Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Forum - Question of the Week

Hi All.  I hope all the U.S.-based readers had a good Independence Day holiday.

Before getting to this week's question, I would encourage you to read last week's contributions if you have not done so already.  While the volume of responses may have been relatively light, a couple of them were, in my opinion,  very hot!  I loved one of the postings about a workplace spanking.  That one definitely merits its own topic at some point in the future.

Now, for this week's question: Have you ever had to hide the markings left from a spanking or had someone see the results? Maybe you had to hide while showering in they gym?  Make up a lie when visiting your doctor?  Tell us all about one of those embarrassing moments or something you had to do to avoid detection!


  1. The one guaranteed spanking break I get each year is the week before my annual physical - although I have been warned not to push it or I might find myself presenting a marked behind to my female doctor. At the gym, I leave my underwear on when changing and shower when I get home - as my bottom is marked to some degree as often as not.

  2. My wife has completely the opposite view on this.I am not exempt from being spanked,whether it is a doctor's appointment,or a beach Holiday.In fact if I have been caned on holiday,which I frequently am,I have to wear skimpy Speedos,much to the amusement of other people on the beach,as they do little to conceal the bruises and stripes,that my wife expertly produces.


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