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Guestbook Volume 3

I always enjoyed reading the Guest Book postings on the Disciplinary Wives Club website.  Unfortunately, that functionality has been removed.  In an effort to foster a similar degree of interactivity, I encourage all visitors to add a comment addressing the topics below.  I will keep this post near the top of the blog.   I'm also going to break these up into volumes after a certain number of responses, in order to help with readability.

Question 1:  When and how did you first get into domestic discipline?

Question 2:  What was your most memorable or severe spanking (given or received)?

Question 3: What does giving/receiving domestic discipline do for you?

Question 4:  Ideas for future Forum topics?

Question 5:   Anything else you would like to share? Or, if you're comfortable with it, tell us a little about yourself.


  1. When and how did you first get into domestic discipline?

    About 15 years ago. It was always fantasy of mine and finally brought it up.

    What was your most memorable or severe spanking (given or received)?

    Hard to say, many from my parents were memorable and some of the adult spankings I have received are up there. I still feel like that wayward boy that needs a little guidance now and then. Fortunate to be able to get that guidance from my wife even as an adult.

    As a child, I can remember waiting in the corner with jeans at my ankles for spanking in our living room. When neighborhood kids would come to the door to see if I could play - they would see my briefs on display and realize that my mother had other plans.

    As an adult, I have been in the corner in my briefs on numerous occasions. There is a humility that comes with corner time that my wife uses. Sometimes, she refers to it as her "quiet time".

    What does giving/receiving domestic discipline do for you?

    Allows me to refocus and be less anxious about the day's or week's events. Or whatever is consuming my thoughts and behavior.

    Ideas for future Forum topics?

    Sometimes it is the stuff that revolves around the actual spanking itself that is more memorable - corner time, scolding, stripping of pants or underpants, etc.

    Maybe a user generated story submission in the future.

    Anything else you would like to share?

    One of my favorite blogs.

  2. cowboy/lacvbw@netscape.nerDecember 15, 2013 at 9:19 AM

    I got into DD several years ago. A few trials, like DD weekends or brief time periods. After meeting my life partner and now Dominant Mistress, I simply told her wanted and needed a DD relationship and thankfully, she agreed.

    My most severe spanking came at the hands of my Dominant Mistress. I was being punished for 3 offenses. Each offense was read and then I was spanked, first with a paddle. The second offense warranted many strokes with a belt and the third ended with a harsh caning. This left me with a very red butt topped by cane welts and tears flowing.

    Living in a DD relationship and receiving punishment spankings has made me a better person and refreshes in my mind who I belong to and my role in our relationship.

    How about a trip through everyone's toy bag.

    I love being a managed male and living under HER rules and desires.

  3. I'd suggest you relay some of your own personal experiences or stories a little more in your posts?

    For example (I'm new to the blog) and you had a post from a month or so ago that said you were "naughty", but you left it at that. What happened, why, how was it enforced, etc. Unless you'd like privacy, which is totally fine and I apologize if that's the case.

    Might get people to be more open if they can relate to your own experiences as well.

  4. Regarding the comment from Cowboy

    I am most jealous of your situation. May I ask how often you are having to submit to a caning for bad behavior?


  5. I might be a little different from most guys in that I was introduced to domestic discipline by my wife and was pretty much a male chauvinist growing up.

    My wife is a big strong woman and I just thought she was pretty ht from the moment I met her. Trouble was, I was definitely a bad boy who drank and chased other women and could be pretty disrespectful to my lady. One day she just told me that there were going to be some changes and that she'd beat my butt if I so much as interrupted her in public or looked at another woman again. I thought she as kidding at first, but one night after we returned home from a party she told me to pull my pants down, got out her hairbrush and beat my butt until it was red. I'm not a big guy and would never think of messing with her so saying no was not an option. she told me it would be that way from now on and even bought an old school paddle from an antique store and hung it on the wall in my man cave as a reminder.Yes, she told my buddies what it was for which embarrassed me alot at first. I get teased by the guys whenever we go out, believe me.

    Her discipline is not just physical. She assigns chores and grounds me and makes me sleep on thee floor whenever I don't love up to what she thinks I should be. Mostly, I get paddled when I offend her personally.

    I think it works for us because it has made me a better man. I behave now and serve my wife better. She is happier because I respect her and treat her with respect. I am not a masochist and don't like getting my bare butt beaten with a paddle and swats from her, believe me, hurt worse than anything I got as a kid. But it is better than being in the doghouse for weeks. She tells me what I did wrong and I get the punishment and we move on.

    I think the worst is the embarrasment of other guys knowing what our relationship is like. I'm usually a pretty manly kind of guy and she tells everyone whats coming to me if I step out of line. And a few times lately that has been pretty harsh.

  6. Just as an aside, I've heard that the DWC site is now defunct...

  7. Q1- i am not in a domestic discipline relationship but it is something i feel i need to try. I first became interested in domestic discipline a few years ago...........have always had a fascination with femdom and began exploring it for real a few years ago.........Love the thought of a strong woman controling me. never really got punished much as a child(at least not that i care to remember) however did recieve a few spankings from my mother as a kid(even had to go and pick my own switch for these)..........don't know if that has anything to do with my interest in spanking now but i guess that is one for the shrinks to figure out. While i feel my marriage is good, i think it could be better if my wife was more in control.

    Q2- i have never recieved a disciplinary spanking but i feel that it would posssibly help me connect more with my wife..........have played with erotic spankings and they were a lot of fun.........but i guess what i really crave is the control that my wife could exert over me

    q3-4 not really sure.........i know i have some issues that my wife would like to "take care of"........i can see some of these for myself after much research and reflection

    Q5- so here is the meat of why i posted(and i hope i can get some insight into the matter). For a future topic i would like to know how "you" approached the subect with your wife/GF/SO. i really feel, after all the reading and research i've done, that this might actually work and bring us closer together. I know i have my faults and i realy want to address them in a way that will put my wife at ease while giving me what i feel i any help here is can i approach my wife about this and what has your experience been in this area? Also another question along these lines..........what can you do if your wifeGF /SO has no interest in this?

    Q6- I like to think of myself as pretty open minded and when the wife and i were dating we were in a swinging relationship...........was a lot of fun but i can see where it can cause problems........noiw things have gotten stale and routine...............any help in this area would be greatly appreiceated.

    1. I will make initiating a DD relationship a subject for a future topic. Perhaps next week's topic. The way my wife and started was the subject of one of my first postings for this blog, back in March 0f 2013 and entitled "Beginnings." I do think it is, perhaps, THE most important topic we can cover. I think there are a lot of men out there who are secretly interested in exploring this lifestyle. I am not nearly as confident that there are as many interested women. But, I think it is possible to get at least some otherwise vanilla significant others to try it, but it takes patience and showing them the virtues of it. But, I'll expand on these thoughts as part of that future post.

    2. thanks for the heads up and i look forward to reading yours and others thoughts on this matter

  8. 1. For YEARS I knew I was a submissive male spanko, but I never did anything about it. In March 2013 I met a woman at a dungeon party.... on June 1, we got together at a dungeon party, with her giving me a hard bare bottom beating. We got engaged in July, and married in Sept, with our mutual understanding it would be an FLR DD marriage.

    2. Sometime in December '13.... we had gotten into a roleplay, with me saying, "No Mommy no". It started with paddle smacks on my butt, then, with me holding my legs up in diaper position, many many cane strokes on my lower curves, into the sit spot, and up my thighs.

    3. Receiving DD arousing, before and after (not during). Not arousing in a way that I get an erection, before or after, but mentally aroused. I AM a masochist painslut,and my wife is a Consensual Sadist; she enjoys giving pain to those that enjoy receiving it. It is a powerful form of pleasure for both of us. It is separate from sex, but can often lead to sex afterwards....or may follow sex that occurred first.

    4. Looks like same question as 3.

    5. No ideas yet, just found this forum, today.

    6. Check out my diary/blog. It details my day to day life with my wife, and often includes of 'after' pictures of me.

  9. Question 1: When and how did you first get into domestic discipline?

    I've always known I am submissive. I can't pinpoint any incident or individual in my childhood that made me that way. It is just what I am. However, only found the courage to explore it when my oh-so vanilla marriage ended in my mid 40s. Vowed that I would never bottle it up again but come clean early on in any new relationship so that if it wasn't going to work we could both move on before getting in too deep. Have had two LTRs since, both from eHarmony - and both with women willing to wield a cane!!! The first had never really thought about it but was willing to give it a go. That was fine for a while but she wasn't really naturally into it so it sort of petered out. The second was a natural. Submission and discipline soon became part of life for us.

    Question 2: What was your most memorable or severe spanking (given or received)?

    We are outwardly a completely vanilla couple. No one would imagine what goes on behind closed doors! My most memorable caning was the night before we got married. My Mistress just thought it would be fun for us to be standing there at the register office with friends and family in attendance and for us to be able to share the secret knowledge that my arse was covered in stripes.

    Question 3: What does giving/receiving domestic discipline do for you?

    It brings us closer together. It is a loving and tender thing. I don't think I am a masochist. In one sense I don't like being caned - it is painful and humiliating. But I know that She enjoys doing it and so it is the most wonderful thing in the world to have the opportunity to submit to it for Her. We have the most fabulous sex afterwards - though that usually involves me giving her oral pleasure and not being allowed to cum myself. I cannot explain it, but giving Her oral and then going to sleep with my arse stinging and my balls aching is the best sex I've ever had.

    Question 4: Ideas for future Forum topics?

    Question 5: Anything else you would like to share? Or, if you're comfortable with it, tell us a little about yourself.

  10. So Dan, are you married or divorced? I noticed women are nit-picking on you these days? " Why? Rachel!


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