Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Forum: Question of the Week

Well, that last question on whether anyone outside your relationship is aware of your DD lifestyle went over like a ton of bricks.  Not a single response.  Come on guys this is supposed to be an interactive blog.  Let's take another crack at it, shall we:

The topic for this week is tears.  If you are spankee, have you been brought to tears by a disciplinary spanking?  If not, do you want to be?  If you're the disciplinarian, how do you feel about giving a spanking that is so hard to bear that it brings real tears?

As always, I'm hoping for participation from the F/m DD crowd, but all responses are welcome.  Please also take a moment to sign the guestbook. 


  1. I've never shed tears. But I've been close, at that point when the corners of your mouth start to quiver, your eyes are full of tears and you are wimpering.

    Do I want to shed tears? It's a difficult question. As I understand it, crying during punishment is an emotional thing.

    In our DD regime, I'm usually caned by Mistress on a weekly basis - as maintenance. It's always quite a severe caning and, no matter how hard I try, I cannot take it without vocal responses. My pain thresholds are quite low I suppose but there's no tears - just a lot of noise and begging for it to stop. It never does.

    I've noticed, the times I've been close to tears have been when I've really, badly stepped out if line so the punishment is more severe than ever. However, I don't think that's the trigger for the tears. I think it's the feeling of the guilt being assuaged - and Mistress taking the trouble to correct me for my faults. The tears - or coming close to them at least - is the final release......

    You ask the question - but what's your view on the issue?

    1. Like you, I have never cried. And, despite some very hard spankings, I really have not been all that close. I find it very threatening, the thought of crying in front of my wife. It seems so unmanly. Not that surrendering to her discipline is not, but crying is a different order. Still, I feel it would be good for me. Cathartic. I think it also would demonstrate the reality and depth of the surrender. When I first discovered DD through the Disciplinary Wives Club website, it was the stories of husbands break down into sobs that fascinated me. In a morbid, filled with dread kind of way.

  2. I have not been spanked to tears but have come extremely close. A few months ago she switched me which brought back all kinds of childhood memories but it lasted much longer than it ever did as a kid...

  3. I am almost always spanked to tears and sobbing. And I am not a little sissy guy by any stretch, but my wife discovered early on in this journey that my sobbing was the mark of a truly effective spanking. She does not consider it "wimpy" or such - and says that she does not understand how anyone could take a sound bare bottom paddling with a hairbrush and not cry - she knows that she would, but also knows that she will never be in that position. She also believes it is good for my mental health to let go and have a good cry when I get my bottom blistered - that men need this emotional release now and then. -- Al

  4. I'm a switch and have been on both ends of the paddle/hairbrush many times over the years. I've never been spanked to tears but wouldn't freak out if it were to happen either as a spankee or spanker. I don't think it has much to do with the harshness of the spanking itself, but more on the emotional state of the naughty boy/girl.


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