Friday, November 8, 2013

Guestbook - Volume 3

I always enjoyed reading the Guest Book postings on the Disciplinary Wives Club website.  Unfortunately, that functionality has been removed.  In an effort to foster a similar degree of interactivity, I encourage all visitors to add a comment addressing the topics below.  I will keep this post near the top of the blog.   I'm also going to break these up into volumes after a certain number of responses, in order to help with readability.

Question 1:  When and how did you first get into domestic discipline?

Question 2:  What was your most memorable or severe spanking (given or received)?

Question 3: What does giving/receiving domestic discipline do for you?

Question 4:  Ideas for future Forum topics?

Question 6:   Anything else you would like to share or ask?


  1. howeiri 31Question 1: When and how did you first get into domestic discipline?
    My Mother gave my wife a lot of information during our courtship about how and why I was spanked growing up. My wife was brought up in a spanking home so we mostly just joked about it for the first year of marriage. About then my wife frustrated with some of my behavior expressed to me it might be a good idea to try some of my Mom’s methods rather than fight with each other. I was willing and deep inside felt I should be punished for some of my stunts. The first spanking she gave me was a shock to me because I had forgotten how much they hurt. They were disciplinary from the start and I quickly learned I wanted to avoid them

    Question 2: What was your most memorable or severe spanking (given or received)?
    Probably that first one because it so surprised me that adult spanking hurt more than I remembered from growing up. The other most memorable was when she spanked me when her best girlfriend and husband were staying overnight with us. They heard it and her girlfriend later commented about it and it deeply embarrassed me to know that.

    Question 3: What does giving/receiving domestic discipline do for you?
    It puts me in touch with a deep part of myself that needs to be controlled by my wife. I like the accountability and having to confess my “sins” to my wife and be punished for them. The punishments are very real and after I have submitted to them I feel relaxed and very open. It also has helped me to achieve many goals because I am motivated to avoid the spankings I get for goofing off

    Question 5: Ideas for future Forum topics?
    Husbands being disciplined by their wives seems to be growing in popularity and I would like to know why. My wife and I got into it very easily and looking back it seems almost inevitable she would spank even though neither of us thought so when we were dating. Also we know two other couples our age experimenting with it. Has it been around forever and the internet is just revealing it or is it something new going on in society

    Question 6: Anything else you would like to share?
    Just that discipline from wives and girlfriends seems something many men need and if your guy has a history of it or asks for it make sure he gets it. I doubt if we would still be married if my wife hadn’t taken charge when she did and I know I wouldn’t’ be the man I am today if she had not started disciplining me. She knew I needed it before I did.

  2. When / how did you begin domestic discipline? I started to spank my husband erotically in college when he asked me to. After we married it became mostly for punishment as I realized his need for me to control his behavior and for him to pay for his lapses. I grew up in a home with two younger brothers who were regularly strapped so I didn’t see my husband’s situation very different from them. What did surprise me was that I began to enjoy what had started out as just a burden to make him feel that I controlled him. It was never a sexual thing for me but more satisfaction that he obeyed me and I was making him a better man than he would be without my discipline. Our marriage is much happier than most of our friends and I believe spanking and the communication it brings mainly responsible for our better marriage.

    Most memorable or severe spanking given)? That was probably the first time I actually punished him with a spanking after we were married. There wasn’t anything sexy about it and he received a lot of pain but didn’t disobey me or try to stop it in any way. It made me feel very close to him but at the same time stricter –there were a lot of emotions with that one. Of course there were other memorable ones and it’s hard to pick just one. One was when I made him acknowledge to my girlfriend and her husband that I spanked him regularly for his behavior and it helped him. There was actually no spanking that night but I will never forget the look on his face when he told them. My girlfriend already knew and probably her husband too but my husband didn’t know that so it was all embarrassment for him.

    What does giving domestic discipline do for you? Sorry to disappoint all the guys out there but it doesn’t turn me on and with some exceptions he gets no sex for some time after I have punished him. I love my husband and admire him but turning him into a whimpering naughty boy over my lap does nothing for my libido. But what spanking does do is empower me to control him and our household and at the same time know he loves me enough to undergo sometimes painful punishments, I am not a fool and I know he could overpower me but instead he accepts what I give him and long term that makes me trust him more and love him more.

    Future Forum topics? I would like to hear much more of the woman’s perspective on domestic discipline. Men seem to dominate these groups and what they say is valuable but we are missing much of the whole other side. I would like to hear more about how women deal with the family side of it (if your mother is your best friend do you tell her or not ... I did finally) How do other women deal with repeat behavior problems and frankly how hard do you punish him. I spank very hard because it gets results and sometimes I wonder if I should. Or what other women do about that and so many other things that come up with domestic discipline.

    Anything else to share? I guess I have truly come to think more men need physical discipline than anyone guesses. I am not a feminist and I don’t believe in female superiority. But I think there are gender roles and one for many wives is to guide and monitor their husband’s behavior. Many wives try to do this with nagging and complaining and I believe spanking is a lot healthier and more effective. I find myself more comfortable in this role the longer I do it and maybe women have lost the memory that’s what we have always done.


  3. 1) Early in our marriage we agreed I would be boss at the office she at home. Over time, when I didnt carry my weight at home, she suggested that there be consequences. One night at dinner my Dad told a story about how he got me to keep my room clean. Corporal punishment. That nite in bed my wife suggested perhaps that was the solution to my attitude at home.
    The following saturday when doing a round or errands
    I forgot to pick up my wife's gown for a formal event from the dry cleaners. She said little but when we retuned from the event, she ordered me to stand in the corner and lectured me. It was followed by a dozen swats with my own belt. In addition there was no sexual contact for a week. I learned.

    2) Aside from that first spanking by my wife, the most memorable was a caning my Dad gave me
    at 16 for smoking a joint. Since my wife has used
    a caning a few times and they are indeed sessions I cant ever forget.

    3) It grounds me. It gives me a place where I can go
    and connect with my wife. It allows me to make up to this wonderful woman all the wrongs I might cause her. I like the times when after a punishment for breaking a rule we have agreed i would follow, my wife will say Thank You for remembering and in remembering you honor me. I love that moment

    4) I would never think of discipling my wife.

    5) Would love to discuss how many people outside of wife and husband know the situation.

    6) I would not change a thing. I have found my place!


  4. I would like to hear from any husbands who are dealt with like me.My wife found your site after looking at various CO sites.I have been spanked since we married.This was after she spoke to my mother prior to our wedding.My mother suggested that My wife did what she did,and spanked me regularly.My wife thinks that canes and slippers are for wimps,and her compliments of choice are a leather 3 tailed these and a riding crop,which she uses with a great deal of enthusiasm,always on my bare bottom.
    She is very IT savvy,and makes sure that all her friends are sent regular updates of my punishments,as they all aware of how she deals with me.

  5. 1. i have always been submissive and my Wife dominant. We came from matriarchal families, so it was natural for Her to be the disciplinarian.

    2.The first time She spanked my in front of Her family, it was so humiliating for the fact that She was in charge to beocme public within 5 months of us meeting. i was told to strip and bring Her the strap, afterwards i did corner time for an hour naked with my red ass on display.

    3/4. It provides stability for me to know that my Wife is in charge and that our relationship will go very smoothly as She is the final decision maker. i also know i will be held accoutable for doing my domestic chores and having any bad behavior corrected.

    5. i hope that more women provide their insights into being in control at home.

    6. This is a perfect lifestyle and relationship for us, we are both very happy together.

  6. My girlfriend and I have been living together for over six months.Last week I offered her the option to punish me when she got angry at me, to relieve frustration and resentment. I told her it would be better for the relationship. She assured me that she felt no resentments, but would be glad to spank me regularly anyway.
    The next morning after my shower, she beat my ass like a pro. It hurt like hell, but afterward we had sex and it was incredible. The feelings from the hard spanking left me more in love with her and more respectful of her. Four days later I still have the bruises and sore behind. I love it!


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