Monday, December 2, 2013

The Forum - Question of the Week #28

Hi all.  I'm sorry that I missed a couple of weeks without dropping a note in advance.  I took a couple of weeks off to get away. From work.  From the internet.  Breaks are a good thing now and then, even from blogging about the DD lifestyle.

For those readers in the United States, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

On to this week's question, which comes from  a reader suggestion:  Have you ever had someone witness a spanking you gave or received?  Or, have you ever witnessed someone else get a spanking?  If not, do you have desire to witness or be witnessed?  If so, did it turn out to be a good idea?  Were there any negative consequences?

Thanks for your thoughts on the matter.  As always, please take a moment to sign the Guestbook and tell us a little about yourself.  Or, give us a new entry if you have something new to say or a new experience to share.


  1. It was very embarrassing and humbling when I received a spanking in front of others. There was lots of scolding besides the spanking and I felt like a little boy afterward. And now I look forward to it.

  2. Several times I got spanked in front of others, the others however also being spankos.
    The lady spanked me rather hard so after a short while I paid more attention to my very sore butt than to the bystanders.
    I never felt humiliated, as a matter of fact I am proud of it, I accepted who and what I am.
    The people who watched me getting spanked never degraded me. However I think it is a great difference when you get spanked in front of spankos or vanilla person.
    However exciting it sounds, I am not a fan of getting spanked in front of people who are not into it is i.m.h.o. not a good thing. They don't understand and they might regard it shocking watching it.

  3. It was common growing up for mom to spank me in front of my friends or neighbors if I misbehaved.

    When my wife began spanking me at my request we did it in private for years but her best friend walked in one day during my spanking and since then my wife has no problem spanking me bare over her lap with her friend watching or having her there while I am bare in the corner after a spanking

  4. I believe I have posted here before that my wife's sister has now witnessed my wife paddling my bare behind on a number of occasions in the last couple of years or so. She had strongly suspected for a few years - having overheard a number of spanking remarks between my wife and I - as well as the constant presence of wooden brushes (even in both cars!). Finally, she happened to come over unannounced while my wife was paddling me in the bedroom one afternoon. We were not aware that she was in the house at the time but soon after that she and my wife had a few drinks - the sister confessed her eavesdropping - and the truth came out. Soon after that, my wife starting spanking me with her sister in the house. She would take me to the bedroom and not close the door - so she could hear everything. The third time, she walked back to the open door and watched. On the next occasion, we were all watching a movie in the den and I got a little too critical of the movie. My wife sent me to fetch the paddle and paddled me on the couch with my legs across the sister's lap. There have been a number of other occasions since then, and my wife has already said that she has now given her sister permission to paddle me if I misbehave around her when she is not home. I am sure that it is just a matter of time. --Al

  5. I have witnessed two spankings separated by quite a few years both administered by women in DD relationships. The first was planned when my then girlfriend asked her sister to demonstrate spanking technique with her husband. This was pre internet and we had decided to introduce spanking into our relationship but were clueless about how to actually do it. My girlfriend’s sister had been in a spanking relationship for many years and offered to teach us. Looking back it was a pretty mild spanking, bare bottom but mostly hand with some brush and lots of corner time in the middle and at the end. But I learned a lot about ritual and submission which is what my girlfriend was aiming for. Sometime later I learned the actual spanking was dialed down so I wouldn’t be too shocked. Apparently her brother in law was actually spanked pretty hard most of the time but I never saw that. The other spanking witnessed was much more real and spontaneous and was more recent. My wife and I were drinking beer on our deck with another couple we knew to have a DD relationship but aside from a few comments we didn’t know how it worked with them. I thought it was more erotic than disciplinary but was wrong. Her husband probably feeling the beer was disrespectful all night to her and to my wife taunting both of them. I think he was trying to set himself up for a good boy spanking later at home but it didn’t work out that way. Exasperated with him after several warnings she leaned over whispered something to my wife than grabbed him by the ear dragging him off the deck into our kitchen. My wife just smiled and said we were invited too and feeling a little bit uncomfortable I followed her into the kitchen where he was already bending over the island with his pants down and his bottom stuck out. His wife was using a small paddle she had in her purse but my wife told her to wait while she ran upstairs to retrieve a medium sized paddle she used on me in about the same location. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or he wasn’t used to being paddled but he began to cry almost immediately. It was embarrassing to see and I actually went back out onto the deck until she finished (my wife stayed in all the way through). Afterward she took him out to their car and came back to finish her drink and apologize for what happened. My wife loved it but it took me a few days to take it all in because it happened so fast. We drank with them several more times. All three of us teased him about it more than once and he pretty good naturedly took it. But he never came close to repeating his performance of that night. I don’t think he ever thought she would spank him in front of us but she did and he would have been a fool to think she wouldn’t act again if provoked as she was that night.

  6. Hi Hank
    Don’t want to rain on your parade but chances are high her girlfriends have told their husbands already assuming they believe her and if they have seen you doing corner time they certainly believe her. Even if they disapprove of your wife disciplining you and that seems unlikely if they ask about it, most wives or intimate partners will share an experience like that. If you are a spanked husband probably more people know about it than you imagine. That’s not a bad thing. If you believe in the life style you should be proud that your wife disciplines you and before it becomes widely accepted more “ vanillas” need to know there are a lot of naughty boys out there regularly put over their wife’s or girlfriends lap and reminded bad behavior has consequences

  7. As a general rule, my wife prefers to wait until she can administer a spanking in private. Her concern is based on how others might react. She does not want them to view me as weak.

    Of course, most general rules have exceptions. When she had an out of town college friend stay with us for about ten days, she decided that waiting for privacy would be an excessive delay. She told her friend that she needed to take me upstairs and spank me. Knowing her friend could hear added an element of humiliation to the physical pain. Later that week, I was late picking them up from shopping because I lost track of time watching sports. My wife announced on the way home that I would be getting a spanking which was no surprise. It was a surprise when she did it in the family room in front of her friend. She explained that since her friend was just as inconvenienced, she was entitled to witness the consequence. That spanking was much more memorable as a result.

  8. I have been spanked in front of others many times since I was younger. At first it was a humiliating and embarrassing experience. Now I find it very arousing.

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  10. I was spanked by my mother until I was 17. When I was 14 she spanked me in the kitchen after making me strip completely, while she had me over her knee, my aunt and her daughter , my 12 year old cousin walked in. My aunt excused themselves and started to leave, but my mom told them to come on in and have a seat. She continued to give me another 20 swats and explained as to why I was being punished. She then had me stand in the corner bent over with hands on head and legs spread about shoulder length. This exposed everything pretty good and with all on display my mom and aunt had their mourning coffee. My little cousin giggled a lot and later teased me a lot. Still does from time to time.

  11. I to was spanked in front of my aunt and her teenage daughter when I was 18. all enjoyed the spectacle as I bawled like a bib baby


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