Friday, August 11, 2017

Taking Down Guestbook (temporarily?)

Not that it really matters to our regulars who introduced themselves long ago, but I am taking down the Guestbook.  The level of troll activity has gotten out of control.  There are commercial entities that keep trying to post to it, plus OCD boy "Sean" constantly trying to post about his mother-in-law, or getting spanked getting out of the shower or getting "leg locked."  Four tries on the last two days.  (It's just gotten very old, so Sean's stuff is just going to get deleted every single time he tries to post, whether on-topic or not.)  The reality is, virtually no one seems to be using it right now for the purpose for which it was intended, i.e. as a way for people to introduce themselves and/or leave short statements about their DD relationships.  So, since I am tired of having to police it all the time and delete spam, I am just going to take it down.


  1. I was going to introduce myself and wife but because of the reasons you stated i avoided the guest book as it just felt as though it was an open ended free for all.

    Hello Jeffrey and or AKA spankedbywife101 here from Seattle, Spanked by wife for 19 years now.

    1. Thanks, Jeffrey. Yes, some things seem like such a good idea at the time . . .


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