Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Forum - Question of the Week #19

Wow!  Great response to last week's question.  Either this blog is getting a little momentum and expanded readership, or something about that topic struck a note, or both.  In any event, I was surprised and delighted to see the number of responses.

This week's question extends from one of last week's comments.  Anonymous wrote:

"When I was 15 my older brother,who was 16, got caught by my dad smoking grass. It happened on a saturday night in our garage. My dad didn't do anything but told my brother that he would be punished severely until he had some sense knocked into him. He made my brother wait until the following friday after dinner.

As my younger brother and i had dessert my older brother and dad went downstairs in the basement to my dads workroom. Through the vents we could hear the swats of my dad's thick black belt landing on what we all knew was his bare bottom. Only when my brother was sobbing and begging to be forgiven and swearing he would never touch grass again did my dad stop.

A few minutes later Dad came up had his dessert and as Mom cleared the dishes my younger brother and I were brought down to the workroom where my brother bare assed was still bent over a work bench. His ass was raw. Dad told us to look and learn and we were then sent to our rooms. I don't know why but i was so aroused by it all."

 My question is, what IS the reason behind the arousal we get from spanking as a punishment, whether receiving it, giving it, or watching it?  Other than the nudity (and that is not a necessary component), there is nothing patently sexual about it.  Sex is one of the most pleasurable things we do as human beings.  Punishment is supposed to serve the exact opposite purpose.  So, why the arousal?"


  1. I think for many men, the arousal may come from a combination of factors. There's the inherent submission factor which some men may find arousing. They are turned on by the woman being in charge and taking a dominant role. The baring of one's behind can be humiliating and some men are likely excited knowing that woman is clothed while they are not, even if there's no chance of sexual activity following the punishment.

    Personally, my excitement is more around the anticipation; the actual spanking itself is anything but arousing and any hint of excitement quickly fades once over the lap and bearing the pain of paddle/hand/hairbrush meeting bare bottom. If my wife informs me early in the day that I've got a trip over her lap waiting when I come home, I'm on edge all day.

    On the other hand, if I do something that merits immediate correction, there's no real time to contemplate what's coming, thus very little if any excitement. The pants come down quickly and the punishment starts immediately. No time for anticipation and excitement.

  2. I couldn't say why, so much, but the arousal factor is consistent with me. The possibility of being spanked under certain circumstances (as a boy) or the possibility of watching or somehow witnessing a spanking both give me an erection. Go figure.

  3. I agree with Smuccatelli. I get aroused by the anticipation of a spanking as well as reading and writing spanking fiction. If my wife texts me at work that I am to be spanked that night, yeah arousal happens.

  4. Spanking is erotic and arousing because the bottom is an erogenous zone, much like the breast or genital area. the nerve endings are below the surface and require a little more effort (smacking) to excite. Another factor is the erotic nature of submission and surrender.

  5. I've never fully understood why I'm so fascinated with being punished - or seeing others punished. My fascination goes back to my schooldays when I had an absolute fear of the cane.

    As I understand it, there is some kind of connection between fear and sexual arousal, in as much as the two trigger adrenaline and certain things happen within the body (increased breathing rate, a state of heightened awareness etc). Perhaps it's where the term being scared stiff comes from (lol!).

    I also think that I have a naturally submissive nature and derive pleasure from being under the spell of a powerful lady - powerful as in strength of character and dominant in attitude, rather than physically strong.

    The act of submission, of being controlled, is a delicious release from the everyday work routine of having to be in control.

    But like others commenting here, the fear and submission might trigger arousal - as might seeing someone else suffering during punishment - but for me there's nothing enjoyable about receiving real punishment

  6. When I was a teenager I was frequently caned and bare bottom
    slippered by my mother which I did not find at all arousing,but when she caught me taking money from her purse,she had a broken wrist which meant she couldn't cane me.She spoke to her sister,who agreed to punish me by proxy.On Friday she collected me from home and took me to her house,and told me I was going to get a severe caning.I was told to take all my clothes off and to bend over the back of a dining room chair with my hands on the seat,she then told me I was to get 50 strokes of the cane,which she delivered with a great deal of enthusiasm,leaving me in floods of tears.However,I found the experience quite arousing and. Developed an erection,which my aunt noticed on my standing up.She said I was a dirty little boy and after 30 minutes stood with my hands on my head,I would get a prolonged spanking with a slipper over her knee.I was given a long beating with the slipper,until I was in tears again,before being told to get dressed,and taken back home,when my mother thanked my aunt before sending me to bed.
    Would like to know if anyone else has been spanked by proxy,and how they felt about it.Nunn

  7. Its the anticipation for me too. I want to hear the "spanking talk" before hand or texts. Watching spanking videos that are F/M or F/m or F/F are turn-ons. As a youngster if a woman said the word, spanking or over my knee, I would have chills up and down my spine. Seeing spanking cartoons or articles did the same thing. The video "Spanked by the Babysitter" is one where spanking talk is use throughout. That is what I crave from my wife before her spanking me. Also bare legs or more so legs in stockings or pantyhose with heels are the tops. Anything over her knee is what I like. Before puberty is was just a tingling feeling I got from all this then it became a sexual turn-on. It doesn't always lead to a sexual encounter but reliving it in my mind over the next couple of days is a thrill for me.

  8. Yrs ago my brother and I would get paddled in our bedroom--My brother and I were close he was a great older brother and still my best friend--If i saw him get paddled bare I felt sorry for him til he really grew big and strong in teens--after that when he got paddled bare I got aroused I think cause he was bigger and stronger than dad but still took it lik a kid---I did not got aroused when I still got it in high school--I have not seen anyone get it bare since--I bet if I saw him get his bare ass spanked today it would hav the same effect---I think it had to do with his physical size and strengh-when he still got it bare assed---but I am not sure--I saw him naked very day and I was not aroused---a bare assd paddling was a turn on

  9. Our family had no any "double standard". Parents considered we both, brother and me, have to get equal punishment. It was always barebottomed spanking in living room despite our age. We both got until HS graduation.

  10. I was spanked on the bare as a child by my mother for bratty behaviour. She would use a hand, fly swatter and or a yard stick. At the time I would resist and detest the pain of it, but afterwards I found the burning sensation to be pleasant and comforting. I think I considered the act a manifestation of love on her part. I always found myself craving that feeling again some hours later.
    Fortunately my girlfriend is good enough to spank me as well. She uses a strap, a riding crop and a paddle mostly. Her expertise is such that though painful it is not over my pain thresh hold. I am often erect thinking about her spankings and I love her much more because of it.


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