Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Forum -- Firsts Continued

Hi all. Welcome back to The Forum - Disciplined Husbands & Disciplinary Wives.  Our weekly gathering of those participating in or wanting to be in a Domestic Discipline or Female Led Relationship.

Unfortunately, due to some other commitments, I am going to need to take a break from the blog this weekend.  But, we didn't get a huge response to last week's post, which invited members of our community to share stories about the first adult disciplinary spanking they received or delivered.  Noticeably absent was much in the way of comments from the wives about the first time they wielded their disciplinary brush, paddle or strap.  So, in an effort to keep things going while I'm tied up, let's extend last week's topic, while hoping to encourage some of the wives out there to share their stories about that very first time.

Have a great week.  As always, if you are new to this Forum, please take a moment to visit our Guestbook (see tab above) and tell us a little about yourself and your DD or FLR relationship.


  1. Sorry about not responding last week but unfortunately my 'first' came from someone I would rather not think about for even the few minutes it would take to write the account.

  2. And by "tied up" you really mean....? :)

  3. Dan, we are a couple in our 70s. My husband and I have been reading your blog for a good while. We came up in an era before the Internet and there were no forums we were aware of to share our experienced and hear of others who might have a similar relationship to ours.

    My husband wrote to you anonymously . My husband was at times a brash and perhaps over confident young man. When we married I had told him of how disrespect and or rudeness was mangaged in my family. His family's
    apprioach was lectures and grounding in my house it meant a session with my mom's hairbrush or strap.

    I had warned him about mouthing off but he didn't listen. I wasn't there one day when my mom decided she had heard enough but I remember quilte well a change is his demeanor around my mom.

    It had never occurred to me that a woman would spank her husband. He didn't ask me to spank him but watching him interact with my mother after his telling me about his first ever spanking I decided to try it .

    He was resistant at first but I persisted and I certainly knew from my own experience how to deliver an attention getting punishment .

    For me there has never been any sexual gratification, it's a way to get him to think about being respectful and considerate . I do know that while he hates the spankings while they are happening he does get some real tension released and he says submitting to me is in some way cleansing. I do find it interesting to see him so attentive after a real session with my strap .

    The first spanking was a revelation in that I felt a real sense of power. Over these many years I have spanked him dozens of times and to this day he says the embarrassment of being bare and strapped by my mom still is a vivid memory

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for joining and sharing. I'm sorry this didn't get posted immediately. For some reason, it went to the spam box. Just found it in there.

  4. It happened one afternoon after my somewhat new girlfriend had applied her paddle to her daughter, (I'd absented myself so as not to be a perv, but it still happened within earshot). A short while later we were alone in the apartment when the paddle that had not been put away found its way in to Debbie's hand and then on to my jean clad butt. A flurry of about 30 smacks followed at medium strength.

    Debbie stopped, somewhat confused by why she used that amount of force and kept going as, I think, in her mind she was just going to give a playful swat. I don't know, spankee pheromones?, or was I subconsciously enticingly waving my butt in the air?

    I don't remember the conversation and confession that led to, but Debbie, though not a spanko, was pretty open-minded and that paddle saw a bit of use whenever we fooled around.


    1. Very interesting way to start things off. Thanks for sharing

  5. It appears that it's going to be a slow week on the forum so to keep the ball rolling I thought I'd share my situation from last Saturday. One of my wife's biggest pet peeves is the use of proper grammar. So just to get a rise out of her I will talk " ghetto ". She came in Saturday morning and asked what I had going on. I said " I ain't got nuthin to do and I ain't goin nowhere " Her eyes lit up and she yelled " THATS IT. YOUVE BEEN TOLD AND TOLD AND TOLD ABOUT YOUR GRAMMAR. ! NOW BRING ME THE PADDLE !!" I laughed and said I was just kidding and she stormed off. She returned a few minutes later holding the Spenser paddle. I'm sure everyone here is familiar with it. She sat down and announced I was getting two spankings ! I started to protest but she cut me off and asked if I wanted three? She was in a no nonsense mood and I knew better than to push my luck. She called me over , grabbed my arm and pulled me across her lap. The lecture began as she pulls my pants down. She said she was going to make this one to remember and the paddling began. Omg ! I was jumping howling and squirming the entire time. She was VERY firm and steady. I try to count the swats but that was impossible. I remember her saying " do you hear me ? Am I getting through to you ?" Finally it was over. She led me to a corner and said to wait till she came for me. The phone rang and she was talking to one of the kids. It was real pleasant. No one would ever know she just gave me one of the hardest spankings of my life. The door bell rang and I became petrified that someone would see me. It was just a postal delivery. She returned , picked up the paddle , sat down and called me over. She looked up and asked if I knew why I was getting another spanking. I said yes ma'am. She said " over my knee ". My bottom was already bare as I kicked my pants off during the first session. She commented how hot red and purple it was. She tightened her grip and the second spanking began. It was identical as the first only worse as I was already so sore. The pain was so intense I wanted to pass out. When it was finally over. She allowed me to catch my breath and composure. She said " I'll bet you won't forget this for a while ". She's right. I won't and my grammar will be much gooder the next few weeks too. Thanks for letting me be a small part of the group.

    1. Hi Jr. Yes, you definitely should aspire to be much gooder from now on. :-)

  6. Dan:

    M in the desert,

    Wasn’t going to comment this week, but your post and the current mess I’m in with the wife deserve comment.

    As for language and grammar in this household: “street talk” will get me a face slap (good enough to feel and humiliate but not too hard) and continued use of such language (as you mentioned you did) or flat out potty mouthing, will get me sat down naked in a chair in the kitchen for an extended lecture followed by a tablespoon of Castor Oil. Grammar typing? Don’t know why but I’m long overdue for Sat. of 500 or 1,000 written lines of “I will use proper grammar amd punctuation at all times.”

    Now, I’ve been struggling with doing this post since last week, but with the holiday weekend coming up it’s something that while still a first for me is quite relevant as well. So where am I going? Road Rage. I had to accompany the wife to an eye exam last Fri. and couldn’t make it a couple miles on surface streets without going off on somebody. To say that she was, and still is, absolutely livid with me over the situation is understatement. Now for the punishment, this a “third strike offence” with her and I’m paying and going to continue to pay dearly. Let me remind you and let everyone else know that I’m a househusband and have little need to drive other than to do grocery shopping. Why is this important? Because I’ve had to surrender my license and insurance card to her so they can be indefinitely locked up in HER safe. Of course, I’ve still got the music of CP to face tomorrow and I’m really dreading it. I’ve been rerunning in my mind, for the last 5 days, the day long, long ago --that I’ll never forget -- when she belted the thought of ever having even one drink and getting behind a wheel permanently out my mind, and foolishly hoping tomorrow isn’t going to be that bad.

    The final humiliation to come of this: She will be entertaining, here, and visiting with friends and relatives (familiar with our lifestyle) over the long holiday weekend while I’m locked up in the guest suite, with cable, but sans phone and internet from tomorrow afternoon to Tues. morn.

    So there you have it Dan and all male readers. Think about the mess I’m in before you open your mouth or that one too many beers this and any other weekend for that matter.

  7. Dan
    Haven't written here in ages but know i read you weekly, as does my wife. My very first spanking as an adult was from my wife. From the start she was very much in charge and quickly set up the rules that if I wanted to be with her , i would have to follow.
    The very first time was soon after we married. I was always forgetting to put down the toilet seat after I had taken a piss. She complained and corrected me for weeks. One night i got up to pee left the seat up and yes a few hours later at dawn, she half asleep sat down on the toilet and fell in.
    To this day I dont know how she got me out of bed but within seconds i was on all fours on the floor and she was spanking me with a hair brush. I took it but when she was done she had me stand in corner of the room my ass burning. I would ike to say i never left the seat up again, but a few days later i did. It was during the day she called me in from the garage and this time used a paddle. When she was done she hung the paddle on the wall over the toilet. Never forgot again.


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