Monday, December 2, 2013

Disciplinary Wives Club status?

Does anyone know whether the Disciplinary Wives Club is finally gone for good?  It was replaced a couple of weeks ago with a notice saying its registration had expired.  As many of you know, I credit that website for getting my wife and I started in DD, and I know many others have had the same experience.  I hope it has not been taken down permanently, but the last time this happened it was down for only a day or two.  It has now been gone at least two weeks.


  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Aunt Kay and Jerry in 2003, while I was in San Jose. They were lovely. I didn't agree with everything the site did, as personally I felt it could have benefited from being more focused on the lifestyle as a support to relationships, and less on the fun side of spanking (only because there is so much of that). I say this because I think if it had been more vanilla/mainstream it would have attracted much more wives and girl friends, who could then have supported it more. It still lay too much in the realm of men's fantasies - I felt. To back up that point, I think the acid test is, would you direct your friends/wife/mother there, if they were not already Fm DD aware? For me, the answer was no. So if it does come back or something replaces it, I hope that something is more vanilla/mainstream.

    While on the subject of lost websites. Does anyone know what happened to a long since gone treasure that had a great female led forum.




    The whole site


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