Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Forum - Question of the Week

Welcome.  As one reader noted, Aunt Kay at the Disciplinary Wives Club has posted a note on the website contemplating its future.  Many of us first heard about domestic discipline through DWC.  So, this week's question is: What role, if any, has the DWC played in inspiring your DD relationship?  Are there other resources that have had an important role in inspiring or helping you establish a DD lifestyle?

One comment from me on this one.  DWC was the entire impetus for my wife's and my exploration of DD in our marriage.  I did try to reach out to Aunt Kay on this question of the DWC's future, but did not get a reply. 


  1. Wife in Charge, major impact on our lifestyle. My husband is like all men, little boys at times, I found this blog, read, heard about other couples. I have been in charge for a good two years, spankings have helped, he is learning, but have been reminded it takes time and so I have time, a good lap, and a nice hairbrush.

  2. The DWC played a significant role for my wife and I also. As I explored the early Web - looking for sites related to F/M discipline - I soon came across the DWC site, and it became a touchstone for me because their approach mostly closely represented what I thought a disciplinary F/M marriage should be like. When that unexpected moment came that my wife finally showed an interest in the secret fantasy that I revealed to her over a bottle of wine one night, it was the DWC site that sold her on the concept and instructed her on how to effectively spank a husband. We were even briefly in a closed Yahoo Group with Aunt Kay and other "verified" couples, and my wife and I spoke with Kay on the phone a couple of times. So, my wife and I certainly extend our gratitude to Kay and Jerry for all their work over the years. --Al

  3. Oh, and just on a side note, I know that some use F/m (small "m") to indicate that the male is the sub.
    I use F/M because in the spanking story nomenclature developed on the old Usenet spanking newsgroups (mostly pre-Web), F/M indicated that an adult female spanked and adult male. Whereas F/m would indicate and adult female spanking a child male (usually teen or adolescent). Caps were for adults, lowercase for minors. --Al

  4. I had been interested in spanking long before my wife gave me my first. The main site I went to was DWC and it was something I felt I would love to have with my wife. Sad to say she won't look at any spanking sites, but does give me the spankings I want and also deserve. Kay has a wonderful site.
    arched one


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