Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Forum: Question of the Week

Hi all.  Sorry for missing a week there.  Life got a little busy.  This week's question is about submission or, my preferred term, surrender.  In my experience, many males who are into the submissive role in a D/d relationships are high-achieving, Type A, personalities in their day-to-day lives.  We seem to seek out the comfort of yielding up some of that control and drive to our partners. Am I right about this?  Is that the experience of others who are into D/d?  Is yielding control, surrendering yourself to someone else, part of the attraction?  How about for the dominant D/d partner?  Are you dominant in your day-to-day life? 

As always, I'm hoping for participation from the F/m DD crowd, but all responses are welcome.  Please also take a moment to put something in the Guestbook. 


  1. up control to your partner and not having to do anything but what you are told to do is a very big part of it

  2. I hold a senior position in a large corporation with a lots of stress and responsibility. To be submissive with my beautiful lady is incredibly enjoyable and really creates a balance in my life. She is an artist and very creative with my discipline. I arrived home stressed last week. We had some dinner and wine. She then ordered me to drive her to her studio as she wanted me to see some new paintings. As I was looking at the paintings I noticed she was positioning a chair into the middle of the studio and then removed a hairbrush from her purse. She then ordered me to drop my jeans to my ankles and to get over her knee. She then built the anticipation by chastising me for all my brattish behaviour and disobedience to her strict instructions for the past week. She then administered a half hour spanking alternating between hand and hairbrush. My bottom was glowing bright red by the time I was ordered to stand up. She then ordered me to gone down on her which I willing did and noticed that as usual she was already very wet from giving me a spanking. She was so aroused from spanking on this occasion that she came very quickly. She then ordered me to drive her home and suggested that if I behaved myself I just might get to have sex when we get home. I find it very satisfying that my lady calls the shots. I look forward to her next creative D/d adventure.


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