Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Forum: Weekly Question

So, we improved 100% over last time, going from no responses to one.  Let's hope it is an accelerating trend.

The topic for this week is rules.  Are there rules in your relationship, the breaking of which result in a disciplinary spanking?  Tell us about your rulebook!

As always, I'm hoping for participation from the F/m DD crowd, but all responses are welcome.  Please also take a moment to sign the guestbook. 


  1. Here are a few of our rules:

    -- No disrespect or "backtalk"
    -- No staying out late without permission
    -- No excessive alcohol consumption
    -- Must exercise regularly

  2. Stay out of her lingerie drawer
    No playing with myself without her permission
    No surfing the net for spanking sites
    No complaining about how much she spends at the grocery

  3. We started with two basic rules, obedience to her direct commands and respect in public. From there it evolved with some rules added and others modified or dropped over time. Todays “spankable offenses" includes masturbation without explicit approval from her, untruthfulness of any kind including concealing things, excessive flirting, continuing bad attitude when I have been warned and any kind of challenge to her authority. These are really guidelines that tell me what will get me in trouble with her for certain. But in reality she has the authority to spank whenever she thinks I need it or my behavior merits it. It has been true from the start that she accepts no limits on her right to spank. It is rare that she spanks me for something other than an established rule but she has the authority to do it. This may sound one sided but it works to our benefit. I never protest a spanking because she considers that an act of disobedience and because I do submit to her authority and obey her rules she finds it unnecessary to spank me often.

  4. Laziness.for example leaving the toilet seat up,an on the spot spanking with the slipper,on the bare,up to 25.
    Excessive alcohol consumption or smoking,more serious,a Friday night caning,usually 50 strokes on the bare bent over a chair in the dining room.
    Unauthorized masturbation.The most serious.Up to 75 strokes with the cane,after a prolonged spanking with the slipper.Always totally naked,bent over a chair,and often with her sister present,lots of corner time involved,and no sex or authorized masturbation for several weeks or even longer..73


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