Friday, March 11, 2016

No Post Tomorrow

Hi all.  Just a "heads up" that I won't be able to do the weekly post tomorrow, as I will be out and not near a computer.  I hope you all have a great weekend. 



  1. We look forward to having you back. We (hubby and I) always enjoy reading. Have a great week!

  2. I think you can break it down into segments, but sequentially over a few weeks. For example, sequence one could include the first six questions taken as a whole. The seventh question could be singular as it covers a lot of territory. The eighth and ninth question could be taken together as a whole. Then the last three questions taken as a whole.

    The individual questions of the poast have been great, but general discussions on themes relative to the DD lifestyle may offer participants more opportunity to discuss what has worked for them, and to hear what has worked for others. That sort of thing.

  3. With such specificity, I'm hoping these posts come from one of our disciplinary Women, lol... (Kidding!)
    I can report here I'm trying to be on best behavior, as I was caught last week. She was merciful about things, but the waiting kinda gets to you, as I'm sure most know!

  4. Maybe you can ask the question for those of us with kids in the house. How do you find private time for a discipline session? what creative ways have you accomplished this? Are some canes/paddle/straps quieter than others?

    1. Hi Anonymous. We've touched on that one a few times, and fairly recently. For that reason, I may wait a while longer to do it again. For the discussion last time, take a look at Forum Volumes 54 and 94.

      Regarding quite tools, I know some people use the cane precisely because it is quieter than other instruments. Unfortunately, my wife just doesn't really like it as a discipline tool.

  5. Dan- i know at times you've asked about alternative punishment ideas that might be effective.
    Just came across this interesting one, of a discipline jar that combines fines and spanking. Perhaps of interest to you and the gang. The whole blog will get some more reading from me in time.


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