Saturday, April 20, 2013

Polls, Results and a New Question

Well, the results of my one poll on this site are in, and about what I expected.  Guys who would like to be disciplined apparently outnumber those who actually are disciplined by a 2:1 ratio.  I'm actually surprised it wasn't a bit more lopsided.  Of course, it is hard to draw many conclusions from a set of 27 responses out of more than 5,000 web views.  I plan to put together a slightly different version of the poll and leave it up indefinitely, to try to get a bigger tally over a longer period of time, after more people interested in DD have had an opportunity to find the blog.

I put up a Guestbook a couple of weeks ago (see post immediately below), and it is off to a good start with three very interesting responses.  I hope people will keep using it, since my goal for this blog is for it to be little about me and providing a place for people who are in a DD relationship, or would like to be, to share thoughts and experiences.

With that in mind, here are a few questions for anyone out there who is in a DD or spanking relationship:

Does anyone outside of your relationship (other than present and former spanking partners) know about your spanking and DD activities?  If so, how did they find out, and what was their reaction? If not, would you ever considering letting anyone else in on the secret?


  1. A little late on this comment, but just found the forum. My wife's sister knows of our disciplinary arrangement. We have always been quite discrete, but my sister-in-law frequently visits our home and began to pickup on the hints now and then. She suspected for some time, and then accidentally overheard a spanking one time when we did not know she was in our house. She did not mention it at first, but then confessed hearing the spanking to my wife a couple of weeks later as they were drinking margaritas one night. Even though she had suspected my wife spanked me now and then, she was shocked at the intensity and duration of what she had heard, as well as my sobbing. (Thankfully it was not a time when my wife had supplemented the spanking with an enema and strap-on). So, my wife was pretty much forced to come clean and told her the whole story (well most of it). Later, when I was in real trouble and my sister-in-law was there, she took me back to the bedroom and paddled me - and left the door open so my sister-in-law could clearly hear the whole thing. It was quite humiliating knowing that she could hear it all - and my wife really laid it on as it had been a serious infraction - and I think to make sure that her sister would be impressed and so that I would be certain to sob, with the sister able to hear. I got a couple of spankings with her able to hear in the house over the next couple of months, and then on third such occasion, she actually came and stood in the doorway and watched my wife spank me. Since then, she has witnessed a few more of my spankings. Recently, we were all watching a movie at our house one night, and I said something inappropriate. My wife made me go fetch the paddle and return with it. I then got put over her lap on the couch as her sister watched. It may be just a matter of time till her sister participates.... --Al

  2. At present our FLR is private between us both, although I am both nervous/ excited by the thought of somebody knowing preferably female. My HOH has a female work colleague who comes across as a confident, dominant type who from her exterior manner would be somebody who I would not mind knowing....
    Also I have been threatened with a public spanking 'sometime' in the future which means every time we go out together shopping etc I am wondering in the back of my mind will this be the day.....

  3. Yes to the question, we have friends that aware that my Wife spanks me. And She has allowed a few of them to not only watch but spank me as well.

    My Wife had a birthday party for me a few years ago, and I went over more than just a few laps to receive my birthday spankings. I soooo enjoyed that?!!!


  4. Two of my male friends know and my wifes mom knows. she threatens to spank me in front of all of them. My friends used to think it was a joke until the came to visit one day and I was still in the corner, bare red butt out. that was so humiliating

  5. My wife's sister knows that I am spanked. They are very close, of course, and my wife told me that she let it slip one evening when they had been enjoying some wine. The sister has teased me about it, but so far hasn't seen me over the knee.

  6. When our kids were off to Grandma's for a weekend holiday, my wife thought it was a great time to catch up on some discipline. It was quite extensive and I did my share of pleading, whining, and ultimately, begging. A few days later, I came home from work and saw my neighbor working in her yard. As usual, I said "hello" and she answered but gave me a strange look; almost a smirk. A few days later, it was raining and that was when I noticed that the bedroom window was open with the shade pulled down. Our neighbor must have heard our session. I did my best to avoid my neighbor for the next few months until we moved to another house.


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