Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ask Me Anything

Let's get this party started!  I said in my first post that I wanted this post to be about a club.  A community.  That means sharing a bit about ourselves, our interests.   So, ask me anything, and I'll try to tell you.  No limits.

Well, very few limits.  Here is one big caveat:  I won't give out identifying life  details, like real name, occupation, or location.

Other than than, I will try really hard to be open about myself and what makes me tick.


  1. Whose idea was it to live a DD lifestyle - yours or your wife's? Was it hard to convince the other person to try it?


    1. It was my idea. If you read blogs or discussion groups involving men in female led DD relationships, it seems that few of them are naturally submissive. To the contrary, many are hard charging, domineering personalities in their day-to-day lives. That was me, and I was an unhappy person. Everything felt out of balance. I was always in charge. Always the person making the decisions. And, our marriage was similarly out of balance. My wife was raised in a very traditional, male dominated family and brought that habitual mindset into our marriage. It wasn't that we had consciously created a male dominated marriage, but that was just sort of where our personalities naturally took us.

      It actually was surprisingly easy to get her to try it. We had dabbled in erotic spanking, so that bridge already had been crossed. To take the next step, I assured her that what I was proposing involved empowering her to deal with chronic behavioral problems that were hurting her and hurting the marriage. I also told her that I knew there was a very strong person deep inside her, buried under all that traditional patriarchal upbringing, and that one of the goals of our little experiment would be to bring out that strong woman by putting her in control.

  2. Does your wife set boundaries for you or do you set them for yourself that both you agree to?

    1. Sorry it took me so long to respond to this. I didn't realize there was a question pending?

      It is a mixture of both. There are certain agreed upon boundaries related to behavior that we both agree is problematic. There are other times, however, that the boundaries consist more of her taking care of something I've done that annoys her at that time.


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