Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Forum: Question of the Week

Good morning.  I hope you all had a good week and are enjoying the start of the weekend.  

Here is this week's question:  If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about your DD relationship, what would it be?  Is there something you would like your partner to do more?  Less?  Differently? Is there something you would like to do differently your self?

For us, this TTWD is always a work in progress.  The "one thing" I would change is the thing we are always working on in one way or another:  taking away my control and increasing hers.   That is really it.  I would like her to take more consistent control over me and exercise her authority more rigorously and consistently.  

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  1. If I could change one thing. The day I was 18 I wish she would have taken me by the hand to lead me into my adult life. So many years of looking to find her.

  2. I wish she would dress up domme fashion a little more often.

  3. The one thing that I would like to see is her initiating sex more often. As part of our DD relationship, I have to be careful not to initiate too often or too forcefully. If I go without for an extended length of time, I feel like I am begging her for release. She determines if and when I get my relief – masturbating without permission violates her #1 rule and the consequences are severe. It’s a fine line and sometimes with busy schedules and all we go long periods without connecting. The buildup for me causes frustration and I can get aggravated – which can bring on her disciplining me for improper behavior.

  4. I would like her to take the initiative more often. I like it when she sets the stage for my spanking, as she did this past weekend. My sore butt stayed with me until just yesterday when it finally faded to a memory. How I love being over her knee!

  5. This is somewhat off topic - but in the intro to this question the acronym "TTWD" was used. I've seen it before "this thing we do" but don't use it myself and never thought much about it. However, it occurred to me that it really is a very apt phrase - because it is a "thing" we do - which to me somewhat implies that is not easily definable or understandable - that much seems certain. Sometimes, I still ask myself why I find it so satisfying to get put over my wife's lap for a bare bottom hairbrushing that sets my ass on fire and has me begging for mercy long before the paddling is actually over - finally reducing me to sobs and leaving with a well reddend bottom to tender to sit on. This thing we do - indeed.


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