Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Poll: Who Got This Party Started

Folks, just a quick note.  I have posted a new poll.  This one is the essence of simplicity.  For those who are in a domestic discipline relationship, who initiated it -- the party receiving the discipline or the party giving it?  Given this blogs orientation toward F/m disciplinary relationships, the receiver would usually be the male and the giver the woman, but I didn't want exclude responses from those visitors who may be practicing M/f domestic discipline.  And, I would like to keep this one focused on DD, not spanking in general, because the relationship dynamics may be very different and, for this poll, I'm interested in hearing from those who are practicing DD, not spanking for purely erotic or entertainment purposes.



  1. I'm like you Dan I'm type A and need a change when I get home. After a few problems in our marriage caused by my job, I suggested we try practicing DD. The road to DD was also a little bumpy but we got through it and now we are both happier. We still have erotic spanking but when it's time for discipline it's real and I don't really want to sit after.

  2. Dan,

    Possibly you need a third response in your poll for couples who mutually decided to incorporate DD into their relationships. I think there are more than a few in that category.

  3. I would have to agree with Alan on this one. Although I voted "receiver" since I actually mentioned the topic first, as soon as I mentioned this being a long time "fantasy" - during an unusually candid evening spurred on by a bottle of wine - my wife immediately went to find a ping pong paddle, much to my great surprise. Following a couple of fairly lightweight spankings with the ping pong paddle, I suggested the DWC site - then she spent a Saturday morning there - and our life (and my bottom) has not been the same sense. So, although I made the comment that started it, it was definitely a mutual decision and exploration. --al

  4. To both Alan and Al, I thought about third category of "both" or "mutual" but, someone still had to get the conversation about DD started. Seemed like int he vast majority of cases, there was some discussion initiating the idea of DD, and someone brought it up. In Al's case, it appears you brough up both spanking, and then extending it in a DWC direction. That is what I wanted to get at in this poll -- who started things, not necessarily the degree of eventual participation or enthusiasm.

  5. I had never even heard of FLR-DD until Shilo brought it up. Since I was already spanking as discipline, it was easy, but I feel like I have so much to still learn


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