Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Guest Book

I always enjoyed reading the Guest Book postings on the Disciplinary Wives Club website.  Unfortunately, that functionality has been removed.  In an effort to foster a similar degree of interactivity, I encourage all visitors to add a comment addressing the topics below.  I will keep this post near the top of the blog. 

Question 1:  When and how did you first get into domestic discipline?

Question 2:  What was your most memorable spanking moment?

Question 3:  Most severe punishment you have given or received?

Question 4:  What does giving/receiving domestic discipline do for you?


  1. Hi DH
    Good luck with your new blog. Here are my answers to your questions and I hope we do get a conversation going. Men in domestic discipline have a lot to share with each other.

    Alan M
    Question 1: When and how did you first get into domestic discipline?

    My first experience was with a previously vanilla girlfriend. She had never spanked an adult but believed completely in spanking and discipline as a healthy tool. I had always secretly wanted to experience being spanked (I had spanked quite a few women) and her enthusiasm for spanking and discipline let me open up to her about myself. After I did she let me know that I was someone who had some self-destructive tendencies and she thought she could correct them. About a month later she showed up at my apartment with a paddle made for her by a friend and that started it. She was a natural disciplinarian and I completely responded to that. Within six months or so I was being regularly spanked for things like disobedience, irresponsibility and disrespect. It all happened very naturally

    Question 2: What was your most memorable spanking moment?
    Probably with that same girlfriend when she spanked me in earshot of her best friend. We were all visiting and talking casually when she suddenly stood me up and grabbed my ear ( which she usually did when she was leading me to a spanking) I had opened a third beer which I usually was not allowed but her girlfriend was there and I didn’t think she would notice. I was wrong. She dragged me upstairs to the hallway where she kept a brush and made a big commotion about taking my pants down and bringing the chair out. All of this her girlfriend had to hear but couldn’t see. After the spanking she made me do corner time while she and her girlfriend talked about it and then left. I have been spanked since by my wife in front of her sister but this first time was the most memorable and embarrassing even though I didn’t have to face her friend again for several months

    Question 3: Most severe punishment you have given or received?

    That had to be after my wife caught me masturbating when I was supposed to be doing corner time. She was livid. Brush, strap and cane I got all three plus loss of privileges for a month. It was one of the few times my wife spanked me before she got her anger under control and that scared me as much as the spanking did. To this day I have never touched myself while doing corner time and I never will.

    Question 4: What does giving/receiving domestic discipline do for you?
    This is hard to put in words but knowing I have boundaries and there are consequences for violating them make me feel safe and loved. I know I won’t go very far off the rails before my wife will correct me. I also have no or little guilt and know if I do disobey I will be punished and forgiven. I also get a lot from knowing my wife won’t back down or be talked out of a punishment once she has decided. That certainty is very important making it all work. I also like knowing my wife now finds gratification in spanking me when I deserve it. She has said many times she will not spank without a reason but once that reason is there she does enjoy exercising her authority.

    1. You should count yourself lucky only being punished for masturbating during corner time,I have to confess to masturbating every time I do it,and am automatically caned for it!!!

  2. Question 1: I got married at 20 and we lived with my mother-in-law. My wife had a heated argument one afternoon and I was quite rude. My wife upset decided to go for a drive. My mother-law having heard the argument came into our bedroom with a wooden hairbrush in her hand. She told that I was a spoilt brat in need of a damn good spanking. I said you can't be serious. She said that while I lived under her roof all my brattish behaviour would be dealt with a bare bottom spanking. I hadn't been spanked since I was about 10, so I reluctantly agreed to accept the punishment noting that there was a part of me that was slightly excited with the thought over going over her knee. She sat on the edge of the bed and I took my jeans done my knees and then she pulled across her knee. She then pulled down my underpants. She sure could wield a hairbrush. She tanned my backside for a good 15 minutes. When she had finished she gave me a hug and told me that the spanking was long overdue and that she had been contemplating spanking me for several months.

    Question 2: I think the most memorable spanking was when my partner and I were travelling on a country road on the north coast and I admitted that I had witheld some information from her. She said that the witholding was the same as lying and what happens if I catch you telling me lies. I sheepishly said I get spanked. That's right you get spanked. Pull the car over now. Here I said ? Yes here, this spanking needs to happen right now. I pulled the car into a spot next to the bush. My partner told me to get out of the car and come around to her side of the car. She opened the door and ordered me to drop my jeans and underpants and get across her lap. She really let me have it for a good 10 minutes or more. Then she said this requires more than a hand spanking. She told me to lock the car and follow her into the bush. Rubbing my backside I followed her and watched her collecting thin twig like branches. Finally when she had about 20 of these she took off her hairband and tied it around one end of the branches. She turned to me and said you are about to receive your first birching. She then found a rock to sit on and then ordered me to drop the jeans and underpants and get over her knee. She then proceeded to birch my bottom till it was bright red.

    Question 3: The most severe spanking occurred with my beautiful new partner who administers regular maitainence spankings and the occasional punishment spanking when I deserve it.
    We had just arrived at our holiday cottage. She told me that when I had finished unpacking the car I should come into the bedroom. When I entered the bedroom there laid on the bed was a hairbrush, a paddle, a strap and a cane. My partner was dressed in beautiful black lingerie. She summoned me over her knee and she administered a very sound hand spanking. When she finished I was ordered to stand in the corner. She then ordered me back over her knee for a hairbrush spanking and more corner time. She then told me to assume the position. She then proceeded to apply 50 strokes of the paddle whilst lecturing me that I had been behaving like a spoilt brat for several months. Next I was ordered to lay on the bed face down for a strapping and then a caning. I recieved 50 stokes of the strap and after another tea break for my lady I received 20 stokes of the cane. It was the longest and hardest punishment I had ever received and my entire bottom cheeks were a bright crisom.

    Question 4: I receive discipline about 80% of the time and administer only about 20%. I have a capacity to tolerate very hard spankings whilst the majority of my partner's spankings are playful foreplay. Occasionaly she has requested a punishment spanking and they usually consist of sound bare bottom hand spanking of about 5 minutes duration. Our d/d relationship seems to make all areas of our relationship better. We both admit that we get excited with anticipation when we know that some spanking is going to occur.

  3. Question 1: When and how did you first get into domestic discipline?
    I'm a submissive male and have been fascinated by corporal punishment since the age of about 10. i was married for nigh on 30 years but my wife was never interested in my fantasies and told me to go off and see someone if I needed to. So I saw several professionals over the space of about five years (the final five years of my marriage) but it was always scratching an itch rather than the real thing. After my marriage ended I was lucky to find a new lady - and even luckier, that she totally indulged my fantasies. Initially we just played CP games but then we both realised we could use DD to the long-term benefit our our relationship. I'm naturally lazy so now we employ a strict discipline policy in our home.

    Question 2: What was your most memorable spanking moment?
    The first time Mistress ever caned me. We had planned our first punishment session for a Saturday night. Full dominatrix outfit for her, full sissy-style outfit for me. But she decided on the Friday night it might be a good idea if she had a few practice strokes with the cane as she'd never seen one before, let alone used one! She gave me one stroke and fell about laughing on the floor. From that moment I knew we would enjoy our CP live. I received a very effective thrashing the next night as planned!

    Question 3: Most severe punishment you have given or received?
    Normally we have maintenance every Thursday. The idea is that rather than tot up faults and keeps lists etc, I'm punished once a week, with Mistress reminding me beforehand of the things that have upset her, or rules I have broken that week. It's generally 36 strokes (never less but can be more if Mistress deems so), full force with a thin Dragon cane and I've grown to hate it. No matter how often I get it, I still struggle to take the full 36 without a great deal of fuss. I've had more strokes, with thicker canes but the Thursday punishment always hurts and I usually start getting worked up and nervous on the Wednesday just thinking about it.

    Question 4: What does giving/receiving domestic discipline do for you?
    It ensures we live a stress-free life. It helps me focus on Mistress and my responsibilities. Like I said, I'm lazy and I like to have my own way and do what I want to do. If you act like that, it causes tension. DD ensures I don't. There's no tension in our relationship at all (normally - read our blog to see why there is right now). We can live without DD, but we find that the DD lifestyle just bonds us ever closer. I don't know what that is but maybe it's the fact that I feel a kid of love as respect for Mistress who takes the trouble to be my disciplinarian (remember, I asked for this at the outset) and I believe she also takes great pleasure from being in control and having someone do the chores she doesn't enjoy.

  4. #1 I am one of those spankos that has been fantasizing for as long as I can remember...Early on I was trying to get babysitters to spank me..Only successful once. From then on the books by Dr Guenter klow that I would buy in adult book stores fueled my spanking fantasies. Always the "case histories", about Angry Wives, Aunts,or Girlfriends were the most intriguing. Especially if there were witnesses to the punishment. To that end I have always had girlfriends and wives or significnat others that would indulge my discipline needs. They always knew early on that something was different about me and when they expressed an interest in discovering what it was I would always start out with some Nu-West/Leda vids. I actually appeared in one of them, Leda #123. Most Of My SO's have also told or discussed this with either a sister or girlfriend. Being outed a great fantasy turn on for those in between spanking times.

    #2 My Most memorable spanking was with one particular girfriend. She started out as Mistress that I would do trade offs with. She let me come and clean her house dressed in panties, then inspect my work, of course it was never up to snuff. We had a mutual friend that I had introduced her to. Once I had confided in her that I was spanked to tears form this woman. Bare bottomed OTK with a paddle. I was leglocked with no place to go and even when I thought I couldn't take anymore she went on till I was blubbering like a 5 yr old. I confessed to my friend that after it was over it was the most wonderful/cathartic experience I had ever had. Little did I know that my friend and this woman were also friends. While I was explaning the spanking I had recieved the week before, she (my friend) had already been in conference with the woman, discussing an evening get together in the near future. The future turned out to be the following week. Imagine my suprise when in the middle of cleaning the woman's house the doorbell rang,I was ordered to answer the door and there was my friend,(i was told the look on my face was priceless),she just walked in and took a seat while I had to continue cleaning,I was told to serve wine and prepare for inspection of the job I had done. Also some other things had come up that she was not happy about that would be addressed that evening. The spanking I got was even more intense than the other one, again leglocked and panties down, legs kicking as much as they could while I howled and cried like a baby over her knee. Several trips over her knee that night and corner time. Only out of the corner to pour more wine and serve snacks while they discussed my behaviour.

    #3 Most sever punishment I have ever received was probally the video I did with Leda/Nu-west. Julia Jameson was the most intense spanker ever and she loved to use a cane. She had already used a Spencer paddle and strap so my bottom was already swollen and sore before the cane. I don't think she counts, just hard and fast until her arm was tired. She took great pleasure in her work. My Bottom was a mess...sitting down on the plane ride home was an ordeal.

    #4 What does this lifestyle do for me.? Well it is obvious I need it it in my life. I am sad and miserable without it. The comfort I get from getting a spanking that brings me to tears cannot be measured. This D/D life style I have brings me close to my current S.O. She understands and even though life gets in the way sometimes and we go long periods without I know that she loves me and cares enough to follow through. I come home from work after a hard day and I am grouchy and short, she sends the daughter who lives with us (and knows what is going to happen) out of the room or downstairs with the Tv on extra loud. Tears and a remorseful me exit the bedroom refreshed and happy.

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  6. Mywife and I went together all through high school and I thought we had talked about everything but never spanking. We married very young and she was a great wife and put up with alot as I was not a very good husband---fianlly sahe just had too much and told me to get soime spanking implement and i was goi8ng to get my bare butt paddled hard--I picked up a skiy stick i the shed and cam in and showered quick and lasy over her lap a- naked as the day i was born and she paddled my bare butt and it hurt like hell---I has happened a few times through out a very happy marriage--the first time was a shock but i knew I had it coming----other paddlings have always been entirely with in her right and something i deserved---It is rare but it happens----and the anger and harsh feeling is gone on her part and I have paid the price for my actions -so to speak--and things are great once its over--It works great for us--it may not for others---

  7. 1. It all started with my mom I guess. I was 18 and the summer between High School and college. She was at work and I was out in the backyard smoking killing time waiting for my girlfriend to pick me up to go to a pool party at her girlfriend's house when I heard "and what do you think your doing" as my mom came home early and found me out back. With that, she grabbed me by the ear and marched me back into the kitchen where she turned a chair around and sat down pulling my swimsuit down as she went and over her lap I went. What are you doing? I'm too old for this! You will never be too old for this! And with that she started to hand spank me. A moment later in walked my girlfriend who stopped dead in her tracks as she took in the scene before her. My mom looked up and said "oh good your here". I careened my head around and behind me I saw my girlfriend. I tried getting up but mom was having non of that and brought her hand down more authoritatively. She then asked Joanne if she could borrow one of her leather sandals? Sure, and I proceeded to get a paddling as Joanne looked on. When mom thought I had enough she let me up and allowed me to go to the party. Joanne teased me all day about still getting turned over mommy's knee like a 5 year old. I was in a bad mood at the party and snapped at Joanne a lot until she made apologies to our host and said we were leaving. About half was home she pulled her car off the road and onto a firebreak (a dirt road cut in the woods to provide access for firefighters in the event of a fire). She told me to get out and follow her. What for? Because I can't wait any longer to get you naked. Great, I can't wait to get you naked either. Joanne found a downed tree and sat down as I walked over to her. She had me take my shoes off and she pulled my suit down and started fondling me before she turned me over her knee teasing me about how pink my cheeks still were and brought her hand down hard. Ouch! I tried getting up but she held me down telling me if I fought her she would tell everyone I still get spanked at home, she then started lecturing me about my attitude. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, off came a sandal for the second paddling of the day. About a minute into it I started yelling. Go a head yell all you want no one can hear you. I was close to tears when she stopped, next she bent me over her lap backwards and gave me a handjob until I lost control. She kept my suit and shoes and made me walk back to the car that way. It was hard to sit on the way home. She spanked me a lot that summer. markiee

  8. great post... i am a spanked husband. have been for a few years. started as erotic spankings , part of sex and moved on to discipline. each one is hard and getting harder! she is learning fast. what started out as a simple hand OTK sessions now is a fully blown 30 minutes disciplinary session.... corner time, hand spanking OTK, paddle, hairbrush, more corner time and finally the dreaded belt. i plead, i say sorry, i revert to childhood and call her "Mummy", i promise to be good but she doesn't stop till she is satisfied and i am really crying.

  9. Q1
    I was first spanked by mother when I was about 12,given a severe slippering over her knee,this made me develop an interest in women taking control.
    My first wife did not share my interest and I went 15 years without any discipline,however my current wife is much more enthusiastic,and rarely does a week go by without me having a bare bottom caning.I have a high sex drive,but I am not allowed sex on a day that I have been caned,I have to confess to masturbating,which automatically leads to a caning,which always takes place on a friday night,face down,completely naked on our bed.

    I would take ages to list the number of memorable spankings I have recieved,as I have had so many.Perhaps the one that stands out in my mind was when I was caned in front of her best friend.I had been rude to her,and my wife said I was to be recieve 25 strokes there and then, and I protested saying that it was humiliating,I was then told that because of my defiance,I was going to get 50,and if I argued I would be caned every night for a week.
    I was told to get undressed and stand in the corner with my hands on my head,while my wife and her friend had a glass of wine.I then had to bend over a chair and was caned until I was in floods of tears.I then had to return to the corner with a strict warning that if I attempted to rub my bottom,the caning would be repeated
    All my punishments are severe,I never recieve less than 25 strokes of the cane,and usually get the strap or slipper as well.
    I have recieved 100 strokes,50 at a time over 2 days for being drunk on a night out,which made sitting down extremely uncomfortable for several days.
    I feel that I am greatly loved,and I have a wife who knows my needs and keeps me under control.I know where I stand,and know not to argue.
    She knows that she is the boss,has complete control over our sex life and is totally in charge,which is what I want

  10. I think the last comment about being punished every time for masturbating without permission was in response to my entry above. Just to clear the record I was describing the worst spanking I ever got and not the only time I was punished for masturbating. I also am punished every time I do it without explicit prior permission. That actually was the first rule she laid down while we were dating. She doesn’t expect me to confess but she asks me if I have done it several times a week and I have promised to never lie or mislead her about it. Actually I rarely masturbate anymore because she always makes me climax before the spanking and a few minutes of fun is just not worth that pain. Also she is very generous about giving me permission if it’s a reasonable request and I have been acting responsibly

  11. After nearly 40 years of marriage I found out that my husband had a desire to be spanked, mother type, and he had been spanked by a mutal friend of mysister and I. Well for sure WW III broke out here but now I have spanked him hard twice as a wife not mommy. He did not get any rubbing or breaks during the spanking and his bottom was not red it was white hot. What was most amasing is that I loved doing it and it was a bit exciting seeing him in a position I never saw him before. I should maybe have know I was not giving him something he wanted he has been an outstanding spouse and father.


  12. 1. How it started
    When I was 16, I was dating a girl that was 17. I liked her because she was friendly, hot looking, and interested in sex. My parents liked her because she was an honor role student and they thought she was a good influence on me. One day, she was at the house when my mom brought in the mail which included an unfavorable progress report from school. I had missed several assignments. As my mom scolded me, my girlfriend joined in. She was more pissed off at me than my mom, probably because she knew how much time I had spent playing video games with my friends when I had told my mom I was studying. As my girlfriend tore in, my mom backed off and watched. Finally, my girlfriend said to my mom "I think he needs a good spanking." I hadn't been spanked since before puberty. My mom looked a little shocked. After a little pause, she said, "Maybe I should take the dog for a walk now and let you sort this out." After she left, my girlfriend said "does she mean I should do it?" Soon my pants were down and I was across her lap. That one didn't hurt very much, but over the next year she got much better at it. We broke up when she went to college. I didn't find another girlfriend interested in spanking me until I met my wife.

  13. 2. Most memorable
    I notice a pattern in the responses above that a spectator seems to make a spanking more memorable. I agree. My wife generally waits for a private time to deliver a spanking even if that means waiting a few hours. Only a couple of her friends know that she spanks me. However, a few years ago, a friend that had moved to Australia came to visit and stayed with us for two weeks. My wife made it clear before the visit that if I misbehaved, that would be much too long to postpone a spanking, so she wouldn't worry about whether her friend could hear. Well, I was supposed to pick them up from shopping at a particular time and I lost track of time when the ballgame I was watching went into extra innings. As we drove home, I got an earful about my transgression and there was little doubt that the paddle would be coming out when we got home. As we walked into the house, she told me to get the paddle and bring it to the kitchen. When I returned she told me to pull down my pants and lean over the table. I protested about her friends presence and asked if we could take care of this in the bedroom. She firmly answered "no way" and proceeded to give her friend a demonstration of how she ensures that I am usually an attentive husband. Oddly, I felt like I needed to hold back my tears as long as I could to impress her friend with how much of a paddling I could take. My wife also wanted to impress her friend. I think she was impressed.

  14. --Al replying.

    Question 1: When and how did you first get into domestic discipline?

    As I mentioned in another post, I believe it all started with an otk hairbrushing I received from an attractive aunt when I was 11. I often relived this experience during puberty and through my teens as it developed into a fascination that, while not an obsession, was always lurking around in the back of my mind. This was reinforced with an otk paddling I received from an older woman (30) that I was dating when I was 19. But then I was in a very plain vanilla marriage for many years with only an occasional spanking fantasy. Then came the Net with the stories on the old Usenet and later the web sites - that really enhanced my interest. Finally, by chance, my wife and I had some wine one night and started talking about fantasies that we had - which in itself was unusual for us. When I mentioned being spanked, she thought that sounded like fun - very uncharacteristic of her! Right then she went and got a ping pong paddle and gave me a mild paddling on my bare behind, then another the next morning - definitely harder but still nowhere near a real DWC spanking. After that, she said that she thought that perhaps we should bring this into our relationship - especially if she could spank me when I was being an arrogant smart ass. I showed her the DWC site - which had become my favorite - and a couple of others. She spent a couple of hours researching, then later that afternoon tore my rear end up with a brand new wooden hairbrush. She never looked back. That was about ten years ago - and many, many spankings ago.

  15. --Al replying-

    Question 2: What was your most memorable spanking moment?

    There have been many - here's five that are perhaps most memorable because they were landmark spankings (so to speak.)

    1. The spanking by my aunt when I was 11. My Mom was not much of spanker so I had never received a real spanking before. My aunt put me over her knee, pulled my shorts down around my knees, pulled my underwear into my crack, and gave me about 50 good whacks with her hairbrush. I was begging and crying in no time but she kept on going - she knew just how to get a young boy in line. I did not find it exciting at the time but I relived it many times over in years to come.
    2. The spanking by the older lady I was dating when I was 19 - my only adult spanking till my wife spanked me 20 years later. She was really a bottom but gave me a demonstration so I would know what she wanted. It was a bare bottom otk paddling with a wooden paddle she had - it was a moderate paddling. It stung and she had me squirming but definitely lighter than a true DWC spanking.
    3. The first real spanking by my wife - the afternoon after she read though the DWC material. After she read the material, we went out for lunch and then to the beauty supply store to buy her a real wooden hair brush. I was not expecting it to be used that day, but as soon as we got home, she put my bare bottom over her lap for my first real DWC quality paddling. I think there were probably a hundred nonstop whacks after a couple of dozen warmups whacks in the sets of 4 that Aunt Kay suggests. My bottom was on fire - very sore and very red, and I was sobbing when she finished with me. It was everything I had fantasized about and more. The reality was far different than the fantasy!
    4. The first time my wife paddled me with her sister in the next room - able to hear it all. I had been "silently switched" several times with her and other people in the house, but this was the first time anyone else could hear me being paddled. My wife had already confirmed her suspicions that she did indeed spank me when I needed it, so she wasn't completely taken aback, but I don't think she really knew how long and hard they were until then.
    5. The first time my sister-in-law saw me being spanked. She had already overheard a couple of spankings and this time my wife had not even closed our bedroom door before putting me over her lap. Just after the warmup was over, she came to the doorway and watched the main spanking.

  16. --Al relplying:

    Question 3: Most severe punishment you have given or received?
    Again there have been a few, but I think the first really severe spanking came when I got really rude and ugly over the phone with my wife while she was out shopping with her sister. My sister-in-law could even hear me yelling over my wife's cell phone. When I got home later, my wife was still hanging out with her sister. But as soon as I walked through the door she told me to ride down to the office with her so she could get some papers(a private office we had access to that was only used during regular business hours - only 2 blocks away, it was the woodshed when others were at the house). I knew I was in trouble, but didn't know how much. It was the longest and hardest spanking to date - and was clearly a real punishment spanking - a couple of hundred whacks that left some real bruises for the first time. It was literally a few days before I was comfortable sitting. And I sure got a lesson in how to speak to my wife! This was also one of the main clues that led my sister-in-law to believe that my wife spanked me. (It was just a week before that she had overheard my wife threaten to spank me - and my sister-in-law had said something like - "what? An ass whipping?". My wife just laughed and replied "Best way to keep a husband in line" - but kind of played it off as a joke without really denying it either.) So when she abruptly left with me as soon as I got home following my bad behavior on the phone, and then when we came back with me visibly shaken, and with blood shot eyes, I suspect she put it together. She actually admitted later after my wife confirmed her suspicions that she had noticed my wife toss her hairbrush in her purse when I had called to say I was on the way home, and she had noticed that I was sitting very carefully after we got back.

  17. Question 1: When and how did you first get into domestic discipline?
    My wife’s friend from her work discussed her dd marriage and how it actually saved her marriage. My wife was very interested and did some of her own research and gradually incorporated it into our marriage.

    Question 2: What was your most memorable spanking moment?
    Probably the very first time my wife put me over her knees. I thought it was kinda funny – boy was I wrong! It hurt big time and I was sore for days.

    Question 3: Most severe punishment you have given or received?
    Without a doubt, the worst was when she used the paddle for the first time. She was furious when she found I had been viewing porn and I denied it and masturbating. She had the ‘evidence’ and I got the worst spanking ever. It seemed to last forever and my ass was blistered!

    Question 4: What does giving/receiving domestic discipline do for you?
    It has made me a much more loving and attentive husband. I know the rules and the consequences of breaking those rules. My wife is in charge and I do all I can to please her and we have never been happier!

  18. Q1. When and how did you first get into domestic discipline?
    This is hard to nail down. The first awakening of submissive desires for me was not to do with spanking but had to do with me being dressed as a girl for a school play. I was 11 with the sort of choir-boy voice that landed me the 'leading-lady' role in a Gilbert and Sulivan operetta at an all boys school (this was in the 70s). Several mothers really dolled me up for the show and I remember being fascinated by the feel of it all. Talk about lighting the fuse... or was there something already in me?

    Q2: What was your most memorable spanking moment?
    Again, I would have to go for a strange one, where seemingly not much happened. I was at a house with a group of 5 or 6 friends i used to hang with in my early 20s including one luscious girl i secretly drooled over.Looking back she was definitely dommy, but i didnt even know what that was then. She would demand i wash dishes etc. One day, she just bent me over the dining table i was standing near (we were all fullydressed) out of the blue and grabbed as stick and indicate the scene to my best male friend who was walking back into the room. He shrugged, she let me up, I hid my instant erection and nothing happened! It all took a few seconds. But I have masturbated more over the blanks that i could fill in for that scene than any of the real spankings I later had! There is SO much to imagine...

    Q3:Most severe punishment you have given or received.
    Ha ha. I may as well stick with odd-ball ones: Go to 'strict julie spanks' blog for the 'lill jo punished' post for this. For a pissed off Ms Julie I spanked myself with a bent wire coathanger. Ok so maybe not the hardest spanking I've had (what self spanking is) But I was trying to impress her and there were welts 4 or 5 days later. I recommend you try it! Its also got the greatest quietness to pain ratio of any implement i can think of!

    Q4. What does giving/receiving domestic discipline do for you.
    OK lets do one sensible answer: I struggle to get the level of discipline from my vanila wife that I'd love so when I do get spanked I notice a big impact. Yesterday I was spanked after a month long dry spell. I was about ready to climb on the roof naked and scream 'WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE PUNISH ME!!!' After the spanking I was relaxed, cheerful, happy smiling. I don't understand it (maybe its just endorphins, probably its something deeper) but its like a total relief valve for me. I feel like me and the universe are on speaking terms again!

    lill (Ms Julie's sketch bitch) jo

  19. After being married four about 4 months I came in from work and went upstairs to change. In our room lying on the bed was a complete set of my wife's clothing the lost panties girdle etc. I heard here coming up the stairs. She said as I was behaving like a young girl she would treat me as one. I had to get dressed in her underwear and when I was ready to give her a call. I did as I was told. She came up and told me to get across the bed. I felt the skirt and underskirt being pulled up my bottom. She then pulled down the panties to below my bottom. After giving me a severe telling off she laid on 36 strokes on my bottom. They were and I was sobbing.

  20. Early in our marriage I made the mistake of being rude and dismissive of my wife's mother. She warned me that I would be sorry but I ignored her. Then one day when we were alone in her house my mother in law confronted me. She told me I needed to learn some respect. The tone of her voice and her stern lecture had a strange affect. She told me she was going to spank me. I could have resisted but I didn't and she was remarkably strong and adept with the short leather strap she used on my legs and butt. I was left really sore and much less disrespectful . That was 40 years ago and my wife picked up where her mom left off.

  21. 1. When I was dating, for some reason I kept attracting girls who wanted to be dominated, ususally in the form of a spanking. I began to suspect that most girls wanted this. When I got married, my wife, at my suggestion, was willing to try spanking as foreplay. She took a few spankings but couldn't get into it. I suggested that she be the spanker and she took to it, especially after seeing how it aroused me.

    2. The most memorable moment was easy. I had been trying to get her to give a punishment spanking for a couple of years but she didn't want to hurt me. One day, she was grumpy all day but didn't specifically say what was bothering her. That night, after putting the kids to bed, she came to our downstairs bedroom, took my belt from the closet and with no warning, told me to roll over on my stomache. She never acted like this before and my heart was racing. She pulled my shorts down and must have applied 40-50 swats. She stopped to catch her breath and go around to the other side of the bed and proceded t give that side her attention. She then dropped the belt, told me to move over, and got in bed. It was my first disciplinary spanking and I didn't even know what for.

    3. The most severe spanking took place years later. We were getting ready to go to my wife's friends house to a birthday party. There was a football game on that night that I wanted to see so I tried to talk my way out of going. Unfortunately, things got out of hand. Words were said and tempers flaired. I hadn't been spanked in a couple of months and was not prepared for what followed. By this time, we had accumulated several instruments and my wife got one of the canes out of the closet and used it full force. I should point out that the kids were older and out for the evening. The cane actually splintered and the next one broke skin. The bruises lasted for weeks and I stood up for most of the birthday party.

    4. What does a spanking do for me? It calms my soul.

  22. Q1 : Strictly speaking, when I first got married- but I had had prior experience with some girlfriends.

    Q2: There have been many - but the ones I most vividly remember are the times I was spanked or whipped under the eyes of some of her friends.

    Q3: Hard to tell ! Perhaps the time we moved out of our first home, and she marked the occasion with a "recap" of every instrument she had previously used (and there were quite a few!)

    Q4: It usually makes me horny -and leads to what you can imagine...

  23. 1: When and how did you first get into domestic discipline?

    My first spanking was when I was 21 years old and was caught red handed by sniffing panties of my cousin who was 16 ears old at that time.She was very strong girl and she made me nude and spanked me for more than 40 minutes.I can't forget that spanking.

    2: What was your most memorable spanking moment?

    My wife gave me money to deposit in Bank and I spend it in gambling and when she came to know about that she spanked me very severely in front of my daughter in law also.She allowed her also to spank me.My daughter in law spanked me very hard than my dominant wife.That spanking period remained for 3 days to correct my mistake.

    3: Most severe punishment you have given or received?
    That had to be after my daughter in law caught me masturbating when I was supposed to be doing corner
    time.My wife spanked me very hard and my all privileges were closed for one month.

  24. We married early and while I was never unfaithful--I was a lousy and immature husband the first yr we were married.. finally my wife said she had enough and said she was calling my dad and he would have come over and whipped my bare butt hard--and in front of her---I had it coming-----so i just askecd that if i cut a switch would she whip my butt instead of dad---She agreed and i cut a switch--thinking she would not whip me hard and it would be not embarrassing as my dad doing it----She switched my bare ass til Iwas making spank pleas like a 5 yr old----for a petite woman she was a natural at whippiung my butt and it sure hurt---the marriage is great but every so often i get a reminder ====when i am cutting a switch i am one unhappy guy cause its going to hurt a whole lot

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