Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Forum - Question of the Week

Welcome back.  "Back to School" season is upon us.  All across the nation, daughters and sons are leaving for college. Sometimes there is a younger sibling or siblings left behind, but sometimes the departure yields an "empty nest."  And, Mom and Dad and into domestic discipline, perhaps for the first time in years there is real privacy.  Real flexibility regarding time and place for DD activities.

So, this is a question for the older domestic discipline practitioners among us.  What impact did the children leaving your home have on your DD relationship?  Did spankings become more frequent?  Did a previously timid spouse suddenly step fully into the role of HoH or disciplinarian?  Tell us all about the changes.

And, as always, please take a moment to leave some comments in the Guestbook.  I have changed its format a bit, including adding a question soliciting topics for future Forums.  I look forward to hearing from y'all.


  1. The children moving out of home definitely changed our d/d relationship. The changes were gradual. It seemed to really free my wife up more. The spankings were always relatively brief when there was a possibility of being disturbed by the children. My wife instigates the spankings much more often now. She is very much into role play and she really enjoys administering very sound otk bare bottom hairbrush spankings. Of course I enjoy receiving them. Her favourite role is the strict female boss who finds fault in my work. She will then lecture me as she orders me to undress and get over her knee. She insists that the spanking can only cease when my bottom is completely bright red. When the kids lived at home all the spankings were in our bedroom. Since we have been empty nesters I have been spanked in every room in the house as well as the garage and on the back verandah. My wife has purchased numerous hairbrushes, paddles, canes, straps. She has a small paddle in the kitchen which I often get to feel the sting of if I'm cheeky. She will tell me to assume the position, which means bending forward and gripping the kitchen benchtop. She will then pull my pants down and usually apply about 6 very firm strokes of the paddle on my bare bottom. My wife has also become somewhat of a spanking blog fan and she has brought numerous ideas into our d/d relationship from her blog reading. Most have added more fun to our d/d relationship. However, one fact that she has discovered which I wish she hadn't is to do with punishment spankings. On the occasions that my wife decides that a punishment spanking is warranted she now insists that I masturbate and come before the spanking. She had learnt from her blog reading that the spanking would be much more effective. Consequently, my behaviour has improved greatly because the last punishment spanking left me crying like a baby with a crimson bottom and in need of a pillow to sit on at the dining table that night. We love our kids but I must say that our d/d relationship has reached new heights since we've had the house to ourselves

  2. Yes, when the children all left, my wife was much more open to our WLM.

  3. Yes the FLR stepped up a gear or two when the children left the nest. It was easier to be more continually submissive and spankings and canings were quicker, harder and more frequent. We went into a lull recently but now we are out of that and back in the swing.

  4. We didn't get into spanking until later in life after the nest was empty. It was something I asked for and although she felt I was nuts she went along with it. Those were more erotic spanking. Then the day came were I really upset her, and I told her I was sorry and felt I deserved a real punishment spanking with her picking the implement(s) and the duration of the spanking. She agreed and had me lay on the bed with a pillow under my hips. She used the wooden spoon, the hair brush and the belt. She really got into it and gave it to me good. I was still tender 2 days later. Now she is more into it and I get many more punishment than before.
    arched one

  5. Our disciplinary arrangement began with our kids were teens living at home. In fact, it began on a weekend when they were both away at church camp - giving us some rare privacy, that led to talk of fantasies - that led to my bottom being well blistered by the times kids came back from camp on Sunday night. With teens living at home, some planning was necessary of course. I got switched quite a bit since the kids could't hear that - and I got a sock put in my mouth more than once when I started to yelp. And, of course, since the kids were teens, they were gone quite a bit which gave us some privacy - although we had to be careful they did not come back unexpectedly and hear the sounds of the hairbrush on my bare behind echoing through the house - not too mention the sounds I was making. We also had a private office available to use after 5PM everyday which was only a few minutes away - that was the trip to the woodshed. I got lots of paddlings on the couch in that office. My wife still has a hairbrush stashed in the closet there. Now that the kids are off to college and such, spanking is an even more regular part of our lives - since it can be much more spontaneous and happen right then and there with no need for a "silent switch" or a "trip to the office" - no planning necessary. --Al

  6. Our kids are not out of the nest yet but when they leave for camp during the summer or they are all out of the house the spankings become more regular.

    We are a younger couple with younger kids so spanking due mainly to noise is limited. But this year was the first year all of our kids were in school.

    There have been several occasions when something has happened and a spanking has been warranted but could not be administered on the spot. I have been called home from work mid day and punished.

    One particular case was yesterday. My wife has an odd sense of humor/direction and she instructed me to research and present to her several options to purchase that she could use. After research she choose a 12" cane-iac wood paddle with holes. Yesterday was the first time it was applied to my rear end. 25 smacks on my rear end. Luckily she does not administer my spankings on my bare rear end but even over my underwear it stung like the devil.

    My rear end is still sore as I type this comment.

  7. While the intensity and frequency of my spankings has increased since the kids left, they knew mom was in charge when they still lived at home. My wife was the disciplinarian in the household when the kids were growing up, and they realized that when dad screwed up, he was also punished! I know the kids heard my spankings, and on occasion, they saw me getting one, not often, but they did. It kind of bonded me to the kids in a way that most other fathers miss out on. We now have three grandkids, and they know grams is in charge. I'm sure by now they've heard me being spanked.

    Am I embarrassed? Not really. Spanking has been such a part of our lives together as a family, that It's just a fact of life for us.


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