilty of it, but I have no idea what purpose/drive it serves.

    2. Afraid you'll lose it perhaps?

    3. Seems as good an explanation as any! Also the same kind of comfortable feeling that comes from absentmindedly petting your dog.

  2. I came from a large family growing up. Mom spanked me and all my siblings, with her hand for minor incidents and when we were younger, with one of Dad's belts when we got older. I don't know whether her spankings made me more interested in spanking my husband, but I do think it made me comfortable with giving him hard spankings when he deserved them. Mom never held back when she felt a punishment had to be given to teach a lesson, and I don't either.

    1. Thanks, Anonymous. I can understand how it could work that way. I think many beginning Disciplinary Wives don't know "how hard is hard." If you have experienced it yourself from a stern parent, I'm sure it gives you some idea of how to go about doling it out.

  3. I had a couple of spankings growing up, and saw a boy cousin getting the belt from his dad. Did not have any sexual connotation. Was not something I wanted to do. I turned into a spanking wife only when my husband asked me to, and i did it for him, but NOW I love it and it turns me on.

    1. Hi Julie. I've been watching your efforts to get your husband's weight down. With interest and fear. Hope my wife is NOT reading it. :-)

    2. Is it OK to do a "shout out" to juliesp???? I just put 2 and 2 together realizing I read your AMAZING BLOG as well!!!!!!

  4. Hi Dan,
    I have read that being spanked makes you a better disciplinarian but that wasn't my experience. Although my mother often took the strap to my father I never saw it. But I did see my brothers punished many times and it left me convinced that males were easily controlled with a strap. When we were first married I never expected to discipline him using corporal punishment although I was in charge from our first date.Only after seeing my husband display many of the behaviors that got my father punished ( particularly temper and tantrums) ,did I decide to introduce him to the strap. Even then it was my mothers encouragement after hearing him call me a bitch something he had done before but I let go.The really funny thing about it is that I was completely oriented to using the strap and my mother even gave me one when I started. But it turns out my husband has a fetish for being spanked that way so these days I deal with him with my sorority paddle or a cane which definitely do not turn him on.

    1. Hi Holly. It's always good to hear from you. I hope you're doing well.

      I might be misunderstanding, but it sounds like you weren't spanked yourself, but you saw your brothers spanked and knew your mother spanked your father. It sounds like your experiences did make you more open to using DD in your own relationship?

      That is interesting that your husband has a fetish around a particular instrument, but not around others. I have thought a few times about hanging my wife's sorority paddle on the wall as a somewhat open reminder to both of us of her authority.

    2. Yes, they did. Although I was never spanked myself, seeing my brothers spanked made DD seem very natural when circumstances ( my husbands behavior) required it.Males who were trained at home are very manageable if you assert yourself. But if you don't those same men will try to run all over you. That is certainly what my husband did until I stopped it. When I did finally take a firm stand, he hardly protested convincing me he wanted a strict wife all along. But I don't think many women enter marriage expecting to need to discipline their husbands with corporal punishment. Time and experience can change that.My sorority paddle doesn't hang on the wall ( yet) but it is always near by at home and a pretty tangible symbol of my authority.That by the way is a fetish I approve of completely

    3. "But I don't think many women enter marriage expecting to need to discipline their husbands with corporal punishment." I doubt many of them even think about it as a possibility. I had zero awareness that anyone did it until stumbling across a website reference to it, and we had been married for a decade at that point. I obviously knew some adults engaged in spanking for sex play, but I had literally never heard about it being used to discipline adults. I think that was one reason that encountering it hit me so hard -- because it was totally new and unexpected.

      Thanks again for participating. We have only a handful of women participating who did, to one degree or another, initiate the disciplinary relationship. It's always great hearing about your experiences. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    4. Hanging the strap in a prominent location is an effective reminder of my wife's authority. It is like the school system where my teachers would keep a strap on a nail at one end of the blackboard. Being called to bring my chair to the front of the class and to bend over facing the class with my hands on the seat of my chair for a spanking was humiliating and my wife plays on this by keeping the tawse strap on a door knob.

    5. Jon S. Ah yes, that prominently hanging strap.

      As I write this little note from my own home office, a glance to my left shows me the strap she keeps "casually" laid across a chair. She wants it left there at all times.

  5. I was never spanked as a child (though I knew some of my friends were)... and I also knew that boys got spanked too, but it wasn't until - years later - I learned that my friend N. regularly spanked L. (her husband) and invited me to watch it. After N. died and L. and I married, it seemed only "natural" for me to continue treating him in the way to which he had long been accustomed :-)


  6. I believe the defining fact is the discipline that the wife received in childhood and teenager.

    The wife applies her experiences as a young at her wedding.

    To understand read this information:

    My wife discipline
    Average spank per year: 15
    implements: always
    Naked: Few times bare botton.
    Spank level: really hard
    Number of hits per spank: between 10/40
    Spank age: between 2 and 14
    In front others: 4 sisters (a lot collective spanks). baysister watched many times.

    My displine
    Spank average per year: 3
    implements: never
    Naked: bare botton.
    Spank level: light
    Number of hits per spank: between 10/20
    Spank age: between 3 and 14
    In front others: Never

    I did not have severe discipline but my wife was severely disciplined.
    My wife started disciplining me for 2 years and my wife applies concepts to the discipline she received from her parents

    Anyone have a similar situation?


  7. I think I mentioned this before.

    I was never spanked as a child, mostly because I was so well-bahaved. I saw nearly all my friends get a spanking every once in a while, and it was a deterrent for me.

    1. Hey Merry, so how exactly did you go from being a compliant child to someone who adopts the name Merry Contrary? Inquiring minds want to know!

    2. Because I'm really naughty, and I've been told I look so "proper" like "Sunday School Teacher" proper.


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