Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Forum - Question of the Week

Hi all.  Here is this week's question:  Have you ever introduced someone you were not involved with to DD or Female Led Relationships, or every considered doing so?  Who and why?   Even if you have not done it, are there people in your life who you think should be introduced to the lifestyle? Maybe a friend who has a misbehaving spouse, or a friend who needs some discipline in his life. 


  1. I am always testing out people who seem to be perfect for the lifestyle I will ask a few innocent sounding questions then if they seem interested I introduce them to its wonderful benefits. I have helped 2 of my friends to embrace the lifestyle and started conversations with dozens more. The more aware people are the more accepted we are.

  2. I was not the one who introduced this lifestyle, my neighbor told me of it. She knew my husband and was alot like her husband and so she just explain it to me one day. Not knowing how to introduce this to my husband, camping was the key and so the four of us took a week off to go camping. My neighbor lady told me her husband would mess up and well, he did. She told him, not going to wait until we got home and the look she gave, and the tone of voice, this man quickly dropped his pants and underpants and stood there. Honey I said, your just as guilty, he looked and said no way. My neighbor lady looked at him and said two against one, her husband said make it three.
    So our lifestyle changed, two grown men, pants and underpants around their ankles. My new best friend went first and her husband put on quite a show. My husband was next and he held back for as long as he could and then put on his own show.
    With both standing and rubbing very sore bottoms I looked at him and told him to undress and do it quickly, he did as told.
    My neighbor lady said nice touch and asked if she could, I said yes, and boy did he put on a show over her lap. Her husband was next and I really tanned his bottom.
    So I was introduce to this life style and to this day, ten years later, he is still spanked, gets corner time, and with the use of the hairbrush, really has a sore bottom afterwards.

  3. Several years ago I worked in an office where the office manager was mature attractive woman who had a very authoritarian nature about her. Over a period of time I suspected that she may be into spanking by some of the banter between us however I was cautious not to say anything directly to her because I didn't want lose my job. Finally after about a year working there my hunch was proved right when she ushered into her office late one Friday and told me that she had noticed for sometime that I had been not following the office protocol in a number of areas and that I needed to improve or there would consequences. The way she delivered the warning was a bit like a mother warning you if you don't behave you will get a spanking. I thought I would test the water and said that I was very sorry and that it had been very naughty of me. Smiling she said that yes I had been naughty and perhaps some punishment was in order. I thought what the heck and said what sought of punishment would be appropriate for this naughty behaviour. Well, she said, in my family the punishment has always been a good old fashioned spanking. Playing coy I said what would that look like. With that she said instead of me telling you let me show you. She took my hand lead me to the couch in her office ordered me to drop my trousers and get over knee. She then proceeded to administer a very sound bare bottom spanking for a good 10 minutes or more. Over the next 2 years before she left to live overseas she administered numerous spankings both at work (after hours) or at her home. She shared that she had always fantasied about spanking men but had never found an opportunity until she met me. We still correspond with each other and we are both in new d/d relationships.

  4. I have not but my wife has with two of her girlfriends. Both had asked her why I behaved so well, why we got along so well and so on. Both had some knowledge about domestic discipline and some interest in spanking and my wife knew that before telling them. Both my wife and I at her insistence sat down with each of them at different times and discussed why she spanked me and what results it had making me admit I needed it and benefited from it. She has not spanked me in front of either of these two women but does spank me several times a year in front of her own sister who has spanked boyfriends but not her husband. I have asked several times whether either of my wife’s friends have become disciplinarians after our talks but my wife says that’s between them and their husbands and I shouldn’t worry about it, I really want to know but doubt I ever will

  5. I drive a school bus and my Monitor and I have been together for several years. The first year together she commented a few times to me and in front of the students and other people at work, I might have to turn you over my knee for a spanking. I would brush it off but it was music to my ears. I discovered that not to be true but she liked the idea I am spanked over my wife's knee. They have texted about it and often my Monitor will text my wife saying I need a spanking. I recorded a couple of my spankings on my phone and played them for my monitor. She laughed and laughed. then played it again and told me she felt sorry for me and my ass. I tried to get my Monitor to spank me but she won't. Since she is so interested in me getting spanked I wanted her to spank an adult for the first time so she would be hooked on it.

  6. I introduced my second wife to the FLR concept when we were dating. I was not successful convincing my first wife to consider it. My second wife and I mapped out an agreement with one another during our dating about how our marriage would be run. It's worked pretty well. Interestingly, I dated other people in the six years following my divorce, but never brought up DD or FLR with anyone until I met my second wife. I suppose I just didn't have it in me to face possible rejection, and also I think I thought my second wife would be more understanding of FLR.


  7. My wife's sister has witnessed my wife spank me a few times over the last year - since my wife finally confirmed her suspicions that my wife took a hairbrush to my back side on occasion. However, my sister-in-law is currently single so she is not doing any spanking (although, I suspect it is just a matter of time till she ends up spanking me as well). She has said that she would definitely consider becoming a disciplinary wife (or gf) if the situation was right. Also, just a few weeks ago, one of my wife's girl friends who lives down the block was complaining of her husband's bad habits. My wife casually suggested that she should take a hairbrush to his behind and see if that would get his attention. Her friend laughed asked my wife if that worked for her. My wife replied "oh, quite well" - with a laugh. And that was all that was said - although she did give me a curious look the next time I saw her. -- Al

  8. Yes with a couple that we had known for years. I always thought it was a natural...he certainly should have been spanked...often and She was definitly in control in a bad way,which led to arguments and bad feelings. I am not certain how it excactly came about but the two Ladies were talking and it came up that I was spanked. Once the suprise was overcome the Lady found it fascinatiing and we talked about it with Her.

    At some point She did spank him but it was not very successful mainly because She did not know how to although he did respond in a sortof positive way. This is how I became involved as it was decided they needed a visual aid. This happened about a few weeks later when they both came round and I was used as the demo bottom. I was spanked in various positions with a number of impliments and stood in the corner both before during and after the spanking so he knew what to expect. I thought I might feel uncomfortable with him seeing me spanked like that but I did not and he actually asked questions and seemed to like the idea. My spanking was not that bad, just a red bottom with few marks. What he did not know was his Wife had visited about 10 days earlier and seen me get a tearfull disiplne spanking with impliments like a strap, belt and cane

    That was a few years now and I know he gets regular spankings, which I am sure are very sound and uncomfortable. I always wantted to actually see it but the closest was I dropped by to pick up something at their house and I could see him in the corner with a blazing bottom and I am sure that there were panties around his ankles....well I hope so


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