Friday, June 12, 2015

One Week Hiatus

Hello all.  I have some things I need to take care of this weekend and probably won't be near a computer to do a topic posting.  So, the blog will take a break for a week.  That will also give everyone some additional time to answer last week's topic, given that lots of people posted but few actually on topic.  :-)

Have a good weekend.



  1. Taking a break is good. Try to enjoy!

  2. Both Peter and I hope you make time for yourself.


  3. I think the topic is a very good one, even if it did take a couple of weeks before I posted an answer. Enjoy your break. Back on topic:

    One of my favorite parts played by a woman as a leader was Maud Adams, who played Octopussy, a villain and James Bond's primary adversary in the James Bond film of that name. In the beginning, Octopussy was an international jewel thief and murderer – but more importantly she was the leader of a group of female acrobats and henchmen (henchwomen?) that lived together with her on an island and who assisted Octopussy in her crimes. Octopussy, and her band of female acrobats later assist bond in battling Kamal Khan, a man and originally one of Octopussy's subordinates, who goes rogue.

    Interestingly, at first, it seems that Kamal is the leader and Octopussy is his accomplice. As the story proceeds, it is clear that Octopussy is the leader and Kamal is her assistant. One of the best quotes from the movie is Kamal, speaking to Octopussy, “A 'no' from you has little chance of becoming a 'yes'.”

    A memorable scene is her leaving the hotel room after spending the night with Bond by jumping over a second story balcony after tying off a scarf that she had wrapped around her body as a dress, and slowly untwisting, and undressing, as she lowered herself to the ground below. For a brief period, she was standing in her bra and panties, and then she was wrapped up by Kamal and they left in his car. She stole a Fabergé egg from Bond during her escape.

    In real life Maud Adams is a truly beautiful woman with a deep and sultry voice. All though many of the James Bond Films have silly story lines, and this one was no different, the action and the villains always make the Bond movies memorable. Octopussy was no different, but Octopussy was especially memorable to me because of Maud Adams.

  4. "That will also give everyone some additional time to answer last week's topic, given that lots of people posted but few actually on topic. :-)"

    I feel like Dan just gave me a scolding. Sorry if I derailed things. :)

    My only encounter with f/m dominance in movies was when I heard a whipping sound on an airplane out of my sisters' headphones; I glanced over at the movie she was watching; a woman was whipping a man. Being my bashful self I quickly glanced away and pretended I didn't see it. I know, not very helpful, as I have no idea what the movie was...

    - Rob

    1. In that situation I would be less interested in the movie than the fact that my sister was watching an F/M film and in a fairly public site. That would have been a conversation

    2. No scolding intended. I'm sure the lack of on-point responses had more to do with the lack of F/m themed book and movie content than with lack of interest in the topic.

    3. Alan, I don't know if it was an 'f/m film', whatever on earth that is. Just that there happened to be one scene that contained that.

      Dan, You are correct. I'm sure we all wish we could divulge interesting scenarios.

      Incidentally, a connection was just made by my brain: why there seems to be a slight leaning toward 'alpha males' among the community of men who identify as presently submitting or wishing to submit to a woman.

      I think it's because the 'alpha female' who can tame such a male is the sort of woman who wouldn't show interest in a beta. It isn't meaningful if she dominates someone easy to dominate. That doesn't get her attention.

      Nor does the 'beta female' get the alpha's attention, except maybe as a last resort or cheap distraction.

      Now that I spell it out it sounds like something obvious. Duuuh.

      There is no contradiction--those who identify as alpha, -are-. But it's a relative thing, not an absolute. There's a hierarchy, you aren't king of the jungle in every scenario (presumably), even when not taking ones love life into account. Being 'alpha' is just a tendency, a sense of where one fits into the world and where one typically fits into given situations.

      For those who are with a woman who meets your needs (I'm not one of them--and I'd trade enlightenment for fulfillment any day), did you approach the woman with supplicating, courtship behaviour or swaggering, showing off behaviour?

      Maybe both?

      Maybe you attempted one mode and were reeled into the other?

      I'm curious. Also curious if any of you have any history of chasing women or casual sex, or whether you viewed that behaviour as beneath you.

      I do think Dan was right all along--balancing -is- the process at work.

      - Rob

  5. Ok, ok, I've got one, although it's not dominance at all, but I think you'll agree with me that it has the sense of female-worship (although the scene involves far more than that). The ending of 'Planes, trains and automobiles', where he grips his hat at the sight of the other guy's wife (check it on youtube).

    Honestly I think we'd turn up a heck of a lot more examples if we knew how to look for the subtle signs.

    - Rob

  6. Mmm! Alpha males!

    The mere fact that Shilo is alpha but chose to submit to me was a HUGE turn-on for me. I'm not too wild about the "bad boy" types, choosing instead to be with the "nice guy," but I think it's based more upon my level of maturity. Yes, I love watching bad boys in action, and they get me hot, but I want all the goodies a nice guy provides, especially commitment and stability, besides, in every good guy is a bad boy straining to get out, and I like to give him a controlled release.


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