Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Blog Recommendation


It is a little depressing how few blogs there are out there that explore DD themes from the female perspective in the context of a F/m DD or FLR relationship.  For years, the Disciplinary Wives Club was about it.  There are plenty of blogs out there serving the Femdom community, a few FLR blogs though damn few authored by women, and very few that explore both FLR and DD, particularly within the context of real relationships.

But, one of our more recent commenters, Rhiannon, has a wonderful new blog that I hope you all will explore.  You will find a link on my sidebar to Learing and Living an FLR.  It is entertaining, incredibly intelligent and has, in its very short existence, raised a plethora of interesting relationship questions and issues.  I encourage all of you to drop by and say "hi," and welcom Rhiannon to the DD blogger community.



  1. I concur completely Dan. In fact, I posted a similar recommendation on my about Rhiannon's blog yesterday for the very same reasons that espoused here. hey all of you FLR/FLM fans, listen to Dan and go check our blog. You'll be glad you did.

  2. Thanks!!! Appreciate the support for sure.


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