Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Forum - Question of the Week

This week's question is about inspiration.  Who or what first inspired you to explore, or wish for, a domestic discipline relationship?  Was it a particular experience in your life?  Someone you know or were in a relationship with asked you to try it?  Was there a particular website or blog that caught your attention?

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  1. To get the ball rolling, in my own case, the Disciplinary Wives Club served as the most important single inspiration. I do not recall how I stumbled across it, but once I did, I knew this was something I needed to explore. The posted picture above is my tribute to Aunt Kay and the DWC.

  2. It all started for me around the age of 11. My parents had my neighbour's 16 year old daughter babysit me when they went out. This was the mid 1960's and the 16 year old girl was very pretty and wore mini skirts. She warned me soon after my parents left that if I misbehaved she intended to give me a spanking. Naturally I misbehaved and got a very sound over the knee bare bottom spanking. From that time on I wanted to find women who would be willing to give me a good bare bottom spanking. My neighbour and a girlfriend of hers administered several spankings that summer. In my teens I tried to find girl friends who would spank me. Some did and some wouldn't. Every time I saw a spanking scene in a movie or a TV show I would get a yearning to be spanked. When holidaying one year at the age of 16 I ran into my sixth grade teacher. We got to talking and I shared with her that I had always thought that I had probably deserved to be spanked on many occasions during that year. She had threatened to spank me but never did much to my disappointment. She suggested that if I came back to her holiday unit she would fulfil my wish. She sat on the lounge and told me lower my jeans and lay across her lap. She then pulled down my underpants and gave me a very long and hard spanking. I knew that I would have find a wife that would be willing to give a spanking just like that on a regular basis. My wife was willing and it was really good for many years. However as the marriage started failing so did our d/d relationship. I went many years not getting the spankings that I yearned. I had partner for period who wasn't really into a d/d relationship. I then met a lady who was ex school teacher who was most willing and during a six year relationship administered some very memorable spankings with some very exciting role playing. I am now in a relationship with a beautiful woman who is totally into d/d lifestyle and she is very creative in her role plays and continues to surprise me. I've been a spanko for some 47 plus years now and proud of it.

  3. I would say the first trigger was a hair brush spanking from an attractive aunt when I was 11. My Mom wasn't much of a spanker, and I was somewhat of a brat. Well, I stayed with my Aunt for a week one summer, and after a few warnings, she put me over her lap, pulled down my shorts, pulled my underwear into my crack, and administered a good sound hairbrushing. I was sobbing, begging for mercy, and promising to be good in no time, but my Aunt knew how to spank and I probably got a good 50 whacks or so. At the time it did not seem the least bit exciting, and I did not dare cross her again. But, as puberty progressed, I found myself reliving that experience and secretly desiring a repeat. In my later teens, I almost brought myself to ask, but I never could quite work up the courage - and I'm not sure she would have agreed anyway. Around the age of 19, I dated an older later (30) who was very kinky and liked to be spanked. But she decided I was too concerned about hurting her, so she gave me a real bare bottom hair brushing to show me how to do it. I did reciprocate as she wanted, but I really enjoyed the bottom role much more. I only received the only spanking before we stopped dating. And that was that for many years, with just the occasional fantasy in the background now and then. But then came the Internet with all its resources - the stories on the old Usenet, and then the websites. The Disciplinary Wives Club was undoubtedly my favorite and was a big resource for my wife and I when we began our disciplinary arrangement---Al

  4. Somewaht off topic - but about the pic above. I've always enjoyed these two pics - the one pictured here (and on the main home page of the DWC) and the one on the "entry page" to the DWC with the legal warnings and such. As I'm sure almost everyone who visits this forum will know, that pic shows the voyeur's wife watching him through a window in their home - and with the DWC manual in her hand. I've always thought a great third pic would be for the voyeur husband to be bare bottomed over the lap of his observing wife (getting hair brushed) while the wife that was being spied upon stands by watching. I even emailed the idea to the artist, Tommy. :-) --Al

  5. Something that has always caught my attention, spankings in general just aroused me, never got them as a child. I was dating an older woman, we were friends and then more, well I can't recall what I did but she decided I needed a spanking. Boy did I get a spanking, I was kicking, squirming, and my bottom was stinging and very warm when she got done. It was a year or so later, a new town, new job that I met this woman who would become my wife. Shortly after meeting her she told her mother would spank her dad on occassions and what did I think of that. I could not help but smile and she smiled back. A week later the first spanking of many occured, and shortly afterwards we got married. We rented a cabin for our honeymoon and the next morning I walked to the kitchen, naked, she looked at me and said well I get to use my mother's wedding gift already and she went and got it, a nice large paddle, I was told to wait in the front room and I did and when she walked in, she scolded me like a child and once over her lap I acted as such.
    A few of her friends know, having seen me facing the wall after a spanking and of course her mother knows and on one occassions was not satisfied with the spanking I got, she showed her daughter the proper way and I could not sit for a couple of days without squirming. I have the prefect marriage, and the lifestyle I want, what more could one ask for. Presently I'm standing and typing this, my bottom is very red, stinging, and warm, my wife is standing beside me, paddle in hand, she approves of me sending this, and now I must close, I have a good half-hour wall facing time to do, hope no one visits today, she really did a nice job on my bare bottom.


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