Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Forum: Question of the Week

Hello everyone.  Thank you for the great responses to the last few questions here at the Forum.

This week's question is about the roles we play in "real life"--particularly at particularly at work--versus in our domestic discipline relationships or fantasies.  To what extent are your respective roles, or the inner drives you follow, consistent?  Are you naturally dominant in the workplace but yearn to be dominated by your partner?  Conversely, are you shy and submissive at work and in your day-to-day life but love to exercise control over your partner in the bedroom?  Or, are your roles wholly consistent from situation to situation, whether submissive both at work in and in your personal relationships or an unmitigated Alpha in all aspects of your life?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. My wife and I are like the previous comment by D. Hubby. Our gender roles are much the same. I outgoing and my wife is more reserved. I look issues in the eye and my wife retreats sometimes from issues. Our life at home is different, she disciplines me and I love it and look forward to it. It is hard because we have children in the house so our times aren't planned. She doesn't hesitate to take charge of me and I usually on the receiving end, like it but not at the moment. It was hard at first for her to take charge but she grew into the role as the time has gone by. When we are alone I know I will be getting spanked for whatever has occurred since the last spanking. Sometimes its daily or weeks in between spankings. She loves putting me over her knee and spanking me hard. The more I yell the more satisfied she is. For me it's losing control. I am a control person, I do things for a reason. Laying over her knee I don't have any control over the situation. I am at her mercy. I love it but not at the moment. Afterwards I feel loved, relieved, affirmed and whole again. This desire to be spanked has been with me my whole life, it's a part of who I am and my wife understands this and provides the discipline I need.

  2. In the 'real world' I'm a senior executive in a multi-national corporation and my wife is a very gentle soul and a successful artist. She has always treated my discipline as something special and has always been creative with the role plays. She knows that I like her to adopt an assertive tone which is very far removed from her normal soft voice. She began spanking me because she knew that I liked it but over the years she has really warmed to the task of warming my bare bottom. She is always surprising me with new implements (hairbrushes, paddles, etc), new role plays (with appropriate attire) and spontaneous timing which creates a real aliveness and excitement in our relationship. She will quite often tease me with text messages or emails telling me how she intends to punish me as she knows how much I enjoy the feeling of anticipation of an impending spanking. In the early days she was a rather gentle spanker however now she spanks, paddles, straps and canes my bottom very soundly and only stops when my bottom is bright red and I'm vowing that I'll behave from now on. I feel incredibly fortunate to have a wife that enjoys giving me the spankings that I yearn and deserve.

  3. At the time that we incorporated DD into our lifestyle, our work roles were similar to what the above posters describe. I was ambitious in my career which, in that company, meant taking a supervisory job. I discovered that I didn't like the stress of managing other people. My wife was content to be a worker-bee.

    What is interesting is how our work lives evolved later. Maybe it is related to our home roles, maybe not. I was very happy when I got the chance to move into a job that had status without supervising others. My wife's company pressured her to take a supervisory job even though she didn't really want it. Once in the job, she was a natural. Even though she is always respectful and friendly, she expects a lot of her people. Her section is always a top performer. Even though she works her people hard, people in other sections are always trying to get transferred into her section. Of course, she cannot spank her employees. Sometimes, when she gets home, we role-play what she wishes she could do to them. If she could do it, I'm sure they would perform even better.

  4. I'm a supervisor at work. I am in no way submissive although I'm not overbearing either. At home we are pretty much equal with me probably being a little more dominant except for spanking. I love being spanked and my wife is not shy about laying it on when needed.

  5. In the real world I am an engineer. I am in control of the design and thus have to be somewhat dominant in my personality, however at home I am a full submissive to my wife

  6. I'm in senior management with a major corporation - I got there by being very alpha when I was young (and long hours, hard work, etc of course). Being able to be submissive at home in a very real way is an important release from the pressures at work. ---Al

  7. With me I am definitly alpha...except for spanking. Hubby commented on his wife being assertive....mine is not except as the spanker. She is an assertive spanker. I am spanked when and how She decides, from just for fun to disispline. One of the things I love/hate is being disiplined when I really do not think I DESERVE to be...that is my submission. She loves to spank but for quite a while I do not think She actually liked punishing me but after a while, as She grew more assertive, then I think She grew into the role of disiplinarian and made sure I am disiplined thoroughly.

  8. Same as others , i have strong carácter , but love my wife spanking me . unfortunately we cant find others like us here in our country , we also have a child so sometimes is difficult.

    1. Thankfully, with the internet, your interests do not need to be bound by your geography. Welcome.


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