Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Forum - New Year's Eve 2014 Special Edition

Season's Greetings one and all. I hope you've had great holiday, and I hope you enjoy the waning hours of 2014.  Safely and responsibly.

A common theme that unites many couples practicing Domestic Discipline is self-improvement and, for the Disciplinary Wives, giving their hubbies and significant others that extra little motivation required to address all those nagging little behavior problems.  Which fits in very nicely with that New Year's tradition -- making resolutions.

I like resolutions.  I like setting goals. I know I won't always hit them, but it's amazing what you can accomplish over time if you are able to improve incrementally day by day, week by week, year by year. On the other hand, I admit to being a little depressed when I look back at old blog and journal entries and realize that I seem to wrestle with some of the same challenges year after year.  But, hope springs eternal and, therefore, here are a few of my resolutions for 2015, some focused on general improvement and others related more specifically to our Domestic Discipline lifestyle.  I also have provided a list of resolutions that I am going to ask my wife to adopt, since ultimately my success in carrying out my resolutions may prove to be a function of that extra motivation she supplies to my upturned bottom.

In the spirit of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours . . ." here goes. I invite you to share your resolutions and those you would like to see applied to you, for your and her benefit, by your Disciplinary Wife (or husband for our few Disciplined Wives).

General Resolutions

 I hereby resolve to:
  • have fewer Saturdays spent regretting my Friday work-related socializing
  • earn to better control my temper at work
  • nurture those important relationships, both work and personal, that sometimes don't get the time or attention they deserve
  • Exit 2015 in better physical shape than I entered into it, as measured by pant size, blood pressure, strength and endurance
Domestic Discipline Resolutions

I hereby resolve to:
  • self-report any infractions at least weekly
  • empower my wife to grow in her disciplinary authority, including by showing more outward signs of submission to her control
  • during spankings, instead of "taking it like a man," try hard to let go all ego and control, surrendering totally to her authority


  1. Happy New Year! It's not arrived here on the West Coast, but still...

    We're staying in tonight, and Shilo went to bed at 7PM. I'm planning on baking in the New Year. Stitch is doing dishes, and I've already begun preparing for a special New Years Day dinner. Child #4 is with us, and he's feeling better, but his memory/brain function isn't getting any better. No resolutions, just hopes that the New Year brings joy to all.

    1. My New Years Eve wasn't much more exciting. I was on my own, so I made myself a steak, read a book and was in bed by 10:30

  2. I don't normally worry about resolutions because I know they only last a few minutes before they get forgotten. However, since you have asked, my thoughts for 2015 in terms of our DD relationship are 1. To pay more respect to, and fully accept Mistress' authority and 2. to accept her decision to punish me at all times and not just when I have a mood for discipline. Happy New Year to all

  3. I neglected to add one very important resolution: To make the Disciplined Husbands Forum the most welcoming, informative, interactive internet community of peole devoted to, or interested in exploring, the Domestic Discipline lifestyle.

  4. Dan

    Happy New Year! Your added resolution has already occured. I do hope it will grow and that more wives will join in the discussions. I think the idea of the lists you made for yourself are
    a marvelous idea. I have told Peter he has until Sunday noon California time to present his list
    here. I lok forward to reading it for the first time here.
    Again thanks for the time you invest in making this blog.

  5. Hi Ann, and Happy New Year to you, too! Thanks, as always, for the kind words. I look forward to seeing Peter's list. BTW, my wife and I talked about my list and she took my suggestion that part of her disciplinary focus on 2015 needs to be helping me correct my workplace "issues," including keeping my temper in check and being at least outwardly more tolerant of fools. She agrees with you that these are very important issues, because the family's stability and financial health ultimately depends on my success at my career. And, we agreed that extra motivation exist if punishments for work-related infractions are carried on at work. Unfortunately, we lack the enforcement mechanism you have in place with Peter, i.e. people at work who will rat me out if I misbehave. Unfortunately, most of the people my wife is reasonably close to aren't really likely to tell her if I act up. But, these moves sometimes take on a life of their own, so who knows what will happen over time.

  6. Dan
    I promised Anna I would submit the following list of resolutions to her via your blog. I know it is
    important to her that I publicly show my desire to be a better more submissive husband and a true partner in life.

    1. Nightly reporting of any poor behavior on the job.

    2. Make sharing duties with the boys more equal on a daily basis.

    3. Do Not stiffle tears or emotions during punishment. Be as you say
    man enough to cry when punishment hurts.

    4. Make exercise at the gym a regular part of my schedule.

    5. Create more submissive down time alone with you Anna .

    6. Contribute on a regular basis with honesty and openness to
    Disciplined Husband's Forum.

    7. Learn to smile and laugh now and then.

    Anna i wrote this publicly and want you to know i intend to try my hardest to
    fulfill each and every resolution. If i forget #7 now and then be kind


    1. Great list, Peter. We look forward to any contributions you want to make in the future. I hope yo're enjoying the little that is left of this extended holiday.


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