Friday, November 15, 2013

Guestbook: Volume 2

I always enjoyed reading the Guest Book postings on the Disciplinary Wives Club website.  Unfortunately, that functionality has been removed.  In an effort to foster a similar degree of interactivity, I encourage all visitors to add a comment addressing the topics below.  I will keep this post near the top of the blog.   I'm also going to break these up into volumes after a certain number of responses, in order to help with readability.

Question 1:  When and how did you first get into domestic discipline?

Question 2:  What was your most memorable or severe spanking (given or received)?

Question 3: What does giving/receiving domestic discipline do for you?

Question 4:  What does giving/receiving domestic discipline do for you?

Question 5:  Ideas for future Forum topics?

Question 6:   Anything else you would like to share?


  1. 5540The desire to be spanked over a woman's knee has been there my whole life. It actually began when I was dating my wife, who would play spank me at my urging occasionally. She was 18 and I was 22. It was a dream come true because my discipline I received as a child was never over the knee. It developed over the years to more of a DD relationship. At first she was reluctant but okay and now she loves it and don't hesitate to spank me.

    Two spankings come to mind, first was in the early years of our relationship. I don't believe we were married yet and it was at her parents house. They had a partially finished basement and one day while we were alone there my wife was sitting on the steps, she had hose and heels on, called me over to her and told me to get over her knee. She wasn't on the bottom step and I had to stand on my toes to reach her lap and once over her knee my feet we off the ground. It was a playful spanking over my trousers but the idea I had relinquished control over the situation sent a charge through my body.
    The second event was a few years ago when we were into DD. We were staying in a Condo in Nashville for 5 days and one evening she came out of the bedroom with just her bra, nylons, panties, and heels on. I got a woody for sure when she told me she planned to give me three spankings that evening spaced apart as she desired. In the room was an armless livingroom chair that she sat in and I had to bend over her knees for the spanking. She was using a bath brush and spanked my bare ass 50 times and they were hard spanks too. I was pleading and moving all over but she kept me over her knee and reddened my ass. They two more less severe spankings followed later. We lived out a fantasy of mine that evening that I didn't know was going to happen.

    The most severe spanking I received was from my wife with this heart shaped paddle fro caniac. rubber handle with plastic rods connected to a thick plastic heart. She spanked my butt good and long. I was lap dancing all over the place. She stopped to rest a couple of times and began again. It was right before I had to return to work and I drive a school bus. I had a hard time sitting in the seat because the pain didn't go away for hours. Whenever we stopped for a few minutes I would get out of my seat to ease some of the pain. A spanking I always remember.

    Domestic discipline releases me from my controlling attitude. I trust my wife and willing give her power over me. Her role has changed from willingness to please my desires to greatly enjoying spanking me hard at times for bad behavior. I want her to be an authoritarian and initiate my spankings as I need them. She can't play this role because of children in the house but when we are free it's a pants downer for me.

  2. When my wife met my Father he told her about how is used the strap to punish me as after l turned !5 years old. He told her to get a strap and keep me in line. She asked me about my previous experiences with my Father and l told how l received regular spankings until l was 24 years old. after she got over the shock she bought a few straps and now takes a very strict position on my breaking her rules and acting naughty. we have a regular monthly meeting were she writes on the kitchen calender which day l am to be punished. Her sister asked what the SPANKING was on the calender and l am sure she told her it was me. She had a strange smile on her face the day after l last was strapped. The worst punishment was for drinking and driving and scaring her one night. l found myself in the the garage tied over some boxes and received a very serious strapping and then 20 strokes of the cane. Couldn't sit down for a few days but l agreed l needed to be punished. Unfortunately a few days later was my monthly spanking and she gave me the cane on my still sore bottom. I wasn't happy but have learned this is for my on good.

  3. My worst spanking happened the morning after I got totally drunk at the wedding of my wife's college roommate. There is nothing worse than a severe spanking when you're nursing a whopper of a hangover AND we had been staying at a friends apartment, they heard everything. I was totally embarrassed, totally sick, and my butt was so sore, I had problems sitting in the car for the 2 hour drive back home. She has never let me forget that spanking, and has used it to threaten me into behaving many times since that day, over thirty years ago!

  4. I would never had wanted a paddling from my wife---I was not a good husband th first yr and so i took a bare ass paddling and while never frequent--it has continued in our marriage--It gets the problem over with quick It is bare with the same paddle --my butt hurts but every paddling is about the same---No lingering anger or harsh feelings after--things are good between us--Most particularly--she is a great wife!

  5. Future topics:

    • Is it possible to spot other couples that spank and if so what do you look for?

    • . Are witnesses beyond close relatives a good or bad idea? We have one occasional witness my wife’s sister. But my wife would like to extend it to two other close friends who know she spanks but haven’t been here when it happens
    • Are written contracts a good idea? We tried it twice but it didn’t work for us but know another couple who use contracts successfully and read about many others. Contracts made us self-conscious and my wife (who went to law school) thinks they are inappropriate for discipline so we use a anytime any place for any reason system which works well for us

    • Are more women taking the initiative and introducing spanking into the relationship? For us it was me who asked for it although my wife would not now give up what she calls her “sanction” over my behavior even if I wanted to. She does know one women from College who advocated spanking but other than her every spanking couple we have met started with the husband asking
    • Do you use different tools depending on the reason for the spanking, desired severity etc. such as hand for minor things, strap for more serious and cane for most serious offenses? We have at least one of all those tools but 90% of the time my wife uses a heavy hair brush to spank me (actually a sauna brush) regardless of why I am being punished. If I am being given two separate spankings in the same session she might use the brush for the first and the strap or a cane for the second but most of the time it’s the hairbrush. The difference is I might get 25 for minor problems but 250 for severe punishments.

  6. Question 1: When and how did you first get into domestic discipline?
    I can remember from a young age desperately wanting to be put over a woman's knee and be given a good bare bottom spanking. I managed to get a number of otk spankings from the age of about 11 up to the age of 16 from a variety of ladies that included a baby sitter, a teacher, an aunt, a friend's mother and a lady boss. I then met a girl who would eventually become my wife. Soon after we had started going out I thought I would see what her attitude was to giving me a spanking. I intentionally behaved like a spoilt brat for a complete evening until she finally commented on my brattish behaviour. I apologised and said that I probably deserved a spanking. To my delight she smiled and said that she thought that was an excellent idea. So began a 40 year d/d relationship. My wife has given me thousands of spankings during that time.

    Question 2: What was your most memorable or severe spanking (given or received)? My wife and I often comment/remember the hardest spanking she ever gave me. I had a night out with the boys and got home a bit drunk. That was ok with her, but when she realised that I had driven home she was furious. She gave me the hardest and longest hairbrush spanking of my life. She tanned my bottom till it was a bright crimson and I was crying like a baby begging to stop. The following morning I apologised and admitted that I had deserved it. I have never driven after drinking since that day.

    Question 3: What does giving/receiving domestic discipline do for you? I am convinced that our d/d relationship has kept us very close. It has added lots of fun to our sex life with my wife and I enjoying role play spankings. My weekly maintenance spankings on a Sunday evening is something that I look forward to each week. I am the spankee for about 90% of the time. Occasionally my wife will request a spanking and I am happy to oblige.

    Question 4: Ideas for future Forum topics? I am always interested in when people became aware of their passion for spanking. For me I was quite young when I noticed that seeing someone being spanked or even being threatened to be spanked in movies or on TV excited me. My fantasy when I first started masturbating was always around getting an otk bare bottom spanking from a woman.

    Question 5: Anything else you would like to share? The spanking that I received when I was 16 from my friend's mother always holds a special memory for me. I knew Mrs Smith had spanked her children as I had witnessed it several times. She was a lovely lady and I had fantasied many times about laying across her lap and having her pull down my pants and give me a sound bare bottom spanking while chastising me for being a naughty boy. On the day in question I decided to wag school and go for a swim in Mrs Smith's pool knowing that she would be the only one home. She eventually came out and ordered me out of the pool and into the house for a lecture about my bad behaviour. Finally after giving me a good tongue lashing she said I've got a good mind to put you over my knee a give damn good spanking. I said that I'm too old to be given a spanking. That did the trick. She grabbed me by the hand and said I'll show you that you're not too old for a spanking. She led me to the living room pulled me over her knee and pulled down my swimmers and gave me a very sound ten minute bare bottom spanking. When she stood me up she said I think that spanking was long overdue. I said rubbing my bottom,yes mam, I deserved it.

  7. We were on a trip and my wife did not like the way I was driving. She had me pull off the highway and then come to the passenger's side of the car. She then took my pants and underpants down and pulled me across her knee. Using her hair brush she gave me some "Driver's Re-education." Later on this same trip she did this in our hotel room and has since spanked me whenever and wherever she feels I need an adjustment.

  8. I was 15, and visiting my favorite aunt and her new husband for a summer. I had been there for about a week and was reading one sunday afternoon when i was called to dinner. I wanted to finish the chapter so I told my aunt I would be there in a minute. five minutes later she called me again and when I didnt respond my uncle charged into the living room, lifted me off the couch and had me over his knee and bare assed. He then ordered my aunt to bring his paddle from the garage. I was fussing and while he waited he used his large ruff hands on my bottom.
    When Aunt Liz returned he took the paddle and in front of my aunt paddled my bottom until i was crying. When he stopped ordered me to ask Aunt Liz to forgive me and then ordered me to sit to go into dinner. As I began to pull up my briefs and jeans he told me to leave them around my ankles.
    I had to hobble in to dinner, totally humiliated and
    eat as if nothing were different.
    The chair was a woven straw and I recall how much it made my ass itch and ache. After dinner I had to sit at the table bare bottomed until my bedtime. Later that night Aunt Liz came to my room and rubbed lotion on my bruised bottom.

  9. I was introduced to it by a girlfriend who had previously been in a domestic discipline relationship. Probably my most memorable spanking was the one administered by my wife on our honeymoon. It was much more severe and she was much more serious than she had ever been spanking and I realized something had changed forever. The most severe was probably when she caught me masturbating to porn on her computer. I will never forget that one. I think being spanked peels off all my layers of defense and makes me open while it also washes away a lot of guilt I have about some of my behavior.

  10. We first got into domestic discipline in the later years of our marriage, when both of us were in our late 40s. I brought up the subject to my wife, who was skeptical, but willing to try it.

    The most memorable spanking received was probably the first one, while on vacation. We had rented a house and I wasn't being as attentive a spouse as I should have been during vacation, drinking too much and keeping to myself. My wife had had it and decided to address the issue with a long over the knee, bare bottomed spanking, using only her hand. It was effective and when it was over, I thanked her. I started to get dressed, but she told me to stay that way and to go make dinner. She later confessed to being pleased with herself for having the courage to do it.

    The most severe spanking I received was one night after work. My wife had been hinting that I was going to get it after dinner, sending me little reminders during the day to keep me on edge. No mention was made of it during dinner, but when I came up from taking a shower, there was the straight back chair in the living room, the Cracker Barrel paddle resting on my wife's lap, where moments later it was vigorously applied to my posterior. That thing is evil.

    Receiving domestic discipline is cathartic for me. There have been times when I just feel I need it, if only to remind me to not be so self centered. Nothing focuses the mind like being over my wife's lap with my pants down, knowing she's in charge of the situation.

  11. Idea for a future topic - have you ever been spanked in a semi-public situation so that others might have seen or heard the spanking? (public restroom, motel room, in the car, beside the car, in the woods, etc)

  12. Was disciplined growing up....60/70'child...ex wife did try to satisfy my discipline needs....her heart wasn't in it....have now met someone that will put me over her knee...its domestic discipline....maintenance discipline....its what i want and need and shes happy too assist...naturally assertive but loving too...never too late too find 'the one'...

  13. Q1. It was a birthday gift. It was 30 years of age and we set out on DD life together.
    Q2. They are all memorable the severe is not what we do. It's more love and need base. Spankings are just one part of the punishment.
    Q3. It makes me thinks. Shows the amount of love we have for each other.
    Q4. Life together is what we make it.
    Q5. Disciplined husbands have many other punishments other then spanking.
    Q6. All wives should show love with a strict home. DD The way it should be.

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  15. I have been one of the lucky ones, I have been spanked most of my adult life, which is quite long. My most memorable spanking was at 18, my first adult spanking, rather than those growing up. I was always interested in spanking in general but this spanking was the one that made me realise that I was the one who should be over the knee, not the spanker.

    The Lady who spanked me was a family fiend who knew me very well. She was late fourties or so and I knew her son very well, who I also knew She spanked on a regular basis as She never kept it a secret, to his regret, I am sure. The lead up to the spanking is not that important, only yhat I thoroughly deserved it, I am sure. No it was the spanking it self, how it was done and the whole ritual of it that was the turning point for my desire to be spanked. It was very formal but relaxed at the same time. It was going to be over Her knee, bare bottomed, long and there would be tears with hands on head cornertime before and after. I would be bare from the waist down and I would be spanked with her hand and slipper both on my bottm and tops of legs, all of which She managed with a practiced ease. And so over the next, nearly two years, this happened on average about once a month.

    I loved the fact that She enjoyed spanking me and I looked forward to the invitation to visit Her house even though I knew tears and a very sore bottom awaited me and I learned that my role was that of a spankee and how not only to accept it but to enjoy it, for which I have been etenaly gratefull.

  16. When and How did this start? I always remember fantasizing about being over a woman's knee. At 12 to 14, a friends step-sister provided an opportunity for a whole group of neighborhood boys to get spanked on a regular basis. Whenever we wanted a spanking, we would visit my friend's house and do something to annoy his step-sister. That was very easy to do, and she gave great OTK spankings.

  17. I love the feeling of having my body pressed into my lady's lap with my pants down and my bottom getting reddened. She takes total charge and I savor the moment.

  18. I will answer your qustions from our experince of nearly 40 yrs of a good marriage---My first paddling was for bing a totally negligent husband th first yr-she threatened to call my dad to come over and whip my bare ass--and i know he would have so I took it bare assed from her and it hurt alot--that was the first and most memorable--othrers have been--Since then--they are all the same--same skinny stick--same guy--same hurting bare ass over her lap!--It is very infrequent--and a great marriage and it works fine for us--But it hurts when i gotta get paddled!

  19. Mr. DH,

    My wife has approved me to follow this blog.

    I have linked it into my "approved" blogs to follow on mine.



  20. I am kept in chastity by my wife and we used the honour method. I was allowed relief every 60 days but could earn additional relief by taking strokes of the cane prior to getting relief.For instance if I wanted relief after say 40 days I had to take 20 strokes of the cane first so the longer I lasted the less punishment I had to take.Anyway my wife caught me masturbating after only 10 days. I got 50 strokes of the cane and this is the worst punishment I have had to endure she was mad at me and caned me hard.I could not take it and she had to restrain me to complete the punishment.As a result I am now locked in chastity because she says she cant trust me and she has increased the time between relief sessions to once every six months as an additional punishment.

  21. 1) Have had thoughts about being spanked by babysitters and firm but friendly TV moms since puberty

    2) Vanilla wife finally came around and gave me a thorough bare bottom spanking. It was great, everything I'd thought it would be except it stung more than anticipated. Thus it began.

    3) Being spanked relaxes me, relieves tension, provides a sense of being loved and cared for, increases feelings of intimacy and almost invariably leads to uninhibited lovemaking.

    4) How about feelings of vulnerability. How do you increase these, what makes you feel it the most.

    5) Spanking me regularly has brought us back from the ragged edge of divorce. I am not much of a sub, more on the alpha side but if she comes to me, paddle in hand, I am powerless. I think many guys have this duality. I strongly recommend letting go of the ego and relinquishing yourself to her ministrations

  22. 1; I was brought up that the man was head of the house and I spanked girlfriends and then my wife only through the 1st 10 years of our married life for fun and titillation. But then I fancied being spanked by her and she wouldn't have anything to do with it, it took me 15 long years to persuade her to try it.
    2;The most memorable spanking I ever got was about 5 years after getting her to spank me. It started out as a sexy birthday spanking and proceeded from there here is how it went. I was over her knee in just my underpants and she gave me my birthday spanks with her hand not hard but playful and we were both laughing and giggling to the required amount, then she said oh silly me a birthday spanking has to be given with you in your birthday suit, so these pants have to come down and I'll have to start all over again. So with much merriment from the pair of us she slowly slid my underpants down and off and started spanking again on my bare bottom and these seemed a tad harder with her hand but nothing to worry about. When she got to the said total she stopped and laughingly told me she could feel how much I was enjoying it and I couldn't in all honesty deny it. She then said I know you like me to use the hairbrush now and then so would you like me to give you your birthday amount again with the brush and at the same time milk your cock? Now who is going to refuse that, so I eagerly agreed and with a hearty laugh she started. Now these spanks were definitely harder but still pleasurable as was what she was doing with her other hand and I came about 5 spanks before the end. Now came the interesting part, as I was laying there in that euphoric state of mind that men get after they have just cum, my wife moved me over her knee a bit more and placed one of her legs over the back of my two calves, when I asked her what was happening she just said shush and give me you hand, still being in that calm state of mind, I did as she asked, which she grabbed hold of and held it up my back. Then she spoke again, now my darling you are about to get what you have asked me for countless times before, in your own words a really long hard hairbrushing like a naughty little boy would get, one where you have no control over at all, where it is just me who decides how hard and how long it will be, I know I've always said no in the past but today I want you to have a birthday spanking to remember, so here goes. And with that she brought the hairbrush crashing down on my bottom. She certainly showed me how accomplished she had become at giving a good hard spanking, spank after spank after spank came thick and fast, no matter how I wriggled I was held in place firmly, no matter how I yelped, begged, and pleaded the spanks just kept on coming, even when I started bawling my eyes out she just laughed out loud that this was what I'd wanted and this was what I was getting, and she didn't stop for ages until I was a sobbing blubbering snotty mess over her knee. There darling, she cooed quietly to me as she released her hold on me and said calmly to me, you've just had the spanking of your life that you have so often said you wanted, now you just lie still until your crying is under control and I will then pour some soothing baby oil onto you sore bruised bottom, and why I think of it, Happy Birthday darling, she finished with a chuckle.

  23. Ridiculous story there. What happened after?

    Take care!

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